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  1. This is one of those moments where I wish we had a "like" button.
  2. So *that's* why all the biomes seem particularly empty today!
  3. *pokepoke* I was curious as to whether or not any of you would be willing to help me add wings to some sprites that I've been working on? And other redlining as you see fit. I would like a Sprite! Forum Name: garnetrising Name of the Dragon:Arbor / Dryad Drake Sketch: -> / Stage: Looking particularly for wing lines & any redlining you see fit. <3 Dragon stage: Adult Male & Female Do you want the spriter to sketch?
  4. Seeing as how my hand art is seriously pitiful and I have no way of transferring paper medium to my computer anyway, I decided to try free-lining an idea I had for my male Arbor/Dryad Drake - primarily using references of Bambi's father... You know, the Prince of the Forest. You know! Well... anyway, this handsome little (Arbor) Dryad Drake has a question for you more experienced artists. You see, apparently he agrees that I kinda failed. The orange and green lines were roughed out just so I wouldn't feel like the rest of him was randomly floating there. The hind leg is killing me. And I didn't leave enough room for wings. I haven't even figured out what pose I want the wings to BE in. I do like the fringe down his chest. For the most part. His neck itself, though, seems a little too thick, though. The three legs I've done properly in purple I'm kinda in between on all of them. Eh. His butts kinda flat, shoulder's a little awkward, his head is far too small for that neck. Gaaah... THAT NECK. T_T I'm not sure how I feel about the antler(s) at all. Wings? Wat? Oh hai, yeah. No, I hadn't gotten that far. But I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that. >.> Any advice on how to go about correcting some of his anatomical deficiencies would be very much appreciates. Redlines aren't necessary, despite what the sprite says; it's merely the same image used in my dragon request thread. ->
  5. Zomg. I just caught a CB Thunder. Even after hesitating as my brain tried to decide if it was an Electric or a Thunder. ... I think I'm in shock.
  6. That aforementioned black Thuwed egg from herk? Yah, it hatched alt. <3
  7. There are a bunch of people that I need to thank. Sharlykng, Umbrewulf, NiramiTheRaven, and all others helping me with my dragon requests. All the lovely people who gifted me dragons through the newbie gifting thread, with special thank yous going to Count_23 for gifting me BOTH a silver and a bronze tinsel dragon. And herk who gifted me an egg that was not only my first black egg ever but also came from a Thuwed lineage AND hatched into an alt black. It is much loved. And now needs a wonderful name worthy of its greatness. <3
  8. I just realized that the black egg that was gifted to me by the lovely Herk is from a Thuwed lineage. Now I love her even more!