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  1. ^ The point is to finish first. Crashes are unintentional and avoided as much as possible. The number of laps, I don't really know, perhaps it's to test the endurance of the car or something? Having such a long race requires strategy, though - they have to decide when to make a pit stop (will they lose their position, or if they pit now will they have a full tank of gas when everyone else is running out?), whether to take two tires or all four (since tires wear out with such a long race). As far as modifications, I think they can make minor changes, but there's strict requirements as to wha
  2. Race postponed till tomorrow. Hmm. My family's Carl Edwards fans. We even have a Cardboard Carl that we dress up for all seasons.
  3. You're welcome! I read that in a book once, and suprisingly it does help. It's like my mind pays extra attention to the dream or something when I keep the journal about it. In addition to it helping me remember my dreams more, it's also just fun to go back and read sometimes. Some of my notes might be as short as "Something about a grocery store?", most take a couple sentences, but once in a great while I'll have a really long, detailed dream, which takes several pages to describe and which often involves sketches. Those are the best to go back and read again.
  4. Try keeping a notebook where you write down any details that you remember. I find it helps a lot. I haven't had lucid dreams or even dreams about the topic I want in ages, so I've recently started up the old dream journal again. I've been trying to have a Portal dream, but so far when actually trying I've only managed to see the name "Chell" on a paper in the dream. I want to BE Chell and see how GLaDOS reacts when I speak - I had one dream where this was the case but I got woken up before GLaDOS responded, so that's why I've been trying to have one again (that, and it felt really aw
  5. I had braces from age 12-14, I think. It was soooo nice to get them off! When I got in the car, my mom handed me this little gift bag and it was filled with all my favorite foods I couldn't eat with braces: Skittles, Salted Nut Roll bar, carrots, an apple, and some other stuff I can't remember. At this point I'm done with going back there. It's annoying having to still wear my retainer (well, both the permanent wires on the back of my teeth and the plastic one I have to put in once every few weeks).
  6. On Portal 2, there's the one spot where a big pipe falls and breaks the catwalk and splashes blue gel. Seems quite obvious that you're supposed to use the gel to jump over the gap, right? For some reason I could not make that jump. Landed too short, hit the side and fell, missed altogether.... finally got it after like 20 mins. It was absolutely annoying. >_>
  7. My obsessions: - the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter - the movie Dragonheart - Portal and Portal 2 And currently I'm also obsessed with the Portal 2 fanfic "Blue Sky".
  8. I'm a country girl, so yeah, my childhood was kind of like one of the picturesque ones you read in books or see in the movies: climbing trees, running around barefoot, picking wild black/raspberries, catching fireflies, getting sunburned, picking wildflowers, bike rides, etc. I remember playing pretend too. My grandpa made me a wooden kiddie-size kitchen set and table, so my sister and I spent a lot of time playing with that. When we got older, it was stuff from books and movies (Harry Potter, Pokemon, etc) and toy animals in the sandbox. Oh, yeah, and the dollhouse. We didn't g
  9. I'm a Wisconsinite. Loving cheese is practically a requirement.
  10. That's "Happy Valentine's Day" in Saurian (a fictional language from Star Fox Adventures). TJ uses it from time to time on the site (including naming his dragons in Saurian - that's why they're called Thuweds; "thuwed" is "dragon" in Saurian.)
  11. If you get a valentine that isn't from a random person, does it tell you who sent it?
  12. On the front page it says "You have an unread valentine".
  13. Does it say who sent you a valentine if it's not random?
  14. LagCave! Barely managed to see the eggs, let alone click any or actually get some. The forum's being slow too.
  15. I've been wanting to dream about Portal lately since I first got the games recently and have been completely obsessed with it. So far I've had three - one involved GLaDOS, one was just about me playing the Wheatley testing chambers part of the game, and the one I had last night was like a real-life Portal.
  16. My little hatchies didn't want to leave their eggs yet, I guess.
  17. Wow, I was on the computer all day and for some reason never checked DragCave. It always seems that the one day I don't check it, something like a new release happens. Finally did check one hour ago. So far have just 2 blue eggs, no golden ones yet.
  18. Haha, I did that too, didn't realize till after the ceremony that you could flap.
  19. I've named a Black hatchie that I froze this week "I Don't Want SOPA". (I was going to use "Say No To SOPA" but the OP already used it )
  20. Thank you, TJ. I fully support the layout.
  21. My high school math teacher had a shirt that had a bunch of pumpkins in the shape of pi, and it said "Pumpkin Pi". He always wore it for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Pi Day.
  22. Haha, I was playing Portal 2 yesterday and GLaDOS is like "Here's the last test chamber! It's shorter than what your friend came up with." I laughed because of the heart on the wall and was curious about what would happen if I did what she said instead of following Wheatley. I run over... "There's a deer over there by the door. You can't see it from where you are." Ran to the door. Cue neurotoxin coming out of the vents above and me falling over dead. "ACHIEVEMENT EARNED: Good Listener". Made me laugh.
  23. I dreamed I was playing this AWESOME turn-based strategy game. It was a perfect combination of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and the iOS game Highborn.