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dxxt0x.jpg494ad5c58691.pngWolkentanz.png jicef9.pngLooking for 2nd gen Shallow Water (Magi Mothers only) and 2nd gen Purple from Pink or Gold Wyvern x Purple !

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    Looking for:

    * CB Black
    * CB Stripe
    * CB Gold Wyvern

    * 2nd gen Purple from pink/purple or gold wyvern/purple
    * any PB red (or red/pink)

    * relatively low gen Metallics with non messy lineages...

    -> willing to breed everything on my scroll for those shinies... shoot me a pm if interested

    Conditions for Newbie Gifting:

    - All gifts MUST be named!
    - ABSOLUTELY NO FREEZING !!! (exceptions might be made, but please aks before)
    - All dragons, including: metallics, black, stripes, vampires
    Lineages: Thuwed & Dorkface

    - I have low gen/CB stock of most dragons, so you won't get long lineages (exceptions stripes & Metallics -.- )

    - I don't have waiting lists, if you want something just ask - first come first serve - if I don't get eggs immediately you have to ask again, because I will forget it o.O;;


    Notes to me:

    PerfectLulu 10/10


    IOU -> Counslor 2x Halloween ยด12