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  1. I was fortunate enough to witness an epic battle in Skyrim a couple minutes ago. I started fighting a blood dragon, and it suddenly flew off and started attacking something else that I couldn't see from where I was. As I climbed the hill, I saw a mammoth fly up into the air and fall down again. Turns out that the dragon had decided to go after a couple mammoths, and the giants who owned those mammoths weren't too happy about it. So the one mammoth had been killed, but the battle consisted of the blood dragon, another mammoth, two angry giants, a random wolf, and my follower, who I was praying wouldn't get himself killed. In the end, the giants killed the dragon, the mammoth was weakened enough that I could kill it with an arrow, the wolf obviously didn't last long, and somehow my follower made it out of there alive. It was quite entertaining to watch.
  2. It's one of those songs that just repeats till you move on to the next thing, but it's beautiful - I've listened several times to a 15-minute version someone made. For such a lighthearted, funny game, this was an emotional moment in it; quite the mood whiplash from the end of the previous chapter.
  3. I got Skyrim about two weeks ago and I am SO obsessed; I've played a ridiculous number of hours so far (Steam tells me it's 60). I'm a High Elf, and I think I'm going to join the Imperials. The towns I've been to so far are Riverwood, Whiterun, Ivarstead, Winterhold, and yesterday I made it to Windhelm and Dawnstar. The world is just HUGE! So many caves and stuff, so many quests. o.o
  4. I go to bed around 1 AM (sometimes later if it's during the school year, especially if I've got some programming assignments) and wake up about 9-ish. I sometimes take naps, more this past year than ever before.
  5. You know've been playing Portal 2 too long when a stoplight that's at yellow light immediately makes you think of GLaDOS. Square thing with a yellow light in the middle staring at you...
  6. Got a new laptop so I actually can HAVE backgrounds now. I found a site with a bunch of really awesome Skyrim backgrounds (well, video games in general... link), so I'm cycling through a folder with about ten of them. This is possibly my favorite.
  7. I'm currently in a Skyrim obsession, so every time I sleep - whether for the night, or just a nap - I dream about Skyrim. It's pretty sweet.
  8. In Skyrim, I was fighting some bandits. I went up the tower and killed the archer that was sniping from the top. I heard that my follower was in trouble, so I got the bright idea that it would be faster to leap down to the bridge where he was fighting instead of going down the winding staircases. 'Course, my health was almost entirely gone, and I forgot to take some potions - so of course instead of heroically jumping in to save the day, I ended up killing myself.
  9. I'm addicted to Multiplayer, I really am. I have defeated 986 people in Multiplayer, and I am going to break 1000 tonight. I wonder if it has a different little design for 1000 (you know, how the swords on the top of the Together menu show how many people you've defeated). I've been playing Free for All more than Light vs Dark because I can actually win; I usually get 4-7 kills per battle. My current Multiplayer set that I basically use ALL the time now: Atlas Club lv 308 Ranged *** Melee *o <-- that o is supposed to be an empty star Defense +3 Speed +4 Petrification +4 Shot range +1 Backward-dash charged shot +1 Melee dash attack +1 And the powers: Darkness lv 1 Tirelessness lv 3 Transparency lv 4 Health Recovery lv 4 Effect Recovery lv 1 I think it's pretty well balanced. It's a high level weapon, and the Atlas Club doesn't make you run as slowly as the other clubs. The Tirelessness power and my club's speed bonus helps too. My fighting style is to hide behind corners and snipe - I've got favorite hidden spots in a couple arenas where I can stay there and hit nearly the entire place. (For example, the tower itself on the Spiral Tower course. Sit on the 2nd or 3rd level, on the backside, with a far-ranged weapon, and just aim toward the cluster of fighting people. For some reason, nobody seems to ever climb the tower.) I like to sneak up on people, so Transparency is my favorite power; I like it to hide to recover health too. Effect Recovery is vital, even if it's not used as often as the others, and Health Recovery is a vital one that DOES get used often. Darkness is really the only one I'd maybe switch out at this point. It's good for making getaways though. The only thing that stinks about this weapon set is that melee isn't that great; the club is too slow. I *try* to only melee when one of my shots turns someone to stone and they can't hit back. Sorry if I'm boring you with numbers and whatnot; I'm just really interested because there are so many different styles you could develop with the hundreds of weapons and powers. And I'm really enthusiastic about mine because I never won so many battles before.
  10. Did two stupid things. - Totally, completely, utterly forgot that the Fertility BSA existed until tonight. I remember seeing it on the BSA suggestion list... I *think* I remember the thread announcing it was in the update... but I don't think I actually remembered it's on the site and used it until tonight. o_o - Also tonight, I couldn't remember why I wanted to hang onto that Black egg - my adults are basically all siblings of it, and I have like 4 frozen hatchies... so I just abandoned it after breeding it, then I remembered I was trying for an alt. x(
  11. Finished a LONG list of ALL my dragons - name, breed, code, blood status, parents. I have almost 500 dragons; took me quite a few hours and definitely not all in one day. But now if there's ever a datamonster attack again, or if something weird happens to one of my dragons, or if something happens and I don't log in for 8 weeks and lose the names, or even if I just want to check blood status for potential matches, I've got that. I feel like I accomplished something.
  12. Me, though not very often. I haven't done multiplayer in ages, and with singleplayer, I played through it so many times for beta testing (which is fun, don't get me wrong). I know all the ins and outs of singleplayer, anyway.
  13. I just started replaying Skyward Sword again today. My first playthrough, I had the sound quieter, since my parents would get annoyed with the little squawks the characters do, Fi's voice, or other sound effects (i.e. Link's "yaah" when cutting things, climbing, etc). This time I am playing with it loud enough to properly hear it.
  14. My family likes Fords, mostly. My parents own a 2006 Ford Taurus and a.. can't remember what year, we haven't had the car long... Mercury Sable, which is very similar to the Taurus. We got the Sable to replace the 1997 Taurus I wrecked last winter. It's very strange because the Sable is almost a perfect combination of the two. I don't have my own car - I'm buying a new laptop for school first, and I can carpool with my parents - but when I do, I'm hoping to get some kind of Ford. Hopefully I can find a nice used one for a decent price.
  15. My favorite video game music: Portal & Portal 2 - Still Alive, Want You Gone, Cara Mia Addio, Exile Vilify, Robots FTW, Love As A Construct, An Accent Beyond, I AM NOT A MORON, Space Phase Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Windmill Hut/Song of Storms, The Lost Woods, End Credits, End Credits 2 (from 3D version) Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Ballad of the Goddess (trailer version and symphony version are equally awesome), credits Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - that route on the far left of the Battle Zone island Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Safari Zone (the city, not the zone itself). I also LOVE how they had the item that allows you to listen to Gameboy Color versions of the music. NOSTALGIA RUSH. Especially awesome since they added "Gameboy Color" versions of new tracks too, like that Safari Zone one. Super Smash Bros Brawl - Ocarina of Time Medley, Song of Storms, Go KK Rider Kid Icarus: Uprising - Magnus' Theme, Little Girl Theme, Dark Pit's Theme, The War's End, Hades' Belly
  16. The first time I took it on this thread, I got 40something. This time, I got 10. It helped a lot to just do one row at a time, take a break, and do the next; my eyes get sore and color-confused even with one row. I actually had the most trouble with the purple-red at the end.
  17. I'm a closet pegasister too. (Except at school, where a lot of computer majors are bronies/pegasisters.) Instead of being teased by my parents, which is what it sounds like is the reason a lot of you guys keep it quiet, for me it's that I'd be lectured for not growing up. I get that enough from them about the books I read and the fact that I'm a gamer. At least they let me do those things, since I'm spending my own money, but that doesn't mean I don't hear about it. So liking MLP... Yeah. That would go over so well, even if I've got Facebook friends with pony profile pics. I don't get merchandise 'cause there's other stuff I'd rather spend money on, but there is one pony t-shirt I'd want if I could: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/PopCultur...hirt-120711.jsp
  18. I lost my Black a couple months ago - fell out of my pocket somewhere on campus. Checked all the lost&founds, retraced my steps many times. I think someone probably must have picked it up. I'm rather disappointed because I hadn't finished it, I had the release Victini, and of course that's $40 just gone. I'm hoping my sister will give me her White since her DS mostly isn't working anymore and she doesn't plan on getting a new one - and she owes me after playing 100+ hours on my Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time and other games without pitching in the $100+ to buy them.
  19. I've just accidentally discovered that you can play Multiplayer against the computer if you set Multiplayer mode to Nearby and nobody joins your room before you confirm your weapon set. Cool. It counts toward the "Play nearby mode 5 times" stuff too. So I'm currently trying to complete the treasure hunts. According to the StreetPass thing, I have 44.something% Treasure Hunt completion, I think. Beating all the levels in x amount of time, finding the zodiac chambers, beat so-and-so with this weapon, and stuff like that. The one that's really annoying me at the moment is Thanatos's forms - he'll turn into all but ONE, every time. >.< I did manage to get the Gemini Zodiac treasure today, though - that one takes a while since it only appears when you fight Dark Pit in that underground place, and it kept choosing the other places for me to fight him. Little easter eggs you may be unaware of: - Leave the "The End" screen sit for about two minutes. Hades starts talking. - When choosing a level difficulty, poke the Fiend's Cauldron a bunch of times. Eventually it gets fed up and turns its back to you. - When you get Finished, hold the Down arrow. You'll see exactly where those dumping-out hearts are going. - During cutscenes, you can hold A B X or Y to zoom in - During flying portions, if you're close to the ground, Pit can run on it (for example, on the Reaper Fortress' bridge, and in certain spots on the Arlon's Base level.) This gets you more points than flying.
  20. I've got the family laptop set to a close-up of white crabapple blossoms from some trees on our property, since those trees are blooming right now.
  21. "Oh hi. So, how are you holding up? Because I'M a POTATO." from Portal 2 is classic.
  22. Tonight on the radio, the DJ was talking with a country singer about how they both have little girls, and the conversation turned to Barbies and My Little Ponies. The DJ asked him if he knew the names of any, and he said no. She proceeded to inform him that "Rainbow Bright is the fast unicorn".
  23. Lately I'm really into rereading. So I'm currently rereading the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce, and I'm still enjoying it. It's kind of interesting the second time around, since the characters are only, like, 10 or 12 in the first story arc, and back the first time I read it in middle school, they didn't seem all that young to me; I identified with them a lot more. Now I see them more as maturing children and I see their teachers more as fleshed-out characters and not just "adults that teach them stuff".