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  1. I've got 32 items. Is the end of the story after you see the shadow walkers or is there more? Also, a little glitch - in the inventory, the diary acts like a link, but when you click on it, it says "Page not found". EDIT: Same with the vial.
  2. I'm going through the story right now. Rainbow roasted chicken. I love it.
  3. Awesome, thanks TJ! Can't wait to try out the new event and see the costumes
  4. Usually my own language, unless the dub is really bad or if I can't find a dubbed version.
  5. Male Moonstones look like they're holding a microphone - like they're about to start singing or do a comedy routine.
  6. That's funny, I just came here to post an ochre-only AP as well. Had the picture all uploaded and everything.
  7. You know you've played too much Skyrim when you're learning about talus slopes in geology class and keep thinking "Talos".
  8. Goodness, the rumbling from that construction is so bad that I can feel it across the street, on the second floor. It's making my laptop screen shake and it's kinda disorienting. (I'm pretty sure they're putting in a new street where a building used to be.)
  9. Okay, so I'm really loving Skyrim, am almost done with all the faction questlines and stuff, and I'm interested in the older games. Oblivion and Morrowind are 50% off Steam today. Which one do you recommend? I'm probably going to get them both eventually, but for now I'm probably just going to get one. I'm kind of leaning toward Oblivion since it seems that has more connections to Skyrim (being the most recent game before it) and because the graphics won't be as huge a difference as it would between Skyrim and Morrowind.
  10. Portal/Portal 2: - GLaDOS, because I love her hilarious, sarcastic dialogue, and Wheatley, he's just so cute! The turrets are adorable too. Skyrim: - So many. Erandur, Farkas, Faendal, Brelyna, Ulfric Stormcloak (even though my character's on the Imperial side, heh), Mercer Frey, Legate Rikke, Gwilin, Brynjolf, Mirabelle Irvine, Aela the Huntress, Erik the Slayer, Hadvar, Karliah.... Kid Icarus: Uprising: - Pit, because I like his cheerful, optimistic personality, and Hades, because he's a huge troll, and doesn't let his faux-friendliness get in the way of being evil. Highborn (it's a turn-based strategy game for mobile devices, full of hilarious pun-filled dialogue): - Enzo the wizard, kinda hard to describe him, and Trillian, the only main female character Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: - Eirika, Seth, Vanessa, Franz, Neimi, Colm, Joshua, Moulder. I started naming my Royal Blue dragons after characters from this game.
  11. Forgot my Turpentine was about to grow up. They aren't my favorite breed, but I've got a million of them simply because I keep trying to freeze the gendered hatchies and they grow up on me. I suddenly remembered this one, so I went to freeze it, and between the page viewing the hatchling and the Actions page, it grew up. >.< (Wasn't a cache thing either - I'd just deleted my cookies and cache - just bad luck.)
  12. I took a test yesterday and did badly - the ones I knew, I KNEW, but the ones I didn't, I didn't even have a foggy idea - I knew I'd get a 40% for sure, but didn't think I'd pick up any more points because I just didn't know. I just BS'ed the rest of it 'cause I didn't want to leave it totally blank, and today I got the results back - I got a 70%. That's still considerably lower than I'd like, seeing as I'm usually an A student, but I have to say it was a pleasant surprise, because I didn't think I'd get ANY more points, much less 30 more.
  13. Oh gosh, as if I'm not procrastinating enough already, I just re-discovered Minecraft. I started playing it AAAAGES ago, back before beds and stuff. I felt that the version that added mines and endermen and the way the worlds were generated and XP and hunger and everything just changed too much about the game; it didn't have the same feel anymore and wasn't as fun. So I haven't played it in almost a year. And then I saw something by chance today about how they were changing mob sounds, so I wanted to download it to my computer so I could hold onto the version before that update. It downloaded, I wanted to make sure it worked properly... I remembered that the last computer I played it on, I had to have the very lowest settings for it to even run... I decided to try out the game to see how it ran... and it's beautiful and the whole world spawned before me with zombies growling under my feet and a mountain with a waterfall a short way away. I realllllly want to play now. But I dont' have enough time. I still have to finish Skyrim. Before that I have 2 websites I'm being paid to make. And before that, much more urgently, I have assignments. Gah.
  14. Earbuds for iPod, headphones for my laptop.
  15. FINALLY! Also, once this batch of eggs freezes/grows, I'll have my gold badge, just in time for Halloween.
  16. You know you've been playing too much Portal when, every time you set your computer to sleep, you hear a cute little voice in your head saying "Sleep mode activated."
  17. On another site I'm on, someone made a forum account just to make a hate thread about me. Seeing as I can't remember making anyone mad, and the thread wasn't like even coherent, I find this ridiculously hilarious.
  18. You know you've played an Elder Scrolls game too long when you see a Hammermill copy paper box and every time you look at it you think it says Hammerfell.
  19. You know you've played too much Portal/Portal 2 when you start slipping in quotes from the game into everyday conversation, just for fun. And you have to be careful not to pronounce things the way GLaDOS does - for example, rhu-BARB. You know you play too much Skyrim when you dream about it nearly every night. And, when you have a lucid dream and decide to try changing the entire scene of the dream (something you've never been able to do before), you decide you want to be in Skyrim - and it works.
  20. Dawnwing

    2012-07-22 - Updates

    Thanks for making the Social Media buttons optional I love the 1960s skin! Definitely will be using it for a while. The white looks a little strange on it to me, though; it almost seems like it should be *slightly* cream-colored.
  21. I've kept a diary since about 4th grade (I am now 20). I don't write in mine nearly as often anymore, since I tend to write a LOT and there's just so much going on all the time. I try to keep up though. I just talk about what's happened since the last time I wrote, rant about politics, and talk about books/games/etc I've been enjoying lately.
  22. Ah, that's Valley of Avalar #2, the one that plays after you find Meadow. The other version of Valley of Avalar is amazing too, and it only plays at one point in the game, when you're searching for Meadow. It was on the title screen of A New Beginning too. Version of the same song from title screen of A New Beginning:
  23. Mobile redesign? YAAAY! I'm also quite excited about trade lineages and the new skins.
  24. Speaking of Legend of Zelda, I came across this song when playing through Minish Cap the first time not long ago: It's the perfect song for what's going on at the time; Ezlo's telling his story of how Vaati betrayed him and turned evil.