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  1. Right, but when? I know it's *supposed* to be on the hour, but I keep checking at the start and the alpine biome is always empty, I just sit clicking around to each biome. I'm wondering if the cave time is off or something.
  2. When are these actually dropping? I keep checking on the hour but there's nothing. Is it a little off or something?
  3. Are the eggs not dropping right on the hour or something?
  4. On Guild Wars 2 I decided to jump off a tower and it was higher than I realized. Fortunately I had landed practically on top of another player, so she revived me.
  5. On Guild Wars 2 I got smashed by a giant. Fortunately someone nearby was able to revive me and I got back into the fight.
  6. Got hit by a flame turret while I was on the ground struggling to survive. - My second night playing Guild Wars 2. My character is a charr and I was trying to fight some Flame Legion soldiers.
  7. Toast, fried eggs, and bacon. Typical big Saturday morning breakfast with my family, although we usually do pancakes or waffles instead of toast. When my mom woke me up this morning to ask how many eggs I wanted, for some reason, still mostly asleep, I told her, "Three!". I remember saying it, I just have no idea why. I have never eaten three fried eggs for breakfast before.
  8. I'm O+. My sister always had thought she was A+ for some reason, but she was finally old enough to give blood this year, and learned to her surprise that she's actually O+ as well.
  9. ^ Same here pretty much. Mine was 39.11439% - Major Geek. Probably lost a bit because I've never really been into Star Wars or comic books, but being a computers double-major helped.
  10. nOon5 is now Five After Noon.
  11. I played the old Commodore computer and died a couple times in the games. - "Death Sword" (a fighting game): I was in the middle of a battle and had cookies in the oven when the timer went off. As there's no pause function, I decided to just pull the cookies out and then go back and finish the fight. Could probably have finished the fight even with the low health, but the computer cut off my fighter's head in the meantime. xP - "Slinky" (you play as a slinky and have to hop on all the squares to turn them to another color while avoiding enemies): Got thrown off the map by a magnet,
  12. My friends and I have gotten really into the mobile game Rage of Bahamut. On the PC, I'm playing Oblivion. Should have plenty of time this week because it's spring break.
  13. I've just started playing the mobile game Rage of Bahamut, and I discovered that I should not, in fact, evolve my cards instantly, but rather enhance them to the max level first. Evolving them to the final stage without doing any enhancing would give me only something like 36% of the potential attack/defense power that fully-enhanced cards would give - at the most. Wish I hadn't done my super-rare cards that way. :/
  14. So I posted earlier, about a page ago, how I bred a silver egg. I was wondering this evening when the last time I bred a silver egg was, and it turns out that it was exactly one year ago today - and the egg I bred a year ago is the one that laid the egg today.
  15. EDIT: And then I bred a silver immediately afterward.
  16. I didn't realize there was a new release going on, so while everyone was sitting in Alpine, I caught FOUR CB Blacks. O.o I also managed to grab a CB Pink and two of the new speckled eggs so I'm quite satisfied.
  17. Caught myself a nice pair of CB blacks in the cave! Hadn't had a single CB black before; now I've got two. <3 Also grabbed a CB nebula and CB Pink in the same drop.
  18. You know when you've played a game too long when you look at a clock and think it refers to the time of the game you're playing, or vice-versa: look at the in-game clock and think it's the real time.
  19. July 3: The day of Shuckle in the Reign of Genesect, season of Earth.
  20. The video game for the movie Ice Age 2. (This was back before I knew that movie video games are usually poor; I liked the Harry Potter ones so I didn't know!) Due more to the insane difficulty than anything. The point of the game was to rescue all the animals in the area; the map was difficult to traverse and required special skills of the three main characters (Diego can make huge leaps, Manny can knock down trees to create bridges, Sid can climb ladders and can create fire. This wouldn't be so bad if you could switch characters at will, but nope, you had to find these special panels
  21. On Skyrim, my character got caught in a Wall of Ice that this Falmer Shaman had cast, so I couldn't move out of the way or turn or raise a weapon/spell fast enough. Between the ice and the darned Falmer swinging at me with a sword, my health depleted very rapidly - it was a waste to use potions because it would be gone again right away.
  22. One does not simply trip and fall into Mordor.
  23. They didn't give up easily. Like StarSea said, it costs a lot. The original grant from the National Science foundation was $508,253. With that AND money from the merchandise store AND plain old donations from regular people like us AND bigger donations from things such as the Best Buy Children's Foundation, they were at least able to make what they did. They were able to fund the game itself, pay the programmers and artists and composer and whatnot, they had an admin/coordinator paid position, kept the website and servers running, etc. for five and a half years. It's lasted longer than the