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  1. Those dragons are awesome. I now wish even more I would have CB Radiant angels cause they look like their perfect mate. Thx infinis for giving us those two awesome dragons
  2. I have seen a few this year, but with my connection I have no chance catching them, so I`ll try to catch one again next year. Maybe I got somethin worth trading for one then.
  3. I let them grow up and share them next christmas !
  4. First of all I want to thank you , for this great thread and the useful advises! Maybe I can get a few more dragons I need by following your guide. And at last thank you for the speedtest, even it just showed me, that my connection is really slow ( got graded with an F )
  5. great! It is fun to look at my scroll now;)
  6. Pokemon Yellow Edition and Mario Kart, I don`t know, which was first
  7. Got all 40 , thanks for this event I am already excited for the new Halloweendragon
  8. I would like to get the old pinks back , because they look great and I could not get any of them!
  9. Great Eggs! I think I have to release some eggs to unlock me!
  10. Great idea! They look really nice!
  11. Nice Idea! How many trophies are available at the moment?
  12. Just got my 34th really nice Idea and it is very much fun!
  13. nice eggs! Just got my first two!
  14. Definitely Smash Brothers! Kirby is awesome there!
  15. I sort them in Breeds, I like every dragonspecies together!