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  1. Wow, I've never heard of that happening! Lucky! I just got the six in the box, one from Nintendo Power from the library, all three from Nintendo Power because I bought a copy at the store, three from Club Nintendo, and I'll be getting the same three from Club Nintendo because we'd thought my first ones got lost in the mail (13 days after they got shipped they hadn't arrived). So a total of 16, but since four are doubles I'll probably give em to my friend.
  2. I feel like I'm in a movie. Facebook conversation: Me: Thanks for helping me out on this assignment for like the last hour. Him: i think you owe me for making me stay up so late Me: ah this isn't late. Most nights I go to bed at 2 now. Me: How about some chocolate candy tomorrow then. Him: how about a date too?
  3. Kid Icarus, at least, it sounds like they will. "Local Retailers/Gatherings After launch, check with your local retailers to find Nintendo representatives and receive AR Card packs. This offer is subject to availability."
  4. One of the Treasure Hunt things is to offer a certain number, I'm pretty sure I remember reading that today going through all of them. Can't remember how many though. Did you know: If you sit on the The End screen for a while (a few minutes), Hades starts talking. He thanks you for playing the game and stuff and pretends to delete your save file.
  5. ^ Aww, that stinks. I don't know what I'd do if I fused my Darkness Bow. I wish there were an option to hide the ones you don't want to fuse... The best thing I can suggest is playing chapter 1 as high as you can (9.0 if possible), and use the power that gets you more hearts. Scanning those cards at Steamrider's link may help too since you get 100 hearts each time you scan a new one. My cards finally arrived in the mail yesterday. 15 days after they were shipped. (Club Nintendo says it should take 4-8). I had even called them and they ordered me a replacement, which is still on
  6. Well, you can set two of them on the table facing each other, and they can battle each other. It's kinda neat, but hard to get the light good enough to see the cards well. Mostly though they're good for hearts and idols. @Ashywolf: Those Metroid links were April Fools.
  7. Thanks for the link, Steamrider. I'll have to do that. I finally called Nintendo today since my Club Nintendo cards still haven't arrived (it's been 15 days since I ordered, 13 days since I got the email saying they've been shipped.) He said it says I've recieved them, and obviously I didn't, so I'm getting 'em sent again. This time he sent it to be sent by UPS, so they can track it - such a tiny little package. Amusing/awesome fact: Instead of annoying elevator music when you're on hold, Nintendo plays the soundtrack of Ocarina of Time. Beat the story a couple days ago. No
  8. Saw the pretty dragons in signatures in mid-2008. At the time my parents didn't let me join any sites. Finally joined in Feb 2009, about a week after the first Valentines. If only I'd joined right away.... XP
  9. ^ I originally felt that way about the dialogue too, but now I've come to enjoy it. Just shooting and slashing would get so monotonous after a while without a little bit of background dialogue to make things interesting. It only bothers me when I'm in a boss battle and defeat them when someone's mid-sentence, and it just cuts off and they say the next thing. I just finished chapter 23. I think one of my favorites part so far was when (SPOILERS; highlight) after the Chaos Kin is defeated and Pit is healed in the Rewind Spring, his reunion with Palutena. He just looks so overjoyed, a
  10. I had some hatchies in my sig a week or two ago that looked cute.
  11. I've got three adults and three hatchlings. I've traded/gifted a handful too because they're not my favorite. I always seem to reflex-click when I see 'em though, because when they first were released, I didn't grab one, I was more interested in Pygmies and stuff.... And guess what! They're rare! So it took me a little bit to catch any.
  12. Nice! I'm going to try to finish by this weekend. I just beat Arlon. Yes, I call him Pittoo now too. Even on Super Smash Bros Brawl, that's how I think of him.
  13. I finished Chapter 9 now. I usually tackle new levels at 5.0.
  14. I'm liking the stand, actually. It helps relieve my hand a bit since it doesn't have to bear the weight of the DS. As far as intensity, I can beat chapter 4 on 5.0, and chapter 1 on 7.0. Haven't gotten past chapter 4 yet. My favorite weapons are Darkness Bow, Raptor Claws, and Atlas Club, in that order.
  15. Light vs Dark. It's more fun to me. My weapons are slightly on the higher side I think, but I just try not to die.
  16. I usually use weapons with a value of 240+ in Multi (my Darkness Bow is 282, my Raptor Claws are 261), though I started smaller because I didn't have anything better (my Tiger Claws were 129). The highest weapon I own is an Electroshock Arm at 299. My stronger weapons actually came from Multiplayer - every now and then you'll be given a weapon or power at the end of a match. So the Atlas Club I bought in Solo was 145; an Atlas Club I just got in Multiplayer is 269, much better ranged and has extra abilities like side dodging.) It's nice because you can use those in Solo too. On Solo,
  17. I played Multiplayer most of the night. It's a great way to get new items. My favorite weapons are Raptor Claws and Darkess Bow. I've had a chance to try all the weapon types... Blades are okay, Arms are okay (great for melee, not so great for ranged), Staffs are a bit slow, Clubs are very slow, Orbitars don't do much damage. Palms, I only have one, but it's also slow. Bows and Claws are nice though. @psyshock: I haven't tried the stand, because I never play at a table. I play either laying on my bed or curled up on a couch. I'm kind of interested in seeing how it works. @
  18. So, does anyone have this game yet? What cards did you get with it? How far are you? What's your favorite weapon? Mine arrived today. I'm only on chapter 3, but I really like the Multiplayer battles, I've done about 3 so far, and I didn't do bad on them considering I didn't realize you could set up weapons and powers beforehand and just had it randomize them. I didn't do so great with the Atlas Club (makes you run slowly, it hits slowly), but then I switched to Tiger Claws and did better; I actually became my team's Pit and beat the other team's Pit by just a hair (I couldn't even t
  19. I was with the series from the very beginning. My school librarian bought the first book as soon it was released, saying she was just at a librarian convention amd they were saying The Hunger Games would be the next big thing, and she insisted I read it. And it was good. At the time, I was the same age as Katniss and my sister the same age as Prim/Rue, so I especially felt an emotional connection to the book. It's one of the few books that has ever made me cry. Anxious for the movie. I'm going to a midnight premeire (first midnight showing I'll have ever been at). I'm going to ta
  20. Don't worry, you're not missing much with Pottermore. There isn't much to do on it. Mostly, it's just looking at art of scenery from each chapter. You can finish it in maybe two hours. The dueling doesn't work, and as far as interactivity with other users, there's only comments on each section/etc, and yours get lost in the crowd quicky. The exclusive information is interesting, but it's very few and far between. I haven't been on it probably since October. :/ EDIT: They're opening Pottermore to the public in early April. For information on what took so long, read here.
  21. MysticTiger pretty much explained it, so I'm not going to say too much. The 3D does take a short time getting used to - playing someone else's for a short time really isn't enough to get an idea of how you'll react. (Part of it's just getting used to how to hold it.) I remember just playing it in brief but frequent intervals to make sure I was used to it before I'd start letting myself play for hours. Working my way up was just fine. I've never had any problems with the 3D, no headaches or eyestrain or anything.
  22. Back in high school, the biology teacher had some fish tanks in his room. At one point, there was a crayfish in one of them. Apparently this crayfish had gotten out once or twice before, but this day, the teacher just couldn't find it, so he was telling all of us to keep an eye out. Toward the end of the day, there came an announcement on the loudspeaker: "Clyde the Crayfish has been found." Just that, nothing else. I wonder what the people who didn't have class with that teacher thought of that announcement. In college: One day I was eating lunch with a couple people: a histor
  23. For years I've considered myself a Ravenclaw, but on Pottermore I got sorted into Gryffindor. Well, that's my second choice, I guess. Better than my sister, who's always thought of herself as Gryffindor but Pottermore sorted her into Slytherin. Yeah, that quiz on there, you can't try to get in a certain house by answering a certain way... it's got questions like "which of these three paths looks most appealing" and "which of these superpowers would you like to have" and "say these three objects were about to be destroyed, what order would you try to save them". Apparently the quiz was d
  24. My hair's naturally red, so IF I were to ever dye/bleach, I probably would do some blond highlights, but chances are I probably never will. I like my hair as is.