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  1. I'm about 3/4 Polish, 1/8 German, 1/8 English. Mom's side: 100% Polish (well, the borders were changing, so technically it could be Austrian or whatever, but our ancestors always identified as Polish). Actually fairly recent too, they came over around 1900. One story we have is that my great-great-grandma and grandpa weren't getting along very well, so he jumped at the chance to go to America. Well, she wasn't going to let him hide away in a different country under the pretense of providing for the family with a new job, so she heard from other people where he'd settled, and brought all the kids over to the US and showed up unexpectedly on his doorstep one day. Talk about a surprise! Dad's side: I think I calculated it to be 1/2 Polish, 1/4 German, and 1/4 English. The Polish ancestors have been here since the mid 1800s. One of my great-great-grandpas was born on the ship coming across! That must have been difficult. I'm not sure about most of the German ancestors (didn't get that far in my ancestry.com excursions this summer), but I do know that there was some war going on in Germany, and my grandpa's grandpa and two brothers were fleeing the country. They had to swim across this river under a bridge, and my great-great grandpa made it across, but his brothers didn't, and he couldn't call out for them or else he'd be found, so he had to assume they'd drowned and keep going. I can't even imagine how difficult that must have been. The English portion I discovered only recently on ancestry.com. According to church and genealogy records, it looks like everyone in that branch came over to America very early - during the 1600s. They lived in Massachussetts and Connecticut for ages, and one relative (I don't think I'm directly descended) was actually hanged as a witch during the Salem witch trials.
  2. Well, while we're all doing our favorite six, mine are: 1. Twilight Sparkle (she's the one I relate most to) 2. Rarity 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Fluttershy 5. Pinkie Pie (mostly she's kind of annoying to me, but I like her songs so that moves her up) 6. Applejack
  3. Captcha funnies. They seem to happen more on the ipod than computer. (On this one, now I see that there's a "THE" in the black part, but on the tiny iPod screen, it looked like a black box!)
  4. Based on their codes, so far I've got: Skadow Imzava I was originally going to do 2 CB, 2 frozen, and give one away, but I'm liking the adults so I think I'll let the other two grow up, and if the person still hasn't taken it then I'll freeze the fifth one.
  5. I'm a student first and foremost (double-majoring in two computers majors), so I only have small part-time jobs. One of them is as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. It's kind of funny because once I started working there, I discovered these little connections to my family that just make me think of how small a world it is! The other is at church. During the school year, I work with the youth group, making posters, updating the Facebook page, and speaking to classes about upcoming youth events (and helping chaperone said events.) During the summer, I take over the secretary job: putting together and publishing the weekly bulletin, answering the phone/door/emails, taking care of the church records, being keeper of the keys, all that jazz. I am not sure what I want to do after college, as my double-major covers so many things; I think I'll just wait and see what I like best. So far I'm liking Flash (though it'a challenging!) and making web sites.
  6. Got five in the first drop. All my zombie fodder except 2 dodged my blade (well, technically one wasn't fodder)... and one out of the two disintegrated.
  7. I'm currently watching Angelic Layer and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in anime club. (Surprisingly those two got the most votes.)
  8. LOL, how have I missed this until now. Look at Twilight in the picture on this post. She has no front legs or tail. And this was actually posted publically on iTunes.
  9. Nah, that would look quite silly on me. It's not really my thing.
  10. I sat with my hand in the air for an HOUR today (3:30 to about 4:30) waiting for my teacher to come and take 30 seconds for me to demo my project for him so I could go. But he decided to answer the questions/help people nearest to him who were raising their hands. So instead of being able to do something useful for an hour, I had to sit in the computer lab playing Highborn on my ipod while waiting for him to work his way to the front of the room. >_< Raising your hand gets old after ten minutes. Ridiculous at 30 minutes. An hour... I was pretty ticked off. I had gone to ask him at one point if he could come, but he just said "wait, I'm helping this person."
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    Aww, here I was excited because my ER eggs gained several extra hours (they were 3d1h this morning, and then were 3d6h just now), but now they're "corrected" and back down to 2d19h.
  12. - Rocks/minerals (including a little stone animal from each gem/mineral show I visit - I have a dolphin, a couple cats, a lion, a bear, a couple wolves, and an owl, though that one's made out of bone and not rock.) - Coins (the state quarters, President dollars, old US coins, coins from other countries) - Pressed pennies - Wolf figurines
  13. My friend showed that to me and another person the other day! Yay for sitting in the college computer lab watching a pony video full-screen frame by frame. We're all taking a beginners' Flash class right now, so we were discussing ways he may have made that. The guy who made it says in the video description that he's releasing the .fla file before long, so that's pretty cool.
  14. I'll eat fast food once every now and then, either for convenience, or because it's generally cheaper than my college's lunches. The one I tend to visit most right now is Taco Bell because of their $2 meal deals. (Their Frutistas are also soooo good to have after karate when you're all hot and tired and thirsty.) I'll do Subway every now and then, and McDonald's on very rare occasions. Culver's and Rocky Rococco's are a bit pricy so I only eat there if my parents take me, and I love A&W's but the nearest one is over an hour away.
  15. Pretty adults! I'm going to have trouble remembering the names, though, I think.
  16. Oh, yeah, I forgot about the PS3 and Xbox. A lot of the games I play don't overlap with those systems. My favorite spot is the Valley of Avalar also, I think. I like the first song that plays before you find Meadow - the one that's the title screen theme on A New Beginning. The Twilight Falls area is also very pretty.
  17. If you can, get the Wii version instead of the DS version of Dawn of the Dragon. The DS version is extremely watered-down (first play-through took me four hours, now I can get it in about 50 minutes), and doesn't have movie clips (just pictures with voices), is missing part of the story, and some of the quotes and stuff are taken out of context and stuck into other places in the story. The Wii version is a lot better. (I haven't played the Wii versions of the first two, so I can't compare those, but I do have both for Dawn of the Dragon.)
  18. Spyro! I've played Season of Ice, Season of Flame, and the Legend of Spyro trilogy (DS versions of all three, and Wii Dawn of the Dragon). For those who have played both, how do the Wii versions of New Beginning and Eternal Night compare with the DS versions? Anyway, I love the Legend of Spyro trilogy - Dawn of the Dragon (Wii version) is my favorite Spyro game. I can see, I guess, how fans of the older games would dislike it - I was like "wut this is different" when I played the first - but I like the darker storyline, the better graphics in Dawn of the Dragon, and the overall "feel" to it. I'm definitely not getting Skylanders. I can't imagine that it would do that well - older fans pretty much seem to be against it, and younger fans' parents wouldn't want to pay for a ton of action figures.
  19. I'm about 5'8'', 19 years old.
  20. Gameboy/Gameboy Color: - Pokemon Silver (except Mew, but I Gameshark'd it in ) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Kirby's Dreamland - Shrek Smackdown (or something like that, it was called) Gameboy Advance: - Spyro: Season of Ice - Spyro: Season of Flame - Super Mario World Nintendo DS: - Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning - Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night - Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Nintendo Wii: - SimAnimals - Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PC: - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - a lot of those Fisher-price and JumpStart games when I was younger where you had to collect a million things
  21. Haha, my story exactly. Are you sure that Endermen won't be on Peaceful, too, since they start as neutral? I used to dread the Endermen, but now that I've learned that water hurts them, that they only attack if the + in the middle of the screen touches them, and that they won't attack at all if you wear a pumpkin on your head, I'm not so worried about them.
  22. I really have not seen many issues with sexism. I'm fine with terms like "policeman", etc. being used as the gender-neutral term. And though I'm in a computers major and karate, both things that are typically associated with guys (and still have mostly guys involved - there are only three girls incl. me in my karate club, and about that same number in my Java class last semester), I've never personally been prejudiced against or told I wasn't good enough. So I'm really surprised when I hear stories about women actually being prejudiced against/denied something because of their gender. One woman I was talking to was the first female postman in her county, and apparently she enountered a lot of opposition solely based on her gender; I can't remember the specifics of what she said. This was years and years ago, though, so I was much more surprised with my aunt's story about a year ago. She'd been trying to buy a cell phone, or cell phone plan or something, but was told that she wouldn't be able to buy it unless her husband (who was waiting in the car) signed something - even though it was completely in HER name and he had nothing to do with it. After a bit of arguing, she said, "Well, if I bring it outside and sign his name myself, would you know any better?" "Well, no...." "If my husband was deceased, would that mean I wouldn't be able to buy a phone at all?" "Well, no, I guess you would be able to sign it yourself then...." "Then why does my husband need to sign it now, when he's got nothing to do with it?" That's when they finally gave in and agreed that she could buy it herself without him having to sign it, though I don't know whether she actually did or decided to go elsewhere.
  23. Short. I tend to bite my nails a lot. And even if I don't, they still break off because I'm a dishwasher at one job, and at home I weed the garden and stuff. My nails really don't grow fast anyway.
  24. I got it once, in fourth grade. They'd always checked everyone's hair at school, usually at least twice a year, but they used the same pair of gloves on everyone. So yeah, that's how my sis and I got it. My mom had some angry discussions with the school about that. So next time, they ended up using new gloves just for me and my sister, and they used one pair for everyone else. But we never got it again after that.