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  1. When I was 11, I played roller hockey with a couple neighbor boys. I was an avid skater as well - but I couldn't wear my wrist guards when playing, so they got separated from my skates. The first day of summer vacation, I decided to go skating, realized my wrist guards were on the coffee table 6 feet away, and decided to skate to go get them...and caught my toe on the recliner, fell and broke my wrist. It was rotten, too. Apparently, this particular break now gets sent to surgery 95% of the time, but it doesn't often show up on regular x-rays. So it was 3 days before an orthopedist decided to "treat it like a break" and put me in a cast - but it didn't heal right and to this day I still have a lump and need a brace sometimes. Oh, and I have a permanently damaged nerve in my foot from kicking a car tire. Those would be my bad ones.
  2. I'm an adult on the outside (28). But...who wants to grow up
  3. http://dragcave.net/lineage/JOBjr It made me chuckle.
  4. Lately, I've been getting to sleep at around 10:30 (Slow season at work means a lot fewer late nights) and getting up around 7. If I go to bed after 11, for whatever reason I'm up at 6:30. But I'd like to sleep until my 7:45 alarm for a change. Late nights will start up again at the end of the summer.
  5. I have a simple chart of my lifemates, so I know when I last bred them. I also keep a chart of my refusals. I was doing vamps as well, but since I only bite inbred commons of my own doing, I don't do that anymore. But I need to get more organized about breeding. I'm involved in more lineages now, and I have so many dragons I can't even remember what breed most of them are when I find them on my list.
  6. I only had one pair available and they refused...figures, I even named the lumina such that means "Stained". I've got another male lumina hatchie in the ER right now, hoping he at least likes my female turp I would still like one of each sprite though, because I'm a sprite collector. I prefer the unstained version, but the brown one is nice too.
  7. It doesn't look like anyone's doing much ATM, but I'm still breeding some (maybe not so much naming). But please, even if your not in the lineage, support the cause. Locally we just had a pit bull attack and people are once again calling for a ban. Pains me to hear.
  8. Is anyone else having trouble with this site this morning? It loaded on the 2nd try and let me add an ER hatchie, but then on the refresh it couldn't connect. Edit...it *seems* to be running smoothly again...hopefully it stays that way!
  9. I have had a few periods of time - when the frames fiasco broke the fan sites, when my computer was not being cooperative - that I've slowed down. I still logged in enough to keep my dragons' names, though.
  10. Since I'm not getting any bites, what do you think I could get for this eggy?
  11. I have to say it's Aqua Stellaguerre Dorkface. I love Star Wars, and her code, G3p0, instantly reminded me of a certain droid. But in keeping with my foreign language theme, I translated it into Italian .
  12. Which I think means the code for the i-frame has been corrupted. *sigh*
  13. There are people who would enjoy DinoCave and there are people who wouldn't. I have to say I wouldn't play, only because I rely on fansites (my time on any online forum generally comes in bursts and I would never be able to sustain my dragons on that), and every time one of my favorites goes down, I struggle. There are other people who would love another adoptables site and already play several. To each their own, but I really would have liked a site badge. Unless, of course, TJ's post was part of the ongoing prank and he's still got us roped into it.
  14. Awful lot of work to go into an April Fool's joke, but nice job TJ!
  15. It looks like it just cleared out. Maybe the cleaning script had trouble running.
  16. Like most people, I found it through another player on another forum...don't remember which one though. But since I'm not a big forum chatter, I didn't join for a long time until I discovered fan sites.
  17. There's a few that I would. The backstory: I accidentally overbred and thus autoabandoned a Dorkface stone (Aqua Terremoto x Aqua Stellaguerre Dorkface), and the little thing was named Stellaguerre Terremoto. What's funny about that is that the names mean "Star Wars" in Italian and "Earthquake" in Portuguese, and neither of which really applied to said dragon. And I went poking down the list of offspring, and their offspring. "Terremoto" is a common naming trend as they've continued the line, and even funnier is that none of them are greens. In short, I'd like to inform this person about how funny the whole situation is, and to please add the DF name to it. There's a few others (a few vamps that got pretty awesome names, a few lineage dragons that didn't get named properly other than the one mentioned), but for the most part, I'm OK with how others play the game. I'm not one for complaining about inbreds (I have and breed plenty), and I'm behind on naming my dragons too, so I can't give anyone else heat for it .
  18. The thing is I had already been addicted to DC when I joined. I'm more of a forum lurker; I don't have all that much to say most of the time. So I admired those pretty dragons in so many people's siggies - but until I found out about fan sites, I never joined. So I had a pretty good idea of how to play the game already and think I've done pretty well for myself, considering all the breaks I've had to take.
  19. Lol, I'm a bad offender. I was trying to keep up this foreign language thing (a few exceptions) but I'm running out of inspiration for a lot of breeds. So I'll take the first thing that comes to mind from the code, or another dragon in the lineage. . .and like Aqua Serrure (I was locked and waiting for it to grow up - it means "locked"). So someone who took the time to translate would probably have a good laugh at some of mine. Of course, I have so many dragons now, I can't remember what 90% of their names mean.
  20. OMG! I am totally in love with these holiday sprites! Awesome job TJ and spriters!
  21. Not that I'm not concerned for hornpipe, but I think the issue is probably his host and not the site itself. I am very glad to see it up and running again - about 50% of my eggs go ER with just 2 hatcheries.
  22. Looks like there's some MySQL errors going on right now.
  23. Yay! Thanks hornpipe (& congrats!)!
  24. The inbred checker doesn't work for 5 character codes either. I get: This is going to be a tad bit frustrating. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.