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  1. I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons!

    Forum Username:Wolke

    Scroll Name: Wolkentanz

    Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: ... many

    I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes

    I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following:

    50 for 2 Silvers

    Inbreeding preferences:no inbreeding

    Forms of contact: PM



    Balloon :

    1. Happiness And Disaster My Webpage

    2. Soft And Bouncy My Webpage(Sweetling Children)

    3. [Error on my part, but I have an egg...] My Webpage

    4. Pico Balla My Webpage(daughter still on my scroll -> Ikanaria Dorkface http://dragcave.net/view/Waci)

    5. I'm not cherry coloured My Webpage

    6. Floatilla My Webpage

    7. Sesqui My Webpage

    8. Floating Puppy My Webpage

    9. Couldn’t Care Less My Webpage

    10. Going Up My Webpage

    11. Quampax My Webpage

    12. Bubbling Laughter My Webpage

    13. Fluzzilla My Webpage

    14. I Always Knew My Webpage

    15. Childrens Delight My Webpage

    16. Squalene My Webpage

    17. Faux pas My Webpage

    18. Giddy Giggle My Webpage

    19. Pfusel My Webpage

    20. Easy Going Laughter My Webpage

    21. Who Cares About Impossible My Webpage

    22. Mad Door My Webpage

    23. Giggelipuff My Webpage

    24. Caveborn Happiness My Webpage

    25. Powerschaum

    26. Wiggely Ball

    27. JiqJarr My Webpage

    28. JisJet My Webpage

    29. Apple Catch My Webpage

    30. Pear Pong My Webpage


    Waterwalkers (starting on page 2):

    31. Alien Rail

    32. Grey Flufftail

    33. Lotus Arell

    34. Grey Egya

    35. Poking Lotus

    36. Loves Waterchestnuts

    37. Gallinula

    38. PimPom

    39. Unter den Wasserlinsen

    40. Lotus Frog

    41. Trail On Waterlilies

    42. Duckling Bane

    43. Ducklings Feet

    44. Tiptoe Misfit

    45. Swaying Reed

    46. Swamp Thief

    47. Walking On Lotus

    48. Ghul Hunter

    49. Bog Hunter

    50. Heather Moor

  2. Hi!


    I have a 4th gen PB Shallow (all first gen mothers are Magi -> lineage)


    I chose the wrong father to get a clean 5th gen and would love to swap it for a similar unrelated Shallow. sad.gifxd.png


    It should be unrelated to her: 5th gen


    and these two


    3rd gen

    3rd gen


    Will gift it away otherwise, so that I don't accidentally inbreed...


    You would make me absolutely happy if you could help me here!



  3. I don't like messy lineages. And I really don't see the point in breeding and then dumping them. I have long lineaged and inbred dragons too of course, but for me there was a point when I was hooked up on creating beautiful lineages, otherwise I would have stopped playing ages ago. wink.gif


    I am breeding on even gen purebred Magi, spiral Pinks and a checkered Thunder/Nebulas and my most beloved Thuwed lineages. The starter I got from hellhunt over a year ago (Have a look at the latest offspring). wub.gif


    So I don't keep dragons with long messy lineages and I don't produce them. wink.gif