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2dw7j6.jpgI love iPhone games! I'm Always looking for people to play Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Scramble With Friends, and Draw Something! Especially during the day EST. My username is aquamarine84 .

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    My dragons all have names with the prefix "Aqua." I follow any of 3 naming schemes: Foreign languages, astronomy, or minerals. Please don't get on me about inbreds - I am aware some of my dragons are inbred, and I pair those dragons with other inbreds.

    I will breed on request - but please don't ask me to breed x-dragon to y-dragon as I try to keep my dragons monogamous. I will trade, but I don't ask anything in return for gifts.

    I am in particular looking for:
    ~Blue Stripe
    ~2nd gen dragon from CB Alt Sweetling x. CB Dragon (anything)

    I do not care if they are inbred - I'm not a lineage snob!

    I'm pretty negotiable - feel free to PM me.

    Lineages I am involved with:
    ~Stop BSL
    ~FullFire (personal project)

    My signature egg was created by me. If you care to use it, please give me credit.