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  1. Does mana get "used up" when you use it (like when you light a fire, you can't use a log again once it's burned), or is it permanent? And when it gets mined/extracted/whatever, does it grow back in the same spot, or is it a finite resource?
  2. In Watch Dogs I've been doing 1-vs-1 hacking lately, and whenever it goes badly I have either have gotten shot by the player I'm hacking, or fallen/jumped off of something that was too high up.
  3. I last posted this in this thread about three years ago. Nowadays I'm a software engineer at a company that makes programs for schools. I currently work on a team that fixes bugs whenever a customer runs into an issue and tech support confirms it.
  4. I am currently making some frozen chicken tenders, which I will chop up and put on leftover spaghetti noodles (with poultry seasoning).
  5. Senche-tiger mount for people subscribed since launch! IT'S SO AWESOME.
  6. The first one that comes to mind for me is Koloktos from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: a giant automaton. The dungeon leading up to him is cool, and then the fight involves his gigantic swords, which are taller than Link. You then proceed to tear his mechanical arms apart and use his own swords against him.
  7. About a year or so ago, during my final semester of college, one day one of my classmates showed up (late to class) in a wizard robe. My professor asked what the occasion was, and the guy responded, "I just wanted to be able to say that I'm not late; I came precisely when I meant to."
  8. Like I just said in my last post, the payment model is changing. Starting March 17th for PC/Mac (and at launch in June for consoles), you only need to pay for the game itself, and you will no longer be required to pay a monthly fee. After the change, the sub fee is optional and gives you a monthly stipend of in-game currency and access to all DLC while your sub is active, basically.
  9. Looks like the news hasn't been shared here yet: ESO's got a release date for console, and its payment model is changing! The release date for XBox One and PS4 is June 9th. As far as the payment model, the change goes into effect automatically for PC/Mac on March 17th and will be out with release for console. It will now be pay-to-play: the initial purchase is required, but they will no longer require a subscription fee. They will, however, offer a premium account subscription, for the same price as the current sub: it gives access to all DLC, xp boosts, and a monthly stipend of
  10. Here's a picture of my eye. I think this is central heterochromia, how it's green-gray with brown around the pupil?
  11. Falling countless times in the Wintersday Jumping Puzzle on Guild Wars 2. Seriously, I spent hours at that stupid puzzle today.
  12. Elder Scrolls Online Elder Scrolls Oblivion Pokemon Omega Ruby And last night I just played Guild Wars 2 for basically the first time in a year (the only time or two I've logged in since last Halloween, the main city was destroyed/under attack). So much has changed; some good, some not (for example, I am not happy about the main city being destroyed. The megaserver seems like a good thing though; more people at bosses.)
  13. Yep, you can. When you get the game, it should come with the code. Create an account at elderscrollsonline.com, and then you can go to account.elderscrollsonline.com and redeem the code. There is a "Download game" link on the account page.
  14. Piano: Started playing when I was 6 (I'm 22 now). I don't know if I showed a particular interest before my mom said "Do you want to learn how to play the piano?" and I thought that sounded good. Took lessons until about age 13, and I just play for fun now - I have a piano keyboard, and I like to find stuff on YouTube to play. Currently working on . Flute: Started in 5th grade - that's when we started band, and when they demonstrated the instruments to us, I liked it best. One of the songs that we played in school that stands out for me is Jungle Fantasy; I played the flute solo
  15. My dad taught me to shoot his .22 rifle, just shooting at a target. I was a pretty good shot, and I enjoyed it. I used to want to go deer hunting, and I wouldn't mind the shooting part - hunting is common here, and it doesn't bother me - but I'm not sure if I will ever; nowadays I don't think I'd enjoy sitting out in the cold for hours, and then the cleaning and stuff is a long process. I took a concealed carry class last year - I wasn't sure if I'd be moving to a big city or not, and would have wanted to carry if so. I ended up moving to a small city, so at this point in time I'm not
  16. We've got train tracks running across town (I moved here in May); I'm about a mile away and hear them all the time, and have to cross them to get to work. I kinda like how they sound, and I remember one time this summer I was biking and had to wait for one to cross, and I was impressed by how it shook the ground as it rumbled past. Lately they've been causing a lot of trouble, though, blocking the roads for an hour or so (usually during peak traffic times, such as 7:45-8:45 am, or noon-1, or during the commute home). When I moved here earlier this year, you'd hear about that only once a
  17. I'm cooking my own turkey for the first time. It smells really good but it'll be an hour till it's ready. (And it's like 10:30 here right now. :/ )
  18. I had to look up the other two names. I've built them all, but Heljarchen is my favorite, so that's the only one I remember. I've just ordered the Dark Brotherhood hoodie from the Bethesda store. They've got a sale this weekend: 20% off and free US shipping for orders of $35 or more. Also, the Hero's Guides to the Elder Scrolls Online (a set of 3 lorebooks) is on sale for $60 instead of $100.
  19. That's Heljarchen Hall, in The Pale, northeast of Whiterun. Lakeview Manor is the one in Falkreath Hold south of Riverwood, and Windstad Manor is in Hjaalmarch near marshes.
  20. I went to the Gamestop midnight release. (Was gonna get it at Walmart to get the figurine but it said it wouldn't come 'til next week, and I want to bring it to a con this weekend.) They gave us all sorts of cool stuff: two of the preorder posters ('cause they had so many), Super Smash Bros stickers, and a Super Smash Bros cardboard belt. Someone also brought Pokeball cupcakes.
  21. Lol, I forgot about the maintenance. Just as I was at the end of the fourth quest, too. Guess I'll have to return in the morning.
  22. Not as far as I know. The ND hatchlings was the ONLY thing I didn't manage to unlock before testing was done (161 to go). I even got the chickens.
  23. Glad to see it released. It went through plenty of testing.
  24. Elder Scrolls Online, Watch Dogs, and Super Smash Bros 3DS.