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  1. Have: 2nd gen alt (black) Sweetling bred with Aqualis. Lineage Want: Four 2nd or 3rd gen Floral-Crowned dragons with 2nd or 3rd gen mates (any breed). Make me an offer
  2. Wow, these are super hard to catch! I've been at it all day and have only gotten one! Edit: Finally managed to snag a few more, but they're going quickly.
  3. I do wish we had at least 5 days to get them all. Today is the only day I've been able to spend time catching them and I'm probably only going to get half. It's been the same situation the past few years. Ah, well. I like the ones I have!
  4. I LOVE the adults! They're gorgeous!
  5. It sure would be great if they dropped at regular (or faster) intervals. It's quite random!
  6. https://i.imgur.com/w2MEuDd.jpg ~Linked for size~
  7. There's a WALL of new Xmas eggs in the AP. I've never seen this! I hope they all get picked up and don't bring all the last-minute hunting to a halt!
  8. I have 3 and I must say, they were pretty easy. However, my roommate has had TERRIBLE luck and hasn't gotten a single one!
  9. Yet again, I have time to go and hunt in the AP and it's a solid wall of a breed I really don't care for. Lineage and such doesn't even matter to me all that much. However this is getting a bit old for me. It's the 5th time this week. Wouldn't mind a wall of Xenos, though. Heh.
  10. I'm down with that reasoning! Also, just out of curiosity, how long does it take for a wall of one breed to "vanish" from the AP? I've noticed I can come back in about an hour or so and they're usually gone, but not always. This may be an ignorant question, but I just haven't thought about it until now.
  11. I'm not a fan of mass-breeding, especially when I'm hunting for low-time eggs in the AP. I've never really understood the point of it, especially when it's a wall of commons. I have limited play time on DC lately and it's a bit disappointing to go to the AP and see a wall of one breed. Yes, they vanish quickly, but by then, my allotted play time is over. So, no, this isn't fun for me and I despise it quite a bit. Now, before anyone throttles me for saying that, it's just my opinion based on how I play the game. Yours needn't be the same.
  12. I am so excited about all of this!!! The Candelabra Dragons are my favorites. WELL DONE!
  13. I want go hunting in the AP, but every time I actually have a chance to play around for a while, someone has "mass bred" an egg I don't want and it's packed to gills with that breed.
  14. Yay! I got several of each! They're lovely sprites and I will enjoy coveting them.
  15. I totally missed out on this release due to being out of town. The ONE day I'm not here lol . . . I've been hunting for 2 hours and haven't seen a single new egg. That was an absurdly short drop?
  16. YES! Exactly the kind of dragon I wanted! I am SO pleased with these guys.
  17. I'm hoping for something icy or silvery. I realize we have "icy" dragons already, but I just really like that idea with an Xmas theme.
  18. I'm a BIG fan of both sprites, but the Silvers are super amazing!
  19. WELP. I see nothing. Blah, I was really hoping for something!
  20. 9 out of 26 hatchies revived as zombies! 0 adults this year, though. That's okay, I prefer the hatchies.
  21. Just to clarify (as I forget this EVERY year), can ANY dragon be zombified? Even those with two heads?
  22. It's been a hard catch for me, but I accidentally snagged a Xeno, so that's good!
  23. Indigo Silver Gold Bronze I'm feelin' it!
  24. Kinda hoping to wait on the silvers. I want an army of the blues!