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  1. More like lessons about luck and timing. >_>

    Ugh, tell me about it... this is the first time I've seen the start of a release. And then the Cave breaks. xd.png


    Any updates, TJ?


    EDIT: I post... and then my signature comes back... so I realize the Cave's up. xd.png

  2. One girl I know just got a tattoo.... which was misspelled. It's got the wrong "too" - it says "It ain't fair they die to young". Of course, everyone started pointing it out to her right away. Wonder what she thought... xd.png

  3. When I joined DC, the first egg I grabbed was a bright pink one, which later turned into this female. I never got another bright pink dragon again, I thought I had plenty of time for it. Besides, there were far more tempting eggs than that one. A few weeks later they were discontinued. Oh joy.

    My story EXACTLY. When I heard they were going to be phased out, I started looking frantically for them. I only managed to grab one, extremely late (May 17 2009), which was a miracle. Never got another.

  4. some of my friend got a firework trophy because of the new release...But I won't be unlock till tomorrow huh.gif

    what a shame sad.gif

    You get the trophy just for logging in, you don't need to have any of the new eggs. Try logging out and logging back in; that's how I got mine.

  5. It's okay to bump this, right?


    Anyway, here's all my dragons named after their codes:

    mATT - Matt the Dinosaur (purple dino)

    LEAQ - Leaqy (mint)

    klfA - Kilfaria (gold)

    BOBJ - Bobbi J (frozen reg. black)


    And I'll have to come up with something for clkn, a frozen Cheese. Something with "Clickin' " in it.

  6. Well I mean they are Easter eggs not like they could have come out when it wasn't Easter. That would make them non-Easter eggs then.

    Lol, yeah, what I meant was that it just happened to be the year that we stayed longer than 6 PM. And then the day afterward, when I normally could have caught them, I had something going on until 9:30 at night.

  7. On Easter, I was gone to church and visiting family from the time I woke up to about 9:30 at night. And today I had a really long rehearsal, and just got home. I won't be able to get them all. These Easter eggs have come at a very inconvenient time for me. dry.gif

  8. This isn't mine, but I know someone who had a Snow Angel with the code TM14 (that's the exact caps). For those who play the Pokemon games, you'll know that TM14 is Blizzard. So she named it Festive Blizzard. That's a pretty epic code for a Christmas dragon, in my opinion. laugh.gif

  9. The Datamonster was when dragons with certain codes taken on certain days vanished, right? I think July 20 sounds about right. I remember my first and only geode poofed for a while, then TJ got it back. That was the only dragon of mine affected. Would I get the "survived the Datamonster" banner, then?