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  1. Keep in mind that those are DLC, so you'll either have to pay for them individually, or do the $15/month ESO Plus subscription, which gives you a stipend of 1500 Crowns per month and access to all DLC while subscribed.

  2. I've never played, but this is one of those things that everyone has always tried to rope me into and I just haven't ever had the time to jump into. I'm sure it's something I'd really like, but then on the other hand, there's bound to be a pretty big lurking curve and I'm not sure if I can be bothered getting to know how it works. xd.png

    Nope, not really. I picked up Skyrim without knowing what it was about even (aside from the fact that it was a fantasy rpg) and I was hooked as soon as I started playing - it's pretty straightforward. (And now I help run one of the oldest, most famous fansites for the series, lol.)


    I'm still sorta thinking about getiing Online for the PS4, though I'm going to have to wait for a few more price drops.


    Has there been anything about player housing yet?

    Not yet aside from the fact that they want to do it "someday". The next few DLCs will be Imperial City (releasing at the end of this month for PC/mac and Sept for consoles), Orsinium (expected holiday 2015), Thieves Guild (expected Q1 2016), and Dark Brotherhood (expected Q2 2016). Also in the works, with no planned date, are Clockwork City and Mephala's Realm.

  3. I'm hoping for the Artistic dragon.

    About six or seven years ago I'd had the exact same idea for a dragon, and had started writing out information about the breed and sketching my ideas for it - and then one day I was looking at the "in-progress" list and found something very similar to my idea. So even though I didn't officially invent it, I've always had a fondness for that in-progress breed.

  4. I am unusually lucky when entering drawings and the like:


    I recently won $25 on the single lottery ticket my aunt sent me for my birthday.

    And today was our church picnic. Aside from winning on a lot of my Cherry Tree tootsie-rolls, I also won a game of Bingo (although since there were two of us the winnings were split), and tonight I checked my voice mail to find that I also won a basket in the basket raffle, which features some place settings, two bottles of wine, and a gift certificate to a spa, which I'm looking forward to (I've never been to one.)

  5. I posted on page 2 back in December about how I play piano, recorder, flute, and piccolo.


    I just got myself an acoustic guitar on Friday. I've just been teaching myself from youtube videos so far; I've learned how to read a chord chart and have been practicing some chords. My fingers get so sore though.

  6. Anyone see the preview for the Imperial City DLC for ESO today? It looks fun! I still have so much to catch up on in the game, though.



    Also, what do you guys think of Legends (the mobile card game that was announced)?

  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_3


    1608 - Quebec City was founded

    1775 - George Washington was made commander of the Continental Army

    1844 - The last pair of great auks was killed

    1863 – American Civil War: The final day of the Battle of Gettysburg culminates with Pickett's Charge.

    1890 - Idaho became a state.


    I share a birthday with Tom Cruise and Montel Williams, and Andy Griffith died on my birthday. And that's about all I see of people I actually have heard of.

  8. I have an upper Midwest (American) accent.

    I sent a short voice clip to my Irish friend the other day - his internet's too unstable to Skype or anything, but we discovered we can do that at least - and he says that I sound "really American".

  9. I noticed that a Bosmer on Khenarthi's Roost has a Dunmer name, Indaryn Drurel; they probably just gave him the wrong race or something. I mentioned it in zone chat, and there was a little bit of speculation that perhaps he's adopted. Then someone spontaneously came up with a whole backstory for him:


    "Kid had a tough life between trying to embrace his adopted parents and his own heritage.

    At age 7 he tried to pick some berries on a trip to Elden Root, but couldn't find the will to, leaving him wondering just how strong his Bosmer roots were.

    Age 17 he first discovers an ability to bend small portions of nature and leaves home as his adopted parents seem to grow too distant.

    Age 23 he joins into a trading caravan with hopes that he might learn more of what he is by traveling the many forests of Tamriel.

    Age 25 his caravan is attacked by wood orcs in Valenwood an in a rage he begins beating into the trees and violates the Green Pact.

    With this his abilities to move any of the Green become forfeit and with his defeat he secludes himself to a small island off Grahtwood, retaking his Dunmer name as recompense for the family he never should have left.



    Stuff like this is why I love the ESO community, lol.

  10. also, a theory (or actual thing) was, that a floating island that travelled morrowind didn't get enough support (cause of the tribunal was well...... play morrowind to find out) and then some randoms tried to keep it up, and they were sucsessful but they were not strong enough, and it fell and that I think is also why winterhold is damaged so badly (cause of the red mountain).

    Yep, that's not just a theory; it's what actually happened. The Greg Keyes novels, which take place 40 years after Oblivion (which is about 160 years before Skyrim), elaborate on it a bit: one of the characters is the reason why it fell. (They were using people's souls to power the floating mechanism, and he wasn't cool with the fact that his girlfriend was one of the people who was being used as the battery.)

    It's not known for sure why Winterhold collapsed, but the Red Mountain's eruption is a possibility.



    I haven't played too much Morrowind yet, just about 5 or so hours. What annoys me is that whenever you swing your weapon, it has a chance of missing - a pretty high chance at lower levels. I was nearly killed by a rat.

  11. Yes, that is 100% rumor. Here's a friend of mine explaining the whole thing:


    The original source for the Argonia rumors floating is Kdramastars, a website dedicated to Korean soapboxes. It is not a trustworthy source, for multiple reasons. One, they provided a cover of the game that was clearly just the cover for Skyrim to be photoshopped with some fox on it, and is from a website on the Wikia Network which uses it on a game idea article. Two, they claimed that their source was the "Tehran Times". If you are not familiar with it, that is a news source, from Iran. It is an even less good source. They have since changed the mentions of "Tehran Times" to "Tehran Chronicle", it seems, which is also some shady fly by night news outlet. They also have claimed the game has already been announced at EGX 2014, a show that Bethesda did not even attend to my recollection.


    The "information" that was gathered was Googling "Elder Scrolls", and seeing a bunch of really shoddy websites copy pasting that initial story. What I'm saying is that every news source that talks about the game being rumored to be Argonia is confirming how incredibly terrible their fact checking is.


    So could it be Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia, maybe? It's not impossible, simply due to the fact that the game has to be set somewhere and they may just go the "name it after the province" route again. Is there any proof that it will be? Not at the moment.


    Edit: That actually might be the wrong source! As I said, these sites are kind of shady, that's the one I remember seeing pop into my news feed before it started showing up everywhere else though. I will try to confirm where this all came from, and write something about this.


    Edit 2: This is the earliest source of that rumor I can find, September 5th. To give you a taste of what that source is like, this is from the first paragraph: "With no news readily available for the next installment in the Elder Scrolls series, naturally, people will click on this link."

  12. Are there any funny glitches in ESO? Like the Giant's Space Program from Skyrim?

    Nothing quite like that, no. Aside from the occasional quests not proceeding properly - which are few and far between and usually fixed by logging out and in - it's mostly visual, and sometimes NPC behavior.

    I guess you have the occasional "falling through the world" glitch too; I've encountered it three or four times, but it seems to be more common on slower computers. One upside to that, however: my friend managed to get outside the playable area and see incomplete areas such as Skingrad in Cyrodiil - on the public server, folks, not the test server. (Mostly however these are just height maps with the name in big letters on the ground - Skingrad had a couple walls and that was it).


    In my "glitch recordings" folder on my computer I have a handful:

    - An NPC who's fishing, and if you talked to her (she doesn't have any dialogue and doesn't go into conversation), she'd drop her fishing pole and it would float in the air for a second before she picked it up again

    - A mudcrab buried halfway in the sand sticking out vertically, and walking around on the legs on one side

    - One where two Fighters Guild npcs are normally supposed to be sparring. Instead, they were sheathing and unsheathing their swords at a rapid speed (like, 5+ times per second) and just making grunts and war cries over and over. Eventually they stopped and stood still, but one kept doing the grunting/war cries over and over, just standing, face calm, scratching her head and stuff, except that she keeps opening her mouth wide and yelling over and over.

    - One where an NPC is doing the "sword sharpening" animation, with no sword there

    - One where a cat vanity pet is walking in place, and the uneven rock it's on causes it to stand on its hindlegs when playing an idle animation

    - One where two guards and a Mages Guild member are attacking empty air: the mage is throwing fireballs, while the guards are swinging their swords and blood's splattering out of the empty air

    - The funniest to me is a very short one where an NPC's standing with his hand's on his hips, and the broom that he's supposed to be holding is spinning slowly, end over end, diagonally through his body. All of a sudden, he shifts, and it spins quickly in the reverse direction and into his hand.

  13. I joined in February 2009, missing the first Valentines by only two or three days. I actually knew of the site for quite a while before that though; I'd been watching it longingly since Skywings were released, just hadn't joined for a while because I was nervous about using my email for it.


    My first batch or two died without even hatching. my first dragon to grow up was a CB Dark Green that I caught as a hatchling on the Abandoned page; the extra views from its first owner helped. It still has its original name, Tangle28; I didn't realize names had to be unique and got frustrated and just added a number to the end, lol.


    I feel silly about the whole Bright Pink thing. I avoided them specifically because I knew they were real common and figured I could get them anytime. And then, of course, it was announced that they were going to be phased out, and I almost didn't get one. I was lucky to grab the one off the AP that I did.

  14. Last night I dreamed I was in some virtual reality MMO, some fantasy-based one similar to The Elder Scrolls. The gamemakers were having a dance contest for a prize: players would have to perform a dance for the judges and it'd be recorded and judged. I didn't know really what was going on until a friend pulled me into the line to wait. I hated dancing (as I do in real life) but the prizes, whatever they were, sounded good. I watched as players did synchronized emotes, or just actual dances. Then they called me and the friend and as we took the stage I was like, "Wait, we didn't plan or practice anything! I don't know how to dance! What do I do?" He replied, "Just follow my lead." And I was surprised when he proceeded to draw his sword and seemingly attack, and I drew mine. I realized by the way he was moving that this was the "dance": a graceful staged fight to the dramatic music. So I played along, and we turned it into the story of two enemy fighters who ended up attracted to each other by the end. There was a lot of applause, and some time later he ran up to me saying "we won!"


    It sounds a bit silly, especially since, as mentioned, I have no interest in dancing, but it was a pretty cool dream; just felt awesome to do.

  15. Oh okay (I think).


    I kind of want to be a two handed sword/bow using Bosmer. I've been trying to research the Green Pact so I can try and stay 'true' to the character.

    If you're staying true to the Green Pact, the major thing to affect your gameplay will probably be that you're not supposed to pick any plants in Valenwood, on pain of death. There's actually a quest revolving around this somewhere in Valenwood: a Bosmer is dying of illness, and suddenly the plant that'll cure it has been picked, so they know that someone broke the Pact, and you have to figure out who it was.


    Can anyone with ESO tell me how leveling up works? I mean, is it like Skyrim where the more you use a skill you get better at it or is there another system?

    Yeah, more or less. Each skill levels up (and as it does, there's more abilities available to spend skill points on), and contributes to your overall level. (Your overall level is also most influenced by questing and exploring.) Each ability has its own experience bar too; they can be "morphed" when the level is high enough, meaning you spend a second skill point on that skill to add one of two additional abilities (for example, morphing might give the ability a longer duration, or reduce the cost, or increase the amount of healing done, or it might add an additional effect, such as stunning the enemy).


    I have a question about skill points?


    Can you use skill points earned in any skill line, or just the one you unlocked it in?

    Any. Skill points are unlocked by finding Skyshards (crystals scattered around the world that can only be used once... 3 skyshards = 1 skill point), completing quests in the main questline (not sure about the faction/alliance quests), and leveling up I think. The skill points count for any weapon skill or crafting profession. This can be for hotbar abilities (attacks), morphing said hotbar abilities, or else passive bonuses (tip: in the Soul Magic line, there's a passive ability that lets you respawn in place once (later twice) per hour without spending a soul gem.)

  16. I got the Tales of Tamriel: Volume 1: The Land book today. It's a compilation of in-game lorebooks, paired with lovely artwork. It's pretty nice. smile.gif

    There'll be two ESO volumes, and three Skyrim volumes.

  17. Sore. Had to go to the dentist to get a filling, first off. Second, my toe started hurting real bad over the weekend; my toenail that gets ingrown from time to time acts up occasionally, but this got really bad really fast - and infected - so I had to get that looked at. I'm on antibiotics now and have to get part of the nail removed next week (for the 4th time total). :/

  18. Yes, there are vampires and werewolves in ESO. It's harder to become one, though: the NPCs that can infect you only appear when the moons are at certain phases, from what I heard, and other players are going to be around there, either in the hope of being infected themselves, or in the interest of killing the NPCs so that they can't infect people (dunno if they still do that though.) You can also be bitten and infected by another player; they can use this once per week.


    Do NOT ask for it in the beginner zones, though, and especially not for free; nobody appreciates a newbie asking for someone to give them something at the start of their game that you can normally only get in the last zone in your alliance, with planning and luck (or by paying several thousand gold to another player.) Your best bet would be to join a guild and ask one of your guildies how much gold they're asking for a bite.


    I'm not sure what the going rate for a vamp/werewolf bite is right now. I do remember that just after launch though, it was in high demand, and in the interest of keeping it in high demand, people RP'ed a monster-hunting group that would kill the NPCs when they spawned. I know that back then, people charged 35k for a bite. Probably not as expensive now.

  19. Yeah, you are in NO WAY going to be able to hold everything in your inventory and bank. Far, far, far too many. Best thing would be to join a guild; guild banks can hold 500 stacks (your guild has to have at least 10 members). The ones I'm in have a policy where you can take anything, as long as it's for you to USE (not sell), that you're reasonable about the amount and rarity of items that you take, and as long as you put things into it too.


    Gold drops are a bit small, only a couple gold per creature, if that even. They increase with your level though. Questing's the way you'll earn most gold, and now that they've added the justice system it's not so bad; stealing's quite profitable, so that's how I've been earning it now.