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  1. I couldn't find my previous wishlist, it was a few years old and my link to it didn't work, so I hope it's okay that I made an updated one. <--- Immediate Want Holiday
  2. Let the Nightmares Take Me But there were so many, it was hard to choose.
  3. That Really Jiggles My Igloos I almost couldn't compose myself after that
  4. Hidden in the Pumpkin Patch For a Pumpkin Dragon, it makes perfect sense
  5. Sans pick up your sock (nice to go with your red dragon )
  6. *Kindly borrows your red hatchy without permission* Ya don't need this... right?
  7. Name: 7.5/10 -- I'm pretty biased against double letters but it's very nice. Rolls off the tongue well. Avatar: 7/10 -- I feel like it's dull and hard to see (but that may just be my screen ) but it's VERY pretty Siggy: 9.5/10 -- Verrry beautiful. Also pretty minimalist and spaced out well.
  8. I hope nobody realizes I snuck my bearded dragon into this hotel room >.>
  9. I was kinda dead Also true. As a vampire, it WAS kinda dead...
  10. When I was younger, we used to make pancakes with Orange Juice instead of milk. It was the box mix. Everything was the same except OJ instead of Milk. On special occasions we used to put rainbow sprinkles on them too, to make them *fancy*
  11. As a kid I considered myself straight because that was the 'right way to be.' As I grew older and learned that I would be accepted for who I was, I came out as bisexual, because I had liked males my whole life, or I was telling myself that I liked them. However, I then realized that I had little to no attraction to males and male anatomy, so I considered myself a lesbian. I was happy with this until I fell in love with a male. For two years now, I have been in a Romantic Relationship with a male, while I am sexually attracted to females. I'm still confused as heck, but I consider myself Queer: not heterosexual.
  12. I took a few small hiatuses and a long one, but I'm definitely an oldie Name: Spruse Egg Laid on: Nov 01, 2009 Hatched on: Nov 05, 2009 Grew up on: Nov 09, 2009
  13. I think it's 3 1. I've never broken a bone, however I've broken my eardrum 2. I've never tried bacon 3. I have a twin sister named Susana
  14. I've only been LARPing for about a year, but I've been doing RPs on here since 2009. I've done some other RPing with friends over skype and whatnot, but nothing much. In terms of what role I usually take, it depends on the day. I like to stay away from characteristics of myself while LARPing, but I tend to take them on when RPing.
  15. I haven't diagnosed myself with trypophobia but I really can't stand things with clustered holes. It started when I was younger and watching a wildlife documentary on these toads that keep their babies in holes on it's back. I cried and wouldn't watch Animal planet for a while after that. But anything with clustered holes still makes me panic. I once had a pretty bad patch of blackheads and had a panic attack from looking at them. I still feel the need to get rid of any unnatural holes in my body