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  1. Kind of a little thing, for April Fool's one year, I was the only student left in the room during study hall, and I had the same teacher next hour, so we decided to play a joke on my class. He told the class that we were in study hall and one of us randomly finished the other's sentence, and that we realized we could read each other's mind. So to "prove" it, he sent me outside the room, and someone in the class would pick a random object. (Say, the clock.) They'd call me back in, and I'd face toward a wall, and the teacher would list random objects: "Is it... the chalkboard?" "Nope." "Is it... the glass cabinet?" "Nope." I'd keep saying "no" until they named a four-legged object. "Is it... Kyle's desk?" "Nope." And then the one after the first four-legged object would be the correct one. So the class thought it might be a trick, and were coming up with ways that we supposedly were cheating, and we'd prove them wrong. I wasn't seeing a reflection off the cabinet. It wasn't the fourth one he asked every time. Everyone was just stumped, and because I was a model student / am a person that just does not lie, most of them were starting to believe a little that it was true (and at least one or two girls were totally convinced). Finally at the end of the class we told them how it worked.
  2. I've raised one. Incubated, never got sick, grew up at 5528 views / 910 unique views / 34 clicks.
  3. I need a CB Stripe that I can influence female, in order to continue a stairstep for a silver tinsel I'm getting. I will be willing to give you a future bronze tinsel with a lineage like this in exchange.
  4. I think the idea's more for those ultra-common eggs that have been sitting there for ten minutes with nobody taking them. Even the people who normally don't pay much attention to commons might grab some of them because a possible MSA would make them more desirable. The biomes that move fast enough wouldn't have any mossy eggs, and that's okay, since the eggs are actually being taken rather than sitting there forever. If they're already moving too fast for it, it's not as if every single person's going to sit and wait for all the eggs to grow moss; the eggs will still be grabbed. I personally like this idea; it's a good suggestion to help the cave move along faster. I suppose the only downside is that people might abandon eggs that don't end up having the extra description or something. Maybe have the description appear on all "Mossy" eggs? And then the MSA appears only once it's full grown, of course, so then they can keep it on their scroll or release to the wild or whatever. I also second the green question mark idea.
  5. I've lost count of the exact number, but I've been trying since day 1. I'm considering adding one of those "Failure is all I summon" banners into my sig.
  6. From bad experiences: - swimming in waves (i.e. the ocean or the Great Lakes) - driving when there's snow on the road Completely no reason: - getting struck by lightning through a window. It's extremely extremely unlikely, but under the right conditions it's possible.
  7. Dawnwing

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    I lost my first non-inbred Dorkface, and about 14 Easter eggs. At least TJ could get it back and it wasn't worse, and I'm glad we'll have another chance at the Easter eggs.
  8. Dawnwing

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Did a long-overdue inbred check on my Stripes; turns out three of the four are inbred (one was from the AP; the other two are her children). My only other Stripe got a no interest. :/
  9. Dawnwing

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Gah, somehow I got three Velvety ones instead of two of each. :/
  10. Dawnwing


    Oh, my favorite is mint tea with honey mixed in. I'm not a huge fan of chamomile; orange and stuff is okay.
  11. I've never cosplayed before, but I think I'll go to my college's con this fall. In that case, I'll be Misty from Pokemon; I have red hair, and it's an easy enough costume. I even still have those Pokeballs from Burger King years ago, and a Seadra squirtbottle that fits in one.
  12. Most views: Balloon named "Puffy Marshmallow" - 6,428 views Most UVs: Bluna named "Leyticia" - 1,413 UVs Most clicks: Nebula - 46 clicks
  13. My favorite eggs are the Skywings, closely followed by the Yulebucks. I also like the Vine (so shiny and green!), Magma (love its hatching sequence), Sweetling (pretty), and Bright-Breasted Wyvern (the little spots are cute).
  14. Awesome, I had enough time to freeze my hatchie. Seems to be back down now, though.
  15. I remember seeing a thread where someone posted TJ's new Skywing and Frill eggs. I also remember seeing Yulebucks the Christmas they were released. So whichever was first.
  16. Jeez, average score 3 point something? Highest 6 point something? What, were a ton of people voting 1's? Anyway, interesting to see now that it's done. Those statistics are pretty cool. Can't wait to see what the prize dragons look like!
  17. Red's the rarest for me; it's the only one I haven't gotten (or even seen in the Cave). My most common is Purple; I have three of them.
  18. And that's only the forum, too. There are many DC players that don't have forum accounts.
  19. My Silver has produced silvers twice - both times with the same Bluna.
  20. When I joined, I thought "I've seen those pink eggs all over the place. They'll be easy to get later, I want some that are more rare." Cue TJ announcing that Bright Pinks would start to be phased out. Suddenly they were in high demand, and it was insanely hard to catch one. Finally I got one just before they were gone for good - mine is the latest one I've seen.
  21. Exactly me too. I wanted to have a DragCave theme, so I did the word "DC" with a world map out of ornaments underneath. Personally, I adore the image trees, as they take just as much - if not more - work planning, an they're much more unique. I've been rating what seems to be higher than everyone else so far: 6 or 7 for the most part, 8 if it's above average. My lowest was a 4 so far.
  22. Got mine all ready to go, pretty much. I think it'll be nice if people see what I was trying to do with it... otherwise, I'm out of luck. I've done the best I can on it, though, and I've submitted, so I at least have something that works for the contest.
  23. I tried that with one of my attempts too. First with lights, which I thought might be too hard to see, and then with ornaments, which I was afraid looked too corny.
  24. Oh, it's so hard to decide what to do! To make something unique... pleasing to the eye... a scheme that works together.... it's hard! It's a lot of fun, though. I've reset my tree about six times so far trying different things.