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    Team Alucard

    An. Edward. Barbie. Doll? Oh god. Save us all.
  2. azaria


    I think they're okay, but their songs seem .. repetitive.. after a while.
  3. azaria

    Unkown Bands

    Quiet Drive Silverchair Three Doors Down Ok Go Relient K ...well, at least where I live.
  4. azaria

    Terry Pratchett

    My favourite books. I love all of them, but especially Vimes, Susan and Death. Oh, and Angua & Captain Carrot. Such a cute couple I think I've read nearly all of them now... Just waiting for Unseen Academics to be in the library.
  5. QUOTE: Ruins @ 6:56 am, March 3 +1 Nobody told me the light at the end of the tunnel was a train lamp!
  6. Yeah, I picked up an Alt. Black from the A.P. and I found out throughout its gold x black lineage, the golds were all named with 'Dawn' in their names and the blacks with 'Dusk' in theirs, which I thought was pretty cool, so I carried that on.
  7. I was wondering why I had that funny little message appearing.. BUT it won't show any pictures.
  8. My Immortal: HOW could somebody write that and expect it to get published? I have seen better sentences from five-year-olds. The song, however, is great.
  9. 2 am I know A song That Never Ends The Llama Song. Oh, yes, the llama song. By now I know it forwards, backwards and just about sideways as well.
  10. I would love any type of lizard or snake but we have no snakes in my country and lizards are expensive. Really expensive.
  11. Greenday hands down. I agree with da Carrot.
  12. I have heaps of weird dreams, but I usually can't remember them. My friend, though, had one where she was at her friend's grandads funeral (held in the R block of her school), but he was Sir Howard Morrison, because a piece of paper on his coffin said so. And she was crying, not because she was sad, but scared. Then, she went to a friends house and played guitar hero, which suddenly got interrupted by the police who tried to capture her friend because she was growing weed in the treehouse. ] I'm slightly worried about my friend's mental health.
  13. azaria


    Wow. This is really weird. I only ever saw my first chocobo today, and now I find a thread devoted to them. They are so cute though! Cross between phoenix, moa and chicken
  14. azaria

    Terry Pratchett

    I've devoured most of his books recently, and I just like the humour. I don't think anyone else really has the same flair. Oh, but with the footnotes, a couple years ago I read The Floods series by Colin Thompson and he had a lot of funny and sometimes cyclic footnotes too. My favourite Disc characters would have to be... um, so hard to choose.. in order, probably Death, the Luggage, Vimes, Susan, Carrot and Vetinari.