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  1. Congrats!! Spirit of the Fallen has also hatched cuddles hatchling
  2. I wonder if there is a record for the least amount of v/uv/c in relation to prize dragons as Cassy is low. Views:2385 Unique views: 717 Clicks: 73 I do have her in at least 8-9 different sites maybe she likes hiding lol
  3. Congrats with the 4000 views! Cassy only has 2100 at moment lol she must like hiding
  4. Oh I'm getting excited now my baby hatches in 10hrs I can't wait huggles eggy
  5. Oh squee!! I couldn't believe it when I won in the first round but then to get an upgrade!! Best pressie ever thank you TJ and everyone who organised the event!
  6. For this Christmas I think I would faint if I received a Holly egg but being more realistic I would love a CB Gold to use in a lineage project
  7. I've seen about 4-5 hollies in the AP so far and I'm just not quick enough.....been hunting them for 4 years now as the only Holiday dragon I don't have yet....but we shall F5 to the last Congrats to the ones who have gotten one this year !!!
  8. I'm so excited after who knows how many failed attempts and over at least 1 yr of trying I finally got a Guardian of Nature egg!!! Squee!
  9. I traded for my first two male/female (hope they don't refuse each other) and have gifted several Royal Blue to people who have been struggling. Amazingly caught my third one so trying for another to have two breeding pairs hopefully, so I can spread the love to others when they mature, but it has taken me 4 days of hunting for hours on end lol Edit: just traded for 4 GW and luckily caught another egg in one of the hourly drops so now have 8 GW and 8 Royal Blues all together
  10. Finally gendered and I have 2 males and 2 females
  11. Lets see..........Halloween eggs - check, pumpkin egg (code 66Ev) just had to share - check, zombies - no luck so hopefully next year, 94 ToT's - check so on the whole not bad can't really complain
  12. A huge thank you to the wonderful Arlymaye for catching for me. I have in total 4 wonderful halloween eggs.....now to try for a zombie Good luck to everyone still trying!!!
  13. OMG finally got ONE egg with the tips from pg 54...........after using the tip for hours. If anyone could please help me catch, I would be soooo greatful......I don't have the fastest internet connection. Please PM me and thank you Edit: for spelling/typo
  14. 10 more to go then I can relax until Halloween
  15. 60 down 32 to go, need coffee!!
  16. I now have 50 so far, 42 more to go
  17. Lord Darcia

    10 on 10-10-10

    Whoo! finally after 4 hrs of hunting have 2 of each
  18. It's bright. And pink - flamengo same description as the pink A cool mountain breeze blows around this egg. - Ridgeback purple/blue and tan/brown. Like the dorsal were the tan/brown is the rarer of the two. Hope that helps?
  19. *Head Desk* I had 2 eggs on my scroll that were close to hatching and forgot I had 3 red dragons so I could have incubated them to hatch faster. No I abandoned them instead eep!! Enjoy who ever got them
  20. I have produced silvers with whites and golds with black (2 eggs of each)
  21. Only just got un-scroll locked managed to nab 1 of each but hard work eep!
  22. Oh no having problems with my connection to DC
  23. Not totally sure what is in the works at the moment.