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  1. The use of the words "herp" and "derp", and other variants. Individuals who choose a username for themselves, then get upset when you use it over some alternative.
  2. That global holiday bar filled up fast.
  3. And once I'm outta school, I want to spend my summers outdoors! Not inside, panicking over dragon releases. haha
  4. Ahahaha... I read the first three posts after TJ's: and thought to myself, "And the three little pigs cried "whee whee whee" all the way home." Hahaha
  5. ^ That. Edit: I don't even have a CB prize dragon, and I support having more new prizes. lol Because it's fun.
  6. My favourite came along with a Biter, which read: "Feed me, Seymour!". I couldn't stop laughing. Second favourite was: "The quickest way to your heart: love, passion, sincerity (metaphorical); sharp things (literal)" Loved the event!
  7. I would like to see new prize dragons. Remember how thrilled we were when we first laid eyes upon the shiny and lustrous sprite that was the tinsel? And then the shimmer? I've enjoyed seeing and trading for the new prize sprites we've been given so far, and I look forward to seeing and trading for more in the future. Not everyone gets to obtain a CB - but that doesn't mean we can't acquire offspring. There are always going to be "gripers", and that's fine. Dragon cave shouldn't stop producing new prizes just because it "isn't fair". GL HF.
  8. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/IceSapphyre Simple, yet satisfying
  9. Hahaha, any Ehmry Bay people on DC??? I just about have one of each class (and race) now, but my sylvari thief and mesmer remain my top two. I've had my mesmer since launch, and if I had to choose one class over all, it would be the butterfly mage <3 I'm always game for dungeons! Add me as Venomoly.5481 if you ever need an extra hand
  10. I actually find the sequel to be more terrifying than the Dark Descent! Whether it was because I went into it without viewing any walkthroughs (I enjoy seeing other peoples' fear ) first, or because I find pigs more terrifying than monsters... I can only go 5 minutes at a time before having to Save and Exit to take a breather. I've yet to complete A Machine For Pigs... but I'm hoping it doesn't take me as long as it did to get through Dark Descent haha. Many sleepless nights to go... wish me luck!
  11. The hatchling descriptions make them sound like Slender Drago-
  12. Hahaha, lovin' the release so far. Definitely a challenge catching them the instant they're revealed - but as easy as shooting fish in a barrel mid-day and near the end. Happy catching/gifting everyone!
  13. Amnesia I was scared throughout the entire game. The ambience of the game, and the inability to defend myself definitely added to the fear factor haha. I did continue playing and beat it, and then played it once more for fun and to explore a little more of what I may of mindlessly ran by in my panic to flee the sounds and pursuers. ^As a result of playing this game, though, every other game I've played afterwards has felt a lot more frightening than they normally would have been prior to Amnesia. I think the only game I haven't been able to complete (let alone play) from start to finish was Dead Space 2. That intro, man. Starting out in that straight suit and having to book it right off the bat? Hell naw, couldn't do it. I stopped playing the instant it told me to run.
  14. Lol. I kind of pictured a shimmer dragon with two strings attaching its CB parents to it, carrying its lineage around.
  15. I would probably be a purple and green (kinda like chameleon coloured cars) hydra dragon with (lucky number) 13 heads. My call would be that of laughter, much like a hyena's (love me some hyenas), and I would have long, luscious eyelashes solely for tickling my prey to death and of course, giving lethal butterfly kisses.
  16. Obi Wan Henobi needs to battle it out with my Cluck Norris
  17. Oh Canada...Are there no other Canadians on DC?
  18. M'yeah, I was told that O was uncommon as well. Or maybe it was just O- All in all, it looks like DC draws in O blood types.
  19. Some people (including myself ) prefer a "preened" scroll with lovely lineages or CBs. No harm in replacing a long and tangled line with a more appealing one, right? Others on the other hand are happy with whatever they have, which too is fine. But the first statement is a simple point of view as to why the BSA may be somewhat useful to the right crowd.
  20. Hah, good for those old, long or messily lineaged zombies you either mistakenly zombified, or would rather replace with a cb zombie you managed to successfully turn. Soulpeace dragons. The dragon that puts the OCD soul at peace.
  21. Feb 13: The Day of Kyurem in the Reign of Kyurem, Season of Water Must be a newer pokemon. Don't recognize the name.
  22. Ferris Yueller (Yulebuck) Cee Lo Green (Pebble) Swinter Crimson-Chin (Crimson) Justice Makes It Giggle (Crimson) ...lol. Naming is so much fun
  23. Maybe the BSA is curing an egg/hatchling of sickness.
  24. Named mine Kame Hame Love ... lol. It seriously looked fitting.