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  1. They've announced the DLC release dates! For PC, Dragonborn will be out Febuary 5th. For PS3, there's no specific date set yet, but all three DLCs will be out in February (Dragonborn, then Hearthfire second, then Dawnguard), and each one will be 50% off during its launch week.
  2. That sounds awesome! Skyrim: Accidentally fell off a cliff when trying to get a good view.
  3. It is a little bit buggier than the main game or Dawnguard, but I haven't run into anything game-breaking. The main one I see is that sometimes something you've already built shows up in a menu, and I forget I built it and do it a second time. The orphans are a little buggy sometimes too (Sophie, a flower-seller in Windhelm, keeps getting flower baskets in her inventory to the point she's past her carry weight and you can't give her a gift; and sometimes when I tell my kids to do their chores or play a game with them they'll agree but then stand in one place for hours instead of running around the house like normal.) Other than that, though, I think it's worth it. I like my character being a mama (and now I can give Meeko a nice home too!), and I like the houses. Lots more room than the ones that come with the game, and they have *all* the amenities (smelter, workbench, grindstone, enchanter table, alchemy table, cooking pot, etc). And there's more you can cook and stuff as well.
  4. As far as I know, I haven't sleep-talked. I do sometimes move my body though; I've woken myself up by slapping my nightstand or stomping my foot. I did witness my friend once saying, "But I love my bike!"
  5. I make a gingerbread house out of graham crackers & candy nearly every year, so I made my DragCave one somewhat similar to how I'd make a real-life one. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Dawnwing28
  6. Jeez, the lag. With how long it took for the page to load, I only managed to click on 4 total (of course didn't get any) before they were gone. O.o
  7. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Got pinned against a wall by about eight goblins.
  8. In Skyrim: Was fighting some bandits and decided to transform into werewolf form so that I could earn some werewolf perks. Bad idea - the transformation turned me into a vulnerable sitting duck and they killed me halfway-transformed.
  9. You know you've played a game too much when you accidentally say the game's name instead of a different word.
  10. It's past one day, so they aren't as common as they were yesterday, but they're still around since non-holiday releases are permanent. They appear in the desert, and the description is, "This brown egg is covered in intricate designs." EDIT: 'd
  11. Well, at this point I've got four and a Sunstone. Darn little Sunstone sneaking in. >.<
  12. Caught one on a five-minute! I don't think I've ever done that before. Well, I'm relieved I at least got one so far. I don't know how I missed the announcement thread; I came here at the second drop time.
  13. Fire monster popped out of the ground and hit me right before finishing the level. - The original Kid Icarus. I HATE level 1-3!
  14. Saw this on another site; it's a fun thread. So, how have you died recently in video games? It can be from any game, just say what game it's from and how you died. I'll start: I died twice in Skyrim recently: - Overwhelmed by a group of 8 Forsworn - Chomped by a dragon when I still had 3/4 health left
  15. You know you've played too many video games when you're learning about geology and read "base level" as "boss level".
  16. Right now it's a mess because I'm barely home and just sorta throw my stuff on the shelf/floor. During breaks, though, I like to keep it very tidy and clean. Very feminine - pale pink walls with rose stencil patterns. Cream floor, cream-colored-with-roses bedspread. In addition to dresser/nightstand/etc, my other furniture includes a bookshelf taller than me, a desk for my laptop, and a keyboard piano.
  17. The dorsals remind me of gossipy teenagers. "Girl, please."
  18. You know you've been playing too many games when you're outside in real life and think, "Wow, that's a really detailed skybox." Did that today.
  19. For those interested in getting the background for themselves, you can do so here: http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=159984
  20. Go back to the Dragon stall a second time.
  21. What are you missing? Row 1 - Flowers, soap, candle, pot, necklace, scales, apple, dyes, sandwich, glass vial Row 2 - Sweetroll, ladder, knife, thread, cheese, quill, diary, GoN statue, toy, black cat Row 3 - flower, spiderweb, baby clothes, pie, drop of water, bones, jug of mead, rainbow roasted chicken, coins, glass vial with gold dragon design on it Row 4 - pumpkin, bucket, map, moon
  22. Halloween only. This is the only week that Halloween dragons will produce Halloween eggs. (I think they can produce their mate's breed too, it's just a lot more rare.)
  23. Same here, stuck after the part where it advises going to the tavern to sleep. Still have 32 items. Where are you guys finding the map?
  24. Nope, I got that on page 3.
  25. Same here. Where'd you guys get the map?