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  1. The most irritating experience I've had with customer service was this summer. A company called Sallie Mae had kept sending advertisements in the mail about student loans - exactly every two weeks or one week, straight for three months with no signs of stopping. So, fed up with it, I finally called to get them to take me off their mailing list. Keep in mind that it takes at least a good fifteen minutes waiting before you get a person available. 1st try: Got a nice young lady who said she'd transfer me to someone who could help. Second person starts talking, somehow it gets disconnected mid-sentence. Well, things happen. Try again. 2nd try: Got a man. I explained what had just happened, asking him if he could transfer me to that second person again. He asked for my social security number. I responded, "I'm not giving that out on the phone! That's not even relevant! I don't want to set up an account or anything; as I said, I just want to be removed from the mailing list because I'm not interested-" Before I even finished talking, he had transferred me to an automated thing about payments and setting up an account. I hung up and called a third time. 3rd try: Got a different guy with a heavy accent. By this time I was pretty irritated from the waiting and from being unable to get what I was asking for, and quite suspicious about the SSN thing. Once again, I explained that I did not want the company's services, I just wanted to be transferred to a person who could help get me off the mailing list. Bascally this conversation went in circles for ten minutes: He said that since I don't have an account, they don't have any of my information and therefore cannot stop sending them. "Obviously you have something, it's addressed to me - by the way, where might you have gotten my name and address?" "We don't have you listed anywhere, not even your address." "Then how am i getting advertisements from you?" "I... ah... don't know." We just kept going through this - him saying they can't stop mail because I don't have an account and therefore they don' have my address, me insisting that there's a mailing list somewhere. I asked him to transfer me to somebody else because maybe they'll have an idea (for example the first girl I got had known exactly who I should ask) - but he downright refused, basically saying that I'd have to either get an account or keep getting advertisments. After this I waited a little bit to see if maybe my arguments had had any effect. Nope, two weeks later I get another advertisement. My dad said I could try reporting them to the Better Business Beaureau, due to them refusing to help and the suspicious SSN thing and the fact that I have a right to not be constantly pestered by them, that if I ask them to stop sending me things, then they should stop. So that's exactly what I did - I filed a report that night, describing the number and frequency of the letters, and the deliberate unhelpfulness of the customer service guys (including them asking my SSN when it had nothing to do with my query.) Guess what? I haven't gotten a single advertisement since.
  2. I got them all on the release date. The Thunder and Ice were easier; I remember the Magma taking several drops to catch.
  3. Vine, first bred egg. Except I was very full on eggs at the time and so I decided to abandon it. Whatdya know, it hatches alt. It took about 8 eggs after that for the next one. Black, took quite a while, ended up being a AP catch but quite inbred.
  4. Mine was a Pumpkin on the year they were released. (I'd joined in February of that year, missed the first Valentines by about a week).
  5. *hugs* Thank you! I had been so disappointed that I'd missed two of the days, I'd been just too busy with finals. This makes everything better.
  6. Took me only three tries to get two dragons. O.o Pretty easy this year.
  7. So if we didn't look at the first story on day 1, we miss the wreath items, right?
  8. Yay! I'd never commented on this thread yet, but I was a regular reader. Glad to see it back!
  9. I'm a computers major, so most of my stuff is typed. When not on a computer, I use a mechanical pencil.
  10. Is something like "Almost Drunk" or "Drunk Dyslexia" okay? (The dragon's code is "DRNUK", which I found amusing)
  11. Ah, how different majors eating lunch together can produce funny conversations. Computer major 1: I used to have Battleship on my old computer. Me (computer major 2): I have Battleship on a Commodore, but the monitor stopped working a few months ago. Natural resources major: Commodore? Computer major 1: It's this ancient computer from the 80s. History major: Oh, when you said "Commodore" I was thinking of the British navy. Natural resources major: When you said "Commodore", I was thinking of that one bird. Me: That's a condor.
  12. My very first game was Ms. Pac Man on a Commodore computer. (Yes, the computer is older than I am.) Then we got a Windows 98, so it was those Jump Start games - 2nd grade, I had - and Deer Hunter and Rollercoaster Tycoon. My first portable game was my cousin's Pokemon Blue, and my first console game was my other cousins' Mario Kart on the SNES, I think.
  13. I was just playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. My sister enouraged me to pick up a cat-thing and throw it off the edge of Skyloft. I picked it up, brought it to this little narrow bridge I meant to throw it off of, and then slipped off myself, feline still in hand. That got my sister laughing enough already. A knight rescued me and dumped me onto a higher level, so I went to jump down.... and instead of landing on the ground, I completely missed even the little bridge, and fell again.
  14. Just a couple of medicines - nothing that affects me on a regular basis.
  15. Dawnwing

    Any Musicians?

    I had to do this flute solo one year in high school. It took forever to learn 'cause it was so ridiculously fast and had some really high notes. (The link should take you to about 15 seconds before the solo, but if it doesn't work, it starts at about 2:40-2:45 in the video).
  16. Dawnwing

    Any Musicians?

    I don't even know all what's in my piano. I really wish I knew more of its history - all I know is that the people we got it from, it was in their basement when they moved in. Earlier this year I did my best at cleaning it up, and I was still trying to find out how old it was. I found a playing piece from a board game, a puzzle piece, and think I saw a pencil in there too but I couldn't get to it. I can't figure out how to open up the part where the keys are, and I'm afraid I'd wreck it anyway. (And the local tuners/service people apparently told the previous owners "Don't bring it to us anymore, we can't do anything more for it!" twenty years ago.) One of my favorites happens to be from FMA too - Kesenai Tsumi. Another favorite is Wind from Naruto. I think I might give Serenade a break for a while and learn of Innocent Starter from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha; I love that song.
  17. Mostly a ton of papers, but also a stack of computer games, some pennies, hair accessories, and a whole pile of Coke bottle caps (because I'm too lazy to enter them into My Coke Rewards).
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    Thanks for the tips. The arm thing is certainly part of my trouble; I've been trying to work on that. The biggest part, I think, is the endurance, which I definitely have to improve on. And also get used to hitting people, I guess. I'm not so bad against the senior students, but I still tend to instinctively apologize when I think I've hit someone too hard.
  19. Dawnwing

    Any Musicians?

    Piano: 13 years (took lessons for 8 of them). Mostly now I play my music books that have "popular" songs and stuff from movies, and I like to find anime sheet music online. I'm currently trying to learn Serenade from Fruits Basket, but it's hard. I have an old out-of-tune upright Werner Chicago piano we got for free for hauling out of someone's house, I think that piano almanac book said it was from 1919? Apart from not being all that pretty, it's not bad to play... just has one sticky key, is all. I also have a Yamaha keyboard. Recorder: Self-taught at age 8, don't really play it all that often but I was in a recorder ensemble for a solo/ensemble event in high school Flute: 9 years, still play at church occasionally. For fun, I'm currently learning Legend of Zelda music. Piccolo: 4 years. I don't actually own one; I had always rented my high school's really crappy piccolo - no matter how many times it's been sent in, it's never in tune, and one time the keys fell off! Despite it being so bad, I got a first place at state solo/ensemble for a solo once, I played some movements from "The Fearless Whistler". Now that I'm out of high school I still come back and play for the town's labor day parade. This year it POURED rain... I couldn't even play because I had to keep dumping water out of the piccolo! It was raining so hard that you really couldn't breathe because there was just so much water in the air and running down your face, and my contacts were coming out! I also won the John Philip Sousa Band Award in high school, if that means anything to anyone.
  20. You know where the river makes the big U shape, below Little Butte? You should be able to cross on the bottom of that U - just be careful you don't cross into the other pack's territory.
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    I'm not really that athletic; I wish I were better. ^^' In high school, I was in volleyball for two years and then everyone in my grade that was on JV quit because we didn't like the way our coach was running things (he was a jerk, he had ridiculous favoritism in who he'd have play during games, we didn't like the way money was being used [We needed new jerseys on JV, and he said "Oh, we'll get them next year." Next year rolls around, and we don't get jerseys, but the varsity players got little towels with their names embroidered on them so they can wipe their sweat].) Right now I'm in Budokai Karate. I started it last year, and I'm currently a yellow belt. (Ours goes white > blue > yellow > green > brown > black; with half steps on them all of course.) I just need to get in better shape and I'll be a whole lot better at it! I know the moves, remember the katas (forms), I'm just terrible at sparring because I wear out quickly.
  22. Thanks! I'd gotten the one you need to crawl to get to, but couldn't find the other one.
  23. I became a Zelda fan this summer. I'd heard a ton of great things about the series, so I decided to get Ocarina of Time 3D, especially after watching preview videos and stuff - it looked incredible. I got the soundtrack CD too (didn't get it until almost August!) So far, I've played: - Ocarina of Time 3D (completed) - Legend of Zelda (on the 3DS because of the Ambassador program) (in progress) - Legend of Zelda II (on the 3DS because of the Ambassador program) (haven't really started, I don't quite get what you're supposed to *do*) - Four Swords (on the 3DS because it was free) (in progress - currently on the Hero's Trial part) - Skyward Sword (in progress - currently in the Forest temple and am stuck - I made the water rise, but where's the second crystal I have to hit?) For Skyward Sword, I'm really loving it so far. I like the characterization, and even though there isn't voice acting, the facial expressions and body language really add a lot. For example, after Zelda disappears and Link wakes up and Gaepora's waiting there, and asks Link what happened, and Link explains - that moment where it didn't even show words on the screen, just showed Link and Gaepora's gestures and expressions, and the music, that scene was pretty powerful to me. As far as the graphics, my parents have this really big TV so at first the graphics looked really horrible - I was sitting in a chair fairly close because that is the best spot for the controller - it looked extremely pixelly, enough to distort things. When you get a little farther away from the screen, though, it looks much better, much prettier.
  24. How did I miss this thread. I play it! I discovered it a few days after the first official (not demo) version was released, and I was asked to be a beta tester within the month, so I've tested all the versions since then. I love the weather and time. Dusk is my favorite time because it's so pretty; I love the pinkish lighting. With weather, I only wish that they'd left this one glitch in - if you pressed the "\" key, it would toggle rain on/off. So let's say you decide you want it to rain - you don't have to wait around 20+ minutes hoping for it, you can just press the key and it rains. Another tester reported it as a glitch, though, and the team hadn't intended it to be there in the first place, so despite my begging to leave it in, they removed it anyway.
  25. Grayish-blueish-greenish, with brown around the pupil, and a darker gray ring around the edge of the iris. My eye color kind of looks different depending on what I'm wearing. (I'm wearing green? They look blue-green. I'm wearing orange? They look more brown. Gray? They look very gray.)