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  1. Ebay is where I found both of them. Amazon has them too, but Ebay tends to be cheaper, from what I've seen in the past. If you're getting Redguard you're going to want a copy with the original manual/guidebook thing - it's not just a manual, but it's a lorebook too. It contains a comic (which is available on the ES website for free now), and also a version of the Pocket Guide to the Empire with some rarer lore (i.e. the only known official art of a Sload).
  2. A bit of a late response here, but no. I personally love it, and it's got a great community who's really into it too (otherwise they wouldn't be paying to play, heh). Anyway, I've recently purchased Battlespire and Redguard, the rare-ish two side games. I haven't tried Redguard - it doesn't work with DOSBox so I'm going to need to try it on a virtual machine or something - but I've played a bit of Battlespire. It's weird and the controls take a lot of getting used to. The character creation's kinda cool though, it's based on a point system (so, if you say, remove the ability to use
  3. After doing hours and hours of research in the last week or so, talking to coworkers, and friends online, and reading reviews and such, I believe I will go with this build for my gaming PC. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gxLvsY
  4. I guess there's advantages to each way. With ones with whole sentences, it's easier to keep in my head what I'm typing and I go a little faster because of that, rather than trying to process a random jumble of words. On the first one, on the other hand, you don't have to worry about punctuation, and there's almost no capital letters, just words and spaces. It's the punctuation and stuff that trips me up slightly when I do full-sentence ones.
  5. My fastest on another site, http://www.careerstep.com/free-typing-test , which has actual sentences and stuff (I usually average closer to 102 on there):
  6. Cranberry juice, cranberry ice cream, and a cranberry cream puff. I was at a cranberry harvest festival today.
  7. Thanks for the detailed response about the gaming PC stuff! That's helpful.
  8. So, I'm looking to build my first gaming PC. I haven't done this before, so I'm looking for tips on building, suggestions on brands, specific models you recommend, sample builds, etc. I'd like to spend around $2000. To give an idea of the use, I do not plan on overclocking (I wouldn't know what I'm doing and wouldn't want to risk wrecking something), I plan to stream/record video while I am playing, and I take lots and lots of screenshots (I have around 40GB for Elder Scrolls Online alone so far). I'm thinking an Intel CPU, because from what I've been reading, those sound better
  9. Very nice! Looking forward to these!
  10. Cyrodiil solo in ESO can be rough. Highlights from last night/today: - Got into a skirmish with some enemy players at a lumbermill, some got me from behind. - An enemy NPC at said skirmish decided to target me and basically hunted me down until I was dead, even when I decided to flee. - Killed by a giant at the top of White Fall Mountain. - Cornered by two Imperial Legionnaires in Cheydinhal. - Set on fire several times in a row by a goblin chief on a settlement near Cheydinhal. - Killed by some dremora when trying to defend Bruma. - Entered Vahtacen; got ganged up on by 2 wra
  11. Yeah, Miraak doesn't appear till you read the Black Book and meet him. You might get cultists attacking you before you meet him, though. I think you can travel to Solstheim without being Dragonborn yet too, there's just not as much to do there. I've been thoroughly enjoying ESO. It's awesome to see all these places we've only heard about before.
  12. Movie theater popcorn is my favorite. And I just had it yesterday when I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 again in the theater (my local theater chain has $5 movies and $2 popcorn/soda on Tuesdays).
  13. Woohoo, got the email! Looking forward to trying this out and finding bugs to be squished.
  14. I was driving one night in the winter, and the roads were clear, though white with salt. I was going around a curve when there was a sudden drift of several-inches deep snow, and the instant I hit that, I lost control. I remember realizing that I might be dead in seconds - it's a truly terrifying experience and you really do unconsciously think you're invincible until you reach a near-death experience. I ended up going off the road, getting spun around the way I came, flipped onto the roof of the car (dunno if I had spun before or after that), and hit a tree, which buried itself half
  15. I posted this on another forum asking pretty much the same question: I am first attracted by someone's personality, really, and whether I find them physically attractive seems to be at least in part influenced by this: I tend to find them more physically attractive if I like their personality. So, as far as personality, I tend to enjoy being around outgoing people, as it balances out my own introversion/quietness. I also find intelligence quite attractive. I'd want someone who shares my own nerdy interests, of course - but it would be nice too if, as a video I saw the other day descr
  16. There was a cosplay thread made a few days ago but marked as a duplicate with a link to this one, so I'm bumping it up. I tried cosplaying for the first time this past fall as Tauriel from the second Hobbit movie, which was due to come out a month later. I'll need to fix up my bow before I do it again - it needs to be repainted darker (the only prerelease pictures I had made it look gold but it's actually a darker muted gold-ish black) and I accidentally had cracked it, which is why the string isn't tight. Full costume Closer-up - you can see the ears well here, and the hair a bit be
  17. I've just moved out of my parents' house, about two weeks ago, so it's a good time for this thread! It's my first time moving at all. For jewelry, I highly recommend a bead case like this; you can find them at craft stores or presumably in craft sections of stores. That one is the one that I got and it has tiny little plastic cases that are meant for storing loose beads for jewelrymaking, but I've just put a necklace or some earrings in each one. Then it can't get tangled with other necklaces, and they're relatively nicely sorted. What was your experience moving out? Positive, o
  18. I saw a CB silver. Did a double-take, after a pause I thought I must've missed it, refreshed, saw it moved one space over, paused again, clicked, and got it.
  19. I tried to jump from a clifftop viewpoint into the lake below. Turns out that there was actually some land below and the water was actually a few feet away. (Guild Wars 2)
  20. In Guild Wars 2 I got killed by the Fire Elemental world boss about 3 times during my last battle. They've really beefed that thing up, it used to be killed pretty quickly, but now it can wipe a good percentage of the people fighting it and take a decent amount of time to finish (after all, I can wait around for people to revive me for a bit, and then decide to respawn at a waypoint and run all the way back there, and still have time to fight for a while.... 3 times in one fight.)