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Please call me Indigo! I'm an aspiring author, freelance artist, dragon-lover, daydreamer, and a flight-fantasizer. I'm friendly and I don't bite! I'd love to talk to people on here and get to know y'all! ~Indigo

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    I had a recent hiatus, due to falling out of this game for multiple reasons. I may or may not be active again on here, we shall see. For the time being, I'm only going to play casually and I'm planning to barely on the forum, preferring to focus more directly on my dragons. I'm here for the holiday season as a casual player, but I don't plan on doing much more for the foreseeable future.

    Contrary to what my name suggests, I'm a guy. I just happen to love sapphires and Saphira the dragon, so I combined the two. Majoram is a bastardization of marjoram, the plant.

    This account is very old and I had a very long absence of five years wherein I completely forgot about this account as well as the Dragon Cave site. I've only rediscovered it very recently and was pleased and gratified to see that all my old dragons are still there. Now I want to keep playing. This time I'll go more into the breeding angle, as well as catching all the eggs that I've missed in my long absence.

    Likes: Flying, art, writing, reading, listening to music, daydreaming, fantasy books, dragons, cats, ravens, owls.

    Working on: getting my first purple dino, more chickens, my leetle tree, and more rare dragons. Also to get at least two of all the holiday dragons, since I only have two Snow Angels (both CB), and a 3G messy Yulebuck. (Finally got some Halloween dragons yay! - 10/30/15)

    Work: I'm an aspiring author and I'm almost done with the full manuscript of my first novel, and halfway through my second novel. Once they're completed and revised within an inch of their life, then I will seek publication. I also work as a freelance artist and I'm in the process of compiling a portfolio.


    2 Golds (male and female)
    2 Silvers (male and female)
    Legendary Trio (females)
    Pyrope Pyralspites (males)
    Almandine Pyralspites (males)

    female Gold Shimmerscale
    female Silver Shimmerscale
    female Bronze Shimmerscale
    female Hellhorse
    male Gilded Bloodscale

    Royal Blue (love them)
    Gilded Bloodscale
    Pale Pink
    Yellow Undine

    Pyralspite (almandine, pyrope, and spessartine)
    Copper (red, brown, and green)
    Leetle Tree
    Alt Black

    Radiant Angel (especially this)
    Black Marrow
    Shadow Walker (yes please)
    Cavern Lurker
    Grave (definitely this)
    Desipis (especially this)
    Snow Angel (pretty lineages)
    Ribbon Dancer
    Winter Magis
    Wrapping Wing
    Solstice (yes please)

    Holiday Mates Needed!!:

    (For the Embers x Halloweens lineage)
    (Ember mates)
    =2G Ember egg from male Ember and female Desipis
    =2G Ember egg from male Ember and female Blood Marrow
    =2G Ember egg from female Ember and male Blood Marrow
    =2G Ember egg from male Ember and female Grave
    =2G Ember egg from female Ember and male Grave
    =3 EG Ember egg from female Desipis and male Embers
    (Halloween mates)
    =2G Desipis egg from female Desipis and male Embers
    =2G Grave egg from female Ember and male Grave
    =3 EG Grave egg from female Graves and male Embers
    = 3 EG Ember egg from male Graves and female Embers
    =3 EG Desipis egg from male Desipis and female Embers
    =3 EG Desipis egg from female Desipis and male Embers

    (For Winter Holidays lineages!)

    IOUs I Owe to Others:
    =Avatar of Creation from Blue Nebbie with GoN for greycat.
    =A 2 gen xenowyrm egg that is different color than original parents can go to greycat

    =Silver Tinsels for Ylvanne

    =Red egg from Ruby Flames of the Underground x Conflagration of Ruby Flames for Speedyheart

    IOUs Others Owe Me:

    =Ember egg from Grave x Ember parents (greycat)
    =Trio eggs (greycat)
    =Radiant Angel x Mistletoe (greycat)
    =Radiant Angel x Aegis (greycat)
    =Desipis x Chronos (greycat)

    =Holly x white 4g (Ali'i Makani Pahili) -done-

    =2G PB gold (PM NotBambi for trade)

    =Royal Blue egg from Royal Blue and Golden Wyvern alternating stairstep lineage with Thuwed starting pairs (frozen.ice) -got golden wyvern instead-