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  1. i've been playing for 6 years and only managed to produce one of these so will take awile for me to get them all
  2. if ur in the UK like me it actually works out better as i've always had to wait until I get home from work. But as they always drop for 24 hours it shouldn't make a difference to anyone. You don't gain anything by getting them early it just means you can avoid the rush surely half the fun is trying to catch them (unless it is too hard), and if we just drop loads of them all day, for me takes away some of the point.
  3. While I agree more features etc would be nice, I think we need to remember this is a free game and TJ does this for no actual payment from the game users , there are plenty of other so called free games out there for people to play that have lots more features but always come at a cost. so thanks TJ for your continued work on DC.
  4. Sending flowers as fast as I can Hope to get a few more back from all the lovely people on here thanks TJ for the lovely eggs again
  5. 42 years young but love dragons, so this game is great for me
  6. Normally catch new eggs with ease but the lag this time put pay to any thoughts of an easy catch. Had to trade just to get any this time , guess the games getting more popular now Probably didn't help I have my arm in plaster as well lol
  7. took this as well as it had been waiting for ages and no one wanted him thanks
  8. took these beautys as they were sitting all alone just waiting
  9. Gifting this little beauty, please let me know if you get it http://dragcave.net/lineage/sDDZe TELEPORT http://dragcave.net/teleport/136852555ffce...45db52163648af5
  10. Thought i should give back to this thread as ive had some lovely tinselkins from it, so gorgeous gold/white stripe tinselkin for whoever wants it. http://dragcave.net/teleport/d08dde76d9ae3...c34054cdad9b24b please name and let me know you got it thanks GONE thanks frostie
  11. judging by the huge amount of tinselkins appearing in the AP i would agree there is increased metal egg "co-operation" but are still not breeding how we want .Also have to say my metals and tinsels still being extremly uncoperative with any breeding.Good luck to those whose metals are being nice what on earth is that thing blocking out the words metal and tinsel ?
  12. have caught some great tinselkins lately and just witnessed a mad rush of gold, silver, tinsels in the AP even a gold hatchie but didn't manage to get one .
  13. has new home thanks have started to get quite a few now mostly from ap think i will definetly be making a collection of these
  14. amazing no one else viewing got mine in 2 seconds thanks HAPPY CHRISTMAS
  15. managed to catch 6 in about 5 mins well suprised , nice one TJ
  16. just managed to get 2 of the 3 releases from volcano, but drops really slow even on the hour, really hard to get them
  17. anyone else having a problem with xmas breeding? i bred 3 of my xmas dragons this morning and they were fine 3 little eggs then an hour later all 3 gone?? still not back 12 hours later.
  18. a big THANK YOU to the two people who just gifted me an egg if i catch loads at my last try i will gift someone myself.
  19. lol i will try one more but its nearly midnight and some of us need our beauty sleep. anyway good luck to all those like me still trying
  20. tried all the things mentioned and in the 2 years i've played ive never had this problem, but now we can all accomadate more eggs at a time that means people are staying in the cave longer to get as many as they can. so now some will have 5,6 or even 7 and others will get none.hopefully some will trade or gift..