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  1. About the only exercise I get nowadays is karate once a week, unless you count walking from building to building on campus since it's like a 10 minute walk. During the summer, though, when I have more time, I usually do an hour of exercise with the Wii (don't laugh - it does get your heart pumping and it's fun too!) with Dance Dance Revolution and occasionally Wii Fit. If the weather's good I'll bike, and if it's not too hot and I feel like it I jog down the quarter-mile dead end road right alongside our property. Lifting weights is all right too, even though I can't do too much. I just don't particularly like the treadmill; I'm not really one for structured workouts to begin with. Which is why I like the Wii and biking; they don't seem like a workout in my mind, more like fun with the bonus benefit of working some muscles/heart.
  2. Dawnwing

    Portal 2

    For you fans of Cara Mia - listen to this group's a capella version. It is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFCKhUgIziU
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    Post Ctrl+V

    nowy pisarz dziewczyna Someone posted that as a thread title on another forum. A native Polish speaker responded, asking if they used an online translator because it was a bad translation and made them shudder. So out of curiosity I stuck it into Google Translate.
  4. There are so many good ones there. I like Roses - Paint them Red. I also liked the Pillow dragons named after cats from Sagwa The Siamese Cat.
  5. Replaying through the chapters of Kid Icarus Uprising, doing lots of multiplayer on the same game. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.
  6. *swipes Apocalisse Buio and Dreams of Bronze*
  7. When I was about sixteen I started writing one that featured dragons as characters. I got about 90 pages (in Word, I mean) into it, then scrapped it. So many things I had come up with and felt so clever about ended up showing up in other works - like Eragon and the Spyro games. The plot itself was kind of like Eragon, as well. The villain's name, turned out that it's a last name in the area (though not one I'd heard before, I didn't even spell it the same way or anything). And now the worst/most hilarious name in hindsight - my main character's name was Celestia. Then My Little Pony Friendship is Magic came out.... I'd really like to try writing another one sometime; I know I could write one well if I just had the right idea. The idea would need to be a really fresh one though, and I would need to have enough depth for my fictional world.
  8. Snagged my 6 in the second drop.
  9. Releases are always permanent, except Holiday dragons. The cave will drop only the new breed for one day, and then after that they'll be less common. You never know if they're going to be rare, though - most of my Legendary Trio and Purple Dinos I only got because I got them on the release day. I missed the Cheeses during their release and it took me forever to snag one. EDIT: 'd
  10. Ah, I'll have to attach a mouse to my laptop for the next drop. Touchpads are too slow. EDIT: Aww, just barely missed first page. This is probably the closest to the front I've ever been though.
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    The Redwall Series

    I'm rereading the series yet another time. Nostalgia. ♥ My first exposure to the series was when I was seven and the animated series was being broadcast on TV. I watched the first few episodes, until episode 4 when Warbeak was going "Killee!" and my dad said that it's a big kid show and I shouldn't be watching it. I first read Redwall the summer before high school because I'd heard people saying it was good. I checked it out from the library, then got extremely sick with Lyme Disease and Ehrlichiosis (like Lyme Disease, but rarer and more deadly) at the same time. I was sick in bed for almost three months, and most days I felt too sick to even lay there and watch TV, but my mind was bored. I read a page or so whenever I felt up to it, and slowly worked my way through it. When I didn't feel good enough to read, I pictured his vivid world in my mind. It was wonderful to get well again and check out Mossflower. Has anyone listened to the audiobooks? They're the best audiobooks I've ever heard. Read by a full cast, with nice music between the chapters, and they sing all the songs, and narrated by Jacques. My local library had almost the entire series on tape. Now they're phasing out of tape audiobooks, so I'm keeping an eye open during the library's summer booksale. I managed to snag Martin the Warrior last year; this year I noticed several more were pulled from the system so I'm hoping to get those - especially Outcast of Redwall. Either that one or High Rhulain is my favorite audiobook.
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    Piers Anthony

    My first Xanth book was Demons Don't Dream - one of my mom's work friends gave me a random bag full of books and that was in it. I'm glad I started with that one and read it twice before trying the whole series - it was fun to go back and see all the characters again. It also kept some things a surprise - for example, I had no clue that the Gap Dragon would later become friendly to the main characters, I still saw it as a fearsome beast when I read the earlier books. I probably only like the ones up to that book, though I've read all (32?) plus the encyclopedia thing and the Gamebook (took AGES for the librarians to hunt down since it wasn't in the interlibrary system). I own about four of them - Castle Roogna, Centaur Aisle, Man from Mundania, and Demons Don't Dream.
  13. You know you've played Portal too much when you start looking at buildings and thinking about how you could use portals there. You know you've played Minecraft too much when you go outside at night and are jumpy because you're expecting a creeper or skeleton to jump out.
  14. Yeah, I've used the same abilities for ages, but even if I know where they are, it's just hard looping through to get to the right ones. My first three are Mega Laser, Black Hole, and Poison attack, which doesn't really help if I can't aim the laser/black hole toward them good enough and if I'm getting knocked back too much. I do use them a lot in Multiplayer; I've got a whole strategy worked out. My Multiplayer combination: Mega Laser - okay offensively, or if I can aim properly, then defensively Black Hole - defensive, if I'm totally out of options then I'll hit it and hope they get caught, or offensive, to trap the other team's Pit so they're held in place and i can hit them with a charged attack Poison Attack - usually get one of these running right at the start, and the second one as soon as the first wears out Transparency - Usually used to escape from people, sneak up on the other team's Pit, or just to hide as I'm recovering health Health Recovery Effect Recovery - not used as much as the others, but very vital, you do NOT want to be a helpless eggplant/stone or have your health steadily ticking down If you see me in Multi, my Mii's name is Becky, and I'll usually be using a Skyscraper Club, Darkness Bow, Raptor Claws, or less commonly, Beam Claws. I'm usually on late at night, like 1:00am Central time, though I sometimes do jump on at other times. My Singleplayer combination: Mega Laser - used on bosses Explosion - used on bosses Poison attack? - don't use much Crisis Recovery - helpful Health Recovery - stronger level than my multi Effect Recovery
  15. This discussion is fun to read. I've been told that I'm like this. I even have a t-shirt that says "I'm always right. Just accept it."
  16. I agree with this so much. For me it's not so bad for the boss battles, but Multiplayer is where it kills me. If I'm in a bind and am trying to save myself, I waste precious seconds trying to find something offensive that will hit them or Transparency so I can sneak away, but you can only have the three or whatever up at once. Even if we absolutely have to have only that many, I wish there were a way you could order them, put your favorites as the first.
  17. Jeepers, I got 44. Though I had better color vision than that. But maybe it's just this monitor.
  18. Dragonheart is definitely my favorite one. Randomly saw Dragonheart 1 & 2 bundled together in the bargain bin at Shopko, bought it on a whim. Very glad i did.
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    Ah, how did I miss this thread. I had gotten into the beta (I answered the Day 4 question). I was sorted into Gryffindor, though I've always considered myself a Ravenclaw. Gryffindor's my second-favorite, though. Better than my sister, anyway, who really wanted Gryffindor but got sorted into Slytherin!
  20. So last night I decided to play a few rounds of Multiplayer before falling asleep. I had to wait five and a half minutes to get into a game, so I decided to just sit and wait. And I fell asleep. An hour and a half later I wake up and the game's still going. I feel really stupid now. First because I feel bad for my teammates - I always hate it when someone just stands there - and second because now my records (you know wins-/losses, how many times your team won when you were an angel, stuff like that) are going to be way skewed.
  21. "Paperwings" for a Paper, and "Metamorphmagus" for a Nocturne. Both names I've been waiting on for quite a while.
  22. Oh, I hate first person mode. Hard to aim, and when I'm on it by accident, by the time I try to fix it, I get killed. I discovered that the Skyscraper Club is amazing. I always found it infuriating to go up against one, but turns out it makes it real easy to kick butt in Multi.