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Breeding list: STATUS - CLOSEDPlease check my profile for my wish list and when list is re-opened before PMing me :)


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    Wish List
    CB Gold's
    Holly - 2nd Gen (would faint if had Thuwed in lineage)
    Any metal egg - non-inbred, 2G - 3G, especially Golds & Shimmers.
    CB Copper - green and brown
    2nd gen Shimmerscales all colors
    Spriters Alts low gen preferably but open to offers.
    CB Blusangs's

    IOU's/Breed list: STATUS - CLOSED please wait for list to re-open before messaging me :)

    1. Sif - Done egg rec. awaiting artwork
    2. Erica - Done awaiting 2 x 2nd gen golds
    3. CoolGirl - blood swap
    4. Angelic dragon puppy
    5. Kojay055 - blood swap (rec. egg, mate to be decided)
    6. Valeth - nebula/nhiostrife (rec 0/4)