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  1. (Sorry for the absence.) Ez strained a bit, but managed to pull Micah up into a standing position. "It's not like I brought her here. The only reason I'm here at all is because I manged to fell through trying to stop the damn thing. Don't you go blaming this sh*t on me." She motioned to Arwen with a nod of her head, then did her best to wriggle herself away from Micah. Arwen held Erin's hand. "The lady who died said that we all cross over the same far-ness as where we are at home. My parents were at the hospital. We can go to the hospital." She spoke fast and her voice was fu
  2. Arwen held back tears as Erin yelled at her. "My mummy and papa are here!" She yelled, starting to cry. "I'm going to find them." Arwen stared up at Erin, hoping that she wouldn't send her back. Ez heard a thump and a rustle of leaves behind her. Although she still felt queasy, she turned around, prepared to fight if she had to. What made her feel awfully silly was that she'd guarded up and it turned out to only be Micah, face down in the foliage. "Yeah, Mak, Erin, Whisperlee, and Arwen are here." She responded, reaching her hand out, offering to help him up. "The sickness should p
  3. This is the OOC thread. In this thread, you'll claim points from your posts, whether they are stat, skill, or other points. This thread will also contain relevant ideas and actions that you'd like to work out within the game. Do you want to fight another person? Talk it out here. This includes all things like interpersonal actions, matches, killing, romance, quests, group styled events, etc.
  4. Character Sheets Your starter stats will be determined through PMs after the submission of your character sheet. Username: Character Name: Age: Gender: Species: Appearance: Home Dimension Name: Description of Home Dimension: History/Life Story: I'll post player character sheets here as well.
  5. Rules As if the stats weren’t enough, here are my RP rules. • No Godmodding • Swearing and gore are permitted to a reasonable extent. (You can go creatively around the censor-kips.) • Romance is allowed, but reasonably. • No flaming, spamming, or advertising. • Semi-literate at the minimum: Only post small posts if you have to. • Stay active, especially during the first two active weeks of posting. • PM me your applications • General respect for all other RPers. • No Gary or Mary Sues. • Keep OOC in the OOC thread unless asking someone to check it. • You
  6. Pre-Game Starting after the RP is approved, you will have one week of inactive story time for everyone to compose their characters and join. After that, there will be two weeks of your character’s life before coming to Nexus City. This will allow you to up your stats and create the world you are from. You can be almost anything. This is an infinite amount of dimensions we’re talking about, so you can get creative. In-Game We will be employing a stat based system that was completely created by Caligo Ejj. To QUOTE him DIRECTLY: “Essentially, this is a system that breaks
  7. Plot Welcome to Nexus City! You have been invited to take part in, or spectate, the largest competition of the year: The 179th Annual Voracity Brawl. The Voracity Brawl will test your strength, stamina, and your own unique abilities. As there are infinite dimensions, only one individual from each dimension can compete, and only a few dimensions will qualify this year. All are welcome to come watch though. The competition is tournament styled with competitors being placed in a double bracket roster. Their positions will be chosen at random at the beginning. They will not know who they're
  8. Arwen smiled at the dog when Erin told her to take good care of him. Following everyone out to watch the spectacle, a flash entered her mind: What if they found her parents, but could never get back? What would she do if she never saw them again? Or worse, what if they came back and died like the lady and the man at the other house? No, she was going. "Ez," she chimed, "Can we go watch them go, please?" She put on her cutest face. When people were in line, holding hands, Ez was uncomfortable. She was present with her backpack in case the transport range was bigger than direct connecti
  9. Ez woke up on the floor of the smallest bedroom. Sprawled out, her hair was all over the place, the carpet made it incredibly staticky. She had gone to bed last, insisting on looking over the entire house for possible monster entry points. There was a small, broken window that looked to be the point of entry for the firewood every year, and now the exit for a few house animals. There was fur stuck in the glass of different colours and textures, so there were definitely dogs and cats going through the window. She blocked it off with wood sticks and logs, knocking out the remaining glass and sea
  10. (( http://quhanta.deviantart.com/art/Ground-F...%253A1480646859 This is the farm house that we're in, so long as Kestra approves it.)) "Yes please." Arwen smiled up at Erin when asked about her sleeping arrangements. The young girl hugged onto Erin's hips. Ez looked at her surroundings. There were nick-knacks everywhere, so this had to have been the home of an older couple. The farm seemed pretty good on the way in though, so they had to be a tough old couple. ((Sorry for taking forever and then this sad post.))
  11. "I don't mind bunking with you. I really don't mind who I'm bunking with, so long as it's not Bible Boy." Ez shrugged, responding to Wisperlee before the stepping conversation started. Ez looked at Arwen, who was standing close to Erin and gripping the hem of her own shirt for dear life. It made her think a bit. The good thing about everyone being gone is that they wouldn't have to worry about finding dead bodies all over the place. The bad part would be the monsters and the overwhelming loss of family and friends, but they had to take the small victories to remain sane. Thinking a bit more, s
  12. Ez threw her backpack on and nodded as the group finally came to a decision. She mumbled an affirmation and then went upstairs to the room she had been sleeping in. She grabbed her still packed duffel bag and held it over her shoulder, freeing her hands up to take all of the blankets and pillows from the room as well, folding them quickly and piling them into her arms. Arwen had been following Erin, so she moved directly to her car to pack in her things before returning to the house to see where everyone else was at and how she could help move things along quickly.
  13. Arwin hid behind Erin's knee when Mak started talking about her. She kept her face hidden and thought about her parents. She missed them so much. Ez listened from the background, not getting pulled into the group of people who though that stepping was a good idea. She had no one that she wanted to see in Britain, and it's not like it would be easier to get to Canada in the other dimension. She grabbed two cans of baked beans from the cabinet and put them in her backpack. Ez kept her things with her anyway, so she may as well add food to the list of supplies in her bag.
  14. (I'm supposed to get an e-mail when there's a reply to this story, but it hasn't been working. That's why I haven't responded yet, sorry.) Ez was glad when Erin agreed with her, but fell into the background when Mak stole the show with his Sixth Sense styled reveal. Although it had shocked her, she couldn't let herself become too shaken. She sat quietly, listening, until she came to a thought. "Wait." She sighed and rubbed her face before continuing. "What if the other world's geography isn't the same as here? What if China's underwater, half the U.S. is in a giant volcano, and Can
  15. (I posted a reply more than a week ago, but I guess it didn't go through.) Arwen held tight as she was slightly shaken. When Erin called to her, she looked her in the eyes, lower lip quivering, and let go of James' leg. She crawled over to Erin and sat next to her legs, holding the woman's knee in the crook of one of her elbows. Ez was getting tired of going back and fourth. The fortresses in the area were not complete, got it. Farms are not super safe from wild animals and the alien things, but they could grow food to not starve to death. "I still think moving to a farmhouse
  16. The thought o+f Ez's family members showing up wasn't a good one to her. Maybe her siblings could finally be free, but that was doubtful. She held a bitter expression on her face from the thought, and listened. Arwen smiled and whimpered at the same time when they talked about her or her parents. She was scared, but she didn't want to be a burden on this big group of people who wanted to take care of her. Since James was near her, she hugged onto his leg for comfort. "I can go with James. My job required similar skills." Ez finally said. Her idea for protection was shot down and s
  17. Everyone was talking about searching for other people, or whether or not they could have even stepped here at all. Only Whisperlee has answered her at all. "The noise," she said loudly before returning to a regular volume, "I was talking about is one of those CAT backhoes. If we set a perimeter, we can dig around it. A mote, but instead of water, spikes. Then, a fence around the inside. Rather than some draw bridge, we just leave one entrance undug and have a gate. If not a mote of spikes, a wall with guard towers. Or both! We need something to protect ourselves. The s**tty walls of this
  18. Hearing about how everyone could disappear into another world at any moment made the hair on the back of Ez's neck stand on end. Arwen, on the other hand, stared blankly at her own shoes, shaking and whimpering. Erin's observations about her parents made her look up for a moment, but she returned her gaze to her shoes slowly after. All she could think about were the monsters and how her mummy and papa were out there somewhere. When they were to leave the room, Ez carried Arwen and her new pet to the living room and then didn't object to her hiding in a corner, half behind half beside a large a
  19. Arwen cuddled the ferret close to her cheek, her loud cries fading into ragged breaths and a few hiccups. Ez continued to pet her head awkwardly as she listened. "If Lopers are the smartest, and they're that dim, I can offer to surround whatever perimeter you'd like with traps. James looks like a hunter to me, so I'm sure he can make traps too, right?" Ez spoke at an efficient pace, nodding to James when his name came up.
  20. Emily mentioning that she saw a Loper made Ez tense and put more focus onto her surroundings, becoming more on edge than she had been. 'Boarding up the windows may not be as useful as they's thought, especially if they get bigger than what they's already seen.' Ez's thoughts were interrupted when something dripped onto the side of her forehead. Arwen couldn't contain it any longer. The thought of having huge monsters so close, hurting people, and killing the man became too much for her. Tears started pouring and then the crying began. She tried to choke it down, but that was making it worse. S
  21. (No, Arwen doesn't have the ferret yet.) Ez listened on quietly and took into account all of the new information that she could. When a quiet moment appeared, she took advantage of it and asked a question that had been in the back of her mind for a while. "Do these things have heightened senses compered to humans? Better hearing, sense of smell, or eyesight?" The woman may not know, but it was worth asking. She sandwiched her real question, the smell, in the middle, so as not to be so straightforward with her suspicion. How little Arwen survived in that hospital on her own for so l
  22. Arwen clutched Ez tightly as the woman told her story. She was so scared and wanted to leave, but thought that it would be important for her to stay. Tears were slowly finding their way down her cheeks, but she remained silent. ------------------------------ Ez could almost feel Arwen's fear, but she remained silent. She would ask for help if she wanted it, Ez assumed. What the woman was describing was similar to what they had seen in the hospital before their - erm - tactical retreat. Before all of this, Ez wouldn't have believed most of what the woman was saying. She could have b
  23. Ez helped carry out the man, bury him, and then stood over his grave until the rest had all gone. She was so confused. Everything in life was complicated, but now it was so much worse. When things cot too confusing, she'd think back to the simple things. Her job, her lack of social life, and the orders she was used to getting. Sure, losing a man was bound to happen, but this felt more like a civilian casualty than a man down. He looked like he had fought, but just couldn't make it. Ez heard soft knocks from behind her. She turned, but saw nothing. Looking up, Arwen had been knocking on the ups
  24. Arwen smiled as best she could. "I like taking care of them. They're my friends." She looked at her lap for a moment and mumbled, "Are you my friend?"