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  1. I LOVE the velociraptor! Hmm, now to decide what I want to do for my tree.... Wow, I bet there's some great decorators out there.
  2. My rarest is probably my CB silver. I got it after only 4 months of being on DC! I was still pretty new back then and had no clue how rare a CB metallic is - I was just happy I got a silver, but now I really know the value of it. I plan to give it a better name, now that we can rename.
  3. I got my Leetle. So happy...♥
  4. Grabbing means you got it for yourself. Catching means you got it for someone else.
  5. Okay, thanks. I'm not locked myself, but I've got a friend or two that is.
  6. No, Meden, it's not. Can you get a Leetle if you're scroll-locked?
  7. Oh, I want a Leetle so badly! I will stay up all night until I get one if I have to.
  8. Awwwww, I really wish that that image would have loaded for me last night. My tree badge wasn't on there last night (I was on for the first two drops) and since then I haven't been able to get on till now. But maybe I could have snuck on real quick before leaving this morning if I had known about it.
  9. Ooh, more surprises? I hope it's higher egg limits!
  10. Recent names of mine: GARb = Garble cLT0 = Calto cZgo = Cazigo Any ideas for HmDm (male Purple)? I was going to name him "Humdrum", but that's already taken, and I was pretty set on that.
  11. I have to admit I forgot about this, and was wondering what the heck was going on when the site wouldn't load.
  12. Here, then enter your scroll name by "Scroll Stats".
  13. ....TJ, I think I love you. Thanks so much for this preview! I can't wait to see these implemented in the Cave!
  14. Okay, who broke the Cave this time? "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".
  15. Last year I got 1 adult. This year: 2 disintegrate 2 zombie hatchies
  16. So far, mine have been just above the unknown eggs.
  17. I see it too... Here's aboutwhere I see it (note that this is not 100% exact and it's not making that exact face. It's just hard to draw in pixels full-size, and I can't see the face when I'm zoomed in. )
  18. Haha, here I am sitting at 2 of 92. This is going to be a long weekend.....
  19. My only successfully-bred metallic came from my Silver and Hellfire.
  20. In addition to everything that's mentioned before (F5, hover over 3rd egg, memorize descriptions, etc), here's my technique: I often double-click the eggs I want, because sometimes when I only click once, fast, it will have a little box around it as if I clicked it but it won't follow the link. Once it has a loading bar, leave it alone, don't click again. Right-click and open it in a new tab if you want, but leave the one loading. Sometimes F5 is fastest. Sometimes clicking the "Cave" link is fastest. Sometimes hitting Tab and then Enter is fastest. I use a particular combination of these, usually, which I find to be pretty reliable. If there's any egg that's not super-common in the cave (like, a Red or something), that's when I'll pay special attention. Once it goes back to pinks, balloons, mints, etc, then it slows down and people aren't going to click the new ones as much. I've only gotten two rares in the AP: my gold (which was LUCKY - it was the only time I went to the AP that day, didn't even refresh. And it wasn't even a trade) and my first vamp. But in the Cave, apart from the times I clicked once and it didn't load, or the times my scroll was locked, I've gotten just about every rare I've seen (which haven't been many, honestly).
  21. Dawnwing

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Yep. They have the same description, but it could give you either one.
  22. Dawnwing

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Well, hopefully someone's happy with the vamp egg I abandoned a while ago.
  23. Dawnwing

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Those are TJ's eggs.
  24. Dawnwing

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Yay, I got my four. Two pinks, and a mountain of each color. Had to abandon my vamp egg, but it was worth it.