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  1. You can dye your armor? Are any of the dyes...pink? o3o

    Indeed, some are! Just at a quick glance at the achievements list, "Hyacinth Pink" is unlocked by harvesting 50 crafting materials.

    My armor's currently dyed purple and gold; my guild's colors.


    Guar? What's that?


    Edit: Also, how easy is it to kill horses in ESO? Is it worth buying one only for the poor thing to get killed by a random wolf attack?

    This thing. It's a creature native to Morrowind (and it first appeared in that game). They're the primary domesticated herd animal of Morrowind, used occasionally as pack animals. ESO adds a couple varieties of guar, from the kind used as pack animals to smaller ones typically kept as pets, to the big ones used as mounts.


    Horses aren't killable. If you get attacked while on your horse, the horse's stamina determines how much damage it can take - if you take enough damage then you fall off and it disappears, and you can get it back by just pressing the "horse" button again. (You usually can't re-mount right away when that happens though, 'cause usually you fall off when something's attacking you, and you can't mount when you're in combat.)


    Has anyone cheated the system in Skyrim to make god weapons and armor?


    Because I made a set of armor whose total was in the 8 quadrillion range. I could Whirlwind Sprint off the top of a mountain and survive. Also made a bow that lets me OHKO a dragon out of the sky.

    Nope, I never did that. I hear people talk about it all the time, though.

  2. Lol, yeah, ESO has a TON of achievements. To top it off, a bunch of them unlock colors to dye your armor, so you're not just earning them for the sake of earning them.


    On discussion of races earlier, my favorite is Altmer. I think the only race I've not played at all is Orc.

    My ES characters:

    Skyrim: Altmer (Alarra) and Nord (Ganvar)

    Oblivion: Breton (Brielle)

    Morrowind: Dunmer (Feryn Sarethi)

    Battlespire: Bosmer (Daeranel)

    ESO -beta- : Altmer (Niralie), Khajiit (Ajhiki), Argonian (Tajeetha), and Redguard (Kaydri)

    ESO -live- : Altmer (Elanwe), Imperial (Corintha Vitellius), and I'm planning on a Khajiit (haven't decided on the name yet. Maybe Zanri-dara.)

  3. Well, part of ESO takes place in Elsweyr; Khenarthi's Roost is part of Elsweyr, and Reaper's March is on the Valenwood/Elsweyr border, going as far east as the city of Dune. They don't have the various kinds there, though, just the one kind that they have throughout the whole game. If a game does take place in Elsweyr, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they did, but I'd be disappointed.

  4. I want Summerset Isle, Valenwood, and/or Elsweyr. They're kind of small regions, so probably could combine two in a game. Unless they get really detailed - like, Valenwood could probably use more detail than ESO gives it: more plants, more detail in the tree cities, and ESO doesn't have Falinesti, the walking city. Oh, and ESO doesn't have the Imga (the ape race), either; I was a bit disappointed by that, especially considering that we got to see Kothringi and Maormer.


    khajit come in 2 forms, a 2 legged one that we always see and a 4 legged one that is kinda like a sabretooth cat. if it is in elsweyr I do hope we meet the mane, he/she is the spiritual leader of the khajit.

    There's actually 17 known types. Each game tends to just have one though; for example the ones in Arena are probably Ohmes, while ones in the later games seem to be most like Suthay-raht. (The creatures called "senche" in ESO are not the Senche variety of Khajiit - the fandom had to get the loremaster Lawrence Schick confirm that fact, because the name's confusing!)


    If there is a game in Elsweyr, I really hope we get to see the different types.

  5. Do you have followers in Online?

    Only quest-related (and if you leave the quest area, they'll just say "I'll wait here" and stop following, but if you go there again they'll find you and start following you again.) One thing that's kind of cool is that while other players are doing a quest in the same area, while each player sees the quest NPC following them, they'll see all other players' quest followers as a generic NPC (Mages Guild apprentice, for instance). That's a good idea so you don't have 5 identical copies of the same quest NPC running around.


    Oh yeah I heard about the banks.


    Are they store X amount of items total or store X amount of different items?

    Inventory and banks are stack-based, so, say you have 50 inventory slots to begin with: that means you can have 50 stacks of identical items (like, stacks of 200 of the same crafting component, for instance.) They have to be exactly identical, though - if you have a plain Dunmer-style iron helmet and also a plain Nord-style iron helmet of the same level, they don't stack. (Nor would two Dunmer-style iron helmets of different levels stack.)

    And of course you can spend in-game gold to increase the amount of storage space and inventory slots.

    Your bank account is account-based, by the way - all your characters share it. There's also guild banks, where whoever has permission can deposit and withdraw items.


    Coolbeans ^-^


    Another question (I'll probably keep asking stuff for a bit tongue.gif), vendors? I heard you can sell stuff to other players, but are there in game shops where I can just sell junk and move on? If so do they always have gold or do I need to wait X amount of days for them to restock like in Skyrim?

    Like zorua said, there are vendors, and you don't have to wait for them to restock gold/items for sale. Honestly though they're only good for selling junk items. A lot of the loot you find (basic crafting components, mainly) is worth 0 gold because in beta people were just getting massive amounts of gold by waiting for containers to refill and then selling everything. You'll be better off trying to sell stacks of those to other players. In fact, even if it has a value for vendors - it's going to be a lot more valuable to players. Recipes for crafting food/drink can be sold to a vendor for maybe 6 gold, whereas I've been selling them to players for around 100 gold and they've been snapped up like within a day. Armor/weapons, you'll probably deconstruct to level up crafting rather than selling them.

  6. whos in whos guild.

    I'm in the UESP guild; it's a guild for editors and users of the site.


    a separate question to the one above, does ESO run slightly faster then Skyrim....... as I run Skyrim with 15fps.

    On my gaming PC it does. ESO runs at around 60 fps, while Skyrim (no mods, just official high-res texture pack) I think at 30ish, at least in The Rift with the more complex trees the one time I checked it.

  7. @Zorua: Sorry, I don't have any suggestions about your installation issue. If you continue to have trouble, though, I'd submit a support ticket. Their customer support's pretty good.

    Also, yay for UESP. I'm very involved with that site. smile.gif


    Are there houses in Online?

    Nope. Player houses are something they've said they'd like to add somewhere down the road, but there are no plans for it right now.


    I'm actually sorta thinking of getting this now. My only concern is that I'll have to solo most of the game because I mess about too much for co-op.

    Well, a lot of the game is solo, really. You can quest with others if you want, but it's mostly doable solo (well, aside from Craglorn and some of Cyrodiil's caves and stuff). It's just basically the zone bosses that you'll need to call in others for, and maybe one or two bosses in quests (I've had just one so far that I needed to team up with someone else in order to beat).

  8. I miss having a dog; I moved out of my parents' house last year and can't have any in my apartment (nor am I fully comfortable I could financially support a pet, yet.) Within the last year, the two dogs we'd had for 13 years were put to sleep; they were getting in pretty rough shape and it was their time.


    A couple months before I moved out of my parents' house, we got a new puppy, a yellow Lab, who turns two this summer. It's nice to play with him when I visit. He's the most intelligent dog we've owned. He's mischievous, but extremely smart, and he's also quite photogenic. So far the tricks he knows are sit, shake, lay down, high-five, roll over, and he's learning "wait" - they can hold a treat by his nose and he won't take it (although he needs reminding sometimes) until they say "okay", and we want to get to the point where we can set it on his nose and step back without him eating it. Any ideas for another trick?


    Excited for the first snowfall of his second winter, back in November: this dog loves snow.

    user posted image

  9. Nope. On PC/Mac, the North American and European servers have their own guilds, and each console will be on its own server and have its own guild too. I'm on the UESP, and we had to set up two separate guilds, because some users play on the NA server and some on EU and guilds aren't cross-server.

  10. I go to bed around 1 AM (sometimes later if it's during the school year, especially if I've got some programming assignments) and wake up about 9-ish.  I sometimes take naps, more this past year than ever before.

    And my sleeping habits have gotten worse since I posted this. 2-3 am bedtime, getting up around 7:45 to make it to work before 8:30. Weekends usually tend to be 3-4 am bedtime with sleeping in till 12-1 pm. Overall, not healthy and I'm trying to break that habit.


    It's 2:30 now, I should get to bed....

  11. I posted in this thread almost three years ago. I'd only written in my diary two or three times since then. However, now that I live alone, I realized that there's nothing wrong with leaving my diary on my kitchen table, so long as I put it away before I get company, of course, and I've been remembering to write in it now. I don't do it daily, necessarily, because most days nothing much happens, but at least I've been keeping up with it for a good two or so weeks now.

  12. I have a 7-year-old Tracfone flip phone as my cell phone. It mostly suits my needs - all I need is calling and texting - I've got my ipod for fancy apps. And it's cheap too - $20 every 3 months.


    I do, however, wish I could have a phone that connects to the internet anywhere, and another reason I'm tempted to replace it is that if the charger stops working then I'm screwed.

    There's two things holding me back: 1) I'm going on vacation in summer 2016, and it might be a good idea just to have an old phone that nobody's interested in stealing while I'm traveling, and 2) While I live in a small city, the area's pretty rural overall. My mom got a Tracfone smartphone, and apparently they need something different on the towers than the old Tracfones do, and so subsequently there's a lot of times she doesn't get coverage. That makes me hesitate too.


    I got a land line about a month ago. Forgot that I wasn't yet signed up for the no-call list until the last couple days, when I've started receiving calls from some survey company (I have caller ID, so I haven't picked up, but they have called exactly 17 times in the last week or so.) Hopefully they'll stop, and if not, then I just have to wait it out until I've been on the list 30 days and can report them. I'm actually thinking of picking up and saying something to the effect of, "Hey, your calling me 17 times in the last week reminded me that I haven't added my new number to the no-call list. I'm on it now, so you can stop calling. Thanks and bye."

  13. Minecraft and Skyrim are both amazing games! and then with the elder scrolls online that came out, now both are MMO's!  laugh.gif  i play both all the time but have ye to get the elder scrolls online, what is it like? like all of Tamriel or...?

    There's regions from all of Tamriel, though not all of every region is in there (for example, Black Marsh, Summerset Isle, and Elsweyr basically only have one available region in them apiece). You can see specifically where the playable regions are here (left-click to zoom in, right-click to zoom back out to the bigger map): http://esomap.uesp.net/

    Your character is from one of three Alliances. There's the Alliance questline to do, and you can join both the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild (the questline is the same no matter which alliance you're in), there's the main quest, and then there's quests scattered throughout towns and the world. Players from any alliance (after lv 10) can enter Cyrodiil, where PvP occurs (although there's caves and NPC quests and stuff too.) After you complete the main storyline (not sure what all the requirements are), you can use the same character to play the other two Alliances (it's explained in-game as this is Meridia showing you what things would have been like if you had been teleported out of Coldharbour to a different shore.) Or you can have multiple characters, for multiple Alliances smile.gif


    Does ESO have difficulty levels? With Skyrim I started off with super easy (or whatever it was called) and gradually worked my way through the difficulty levels until I found the right one for me.

    Nope, there's no settings like that (otherwise it wouldn't be fair, 'cause you're playing with other people.) It's not bad, though; I don't know of anyone saying that combat's too hard unless they're going into an area underleveled. You might have trouble with bosses, but if that's the case, you can ask other people for help (well, some bosses are meant to be for a group to fight), just as long as it's not part of a solo quest (main quest, for instance. And in those cases, you can just come back later after leveling up some more).

  14. Got my bandage contacts out today and my eyes are feeling far more comfortable, although slightly more dry. At least I don't have to deal with the constant scratchy feeling or worry about dislodging the contacts. Vision continues to improve ever so slightly.

  15. I got LASEK eye surgery on Thursday. Spent most of the weekend with sight too blurry to do anything (it takes a while to clear up).


    Today it's finally clear enough that I could drive, and can read smaller text, Right eye's considerably blurrier than my left yet, which is highly annoying (wouldn't be so bad if they were both blurry but at the same level of blurriness), but my eye doctor said it just means that my left eye's healing faster. Slight headache from straining to read stuff.

  16. Yes, if you're an ES fan, I'd say it's definitely worth the initial price. I've posted my review of the game here.


    And yep, that's exactly how it works; already-purchased copies count for when it changes. In fact if you buy it now, 30 days sub comes free with the purchase of the game, as long as you enter in credit card information, so you could actually start playing right now. Just be sure to cancel the subscription right away though, otherwise it'll renew and do the ESO Plus optional subscription after the days are up. (You'd still get the rest of the 30 days after canceling.)

  17. Watch Dogs has two:


    - The boss fight against Iraq. The start of the scene is an almost minute-and-a-half rant that you have to sit through; can't skip it. Then he sends a couple mooks after you - ones that can be real tough if you didn't spend the skill points to take down Enforcers with melee (they're super-tough enemies that can't really be taken out with normal gunfire). After a couple times dying against them, I finally made it to Iraq himself. He's classed as an Enforcer, but is programmed so that you can't take him down with melee, even if you have that skill. Eventually I figured out that using a grenade launcher is the best way to win that fight. But yeah, you have to listen to that rant every time... no wonder the people who were viewing my stream left after two or three tries.


    - The climax, where Aiden needs to get to 3 places in different parts of the city to install a virus to take down CTOS. Damien gets into the system and decides to mess with him. So instead of 3 little objective markers, there's more like 10 frequently appearing and disappearing with gibberish text instead of distance markers. As you drive through the city, Damien does the sort of hacking against you that you've been doing all game: messing with streetlights, raising blockers, bursting steam pipes, etc. There's visual distortion effects across the screen every now and then. And to top things off, he's decided to call the cops on you, so they're all chasing and shooting at you, including their helicopter. You have to stay at each of those points like 30-40 seconds after arriving for the installation to complete, which is really difficult being shot at so much. Took me a while to complete it.