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  1. Ooh. Mint, probably, then fruit flavours. I work at a teeny-tiny icecream shop, so I have gone off icecream a wee bit. On the plus side, I always smell like waffles after work because we make our own waffle cones!
  2. ^ Eh, Sea Kitty, me too, don't worry. Being at a fairly isolated girl's school doesn't help. Nor, exactly, does my unwillingness to get smashed at parties every weekend like quite a few people I know (but that's not my scene). It's alright, though. I'm actually quite happy on my own for now. The only properly awkward thing is when my friends have couples night and I'm just like "....guys?"
  3. The new eggs, whatever they will turn out to be, are gorgeous! I've caught three, and influenced two to be a pair. Halloween lineage projects, here I come!
  4. NOOO, DOWNTIME. My worst enemy
  5. Well, my fortune was in mirror-writing. I eventually worked out that it said "Avoid that sketchy albino dragon at all costs. He eats hands." HAHAHAHA oh goodness. Is that a llamas with hats reference? If not, still funny.
  6. Fruitybix, as usual. What do PopTarts taste like? They've barely been introduced where I am...
  7. Halloween's fairly well known here, but in my town pratically no-one celebrates it.. For a start, it's about two weeks before end-of-year exams so everyone's busy studying. The times I went trick-or-treating here were disappointing, no-one welcomes you or gives out lollies. Having said that, where I lived when I was little was fantastic for trick-or-treating, and two years ago I trick-or-treated at my friend's place in the wops. I was a vampire, her two little sisters were dressed up as well - one as a princess, one as a cowboy. The best part? They owned horses, so the two little sisters took turns riding a whote pony through the neighbourhood.
  8. I actually quite like freezing - they're just so cute! It also ensures if they're messy that I don't accidentally inbreed or foul up lineages. However, I'm against freezing if the hatchling has a good or nice lineage, something that maybe someone's spent some time on - might as well grow it and breed it. There's nothing more frustrating than work going to waste.
  9. OMG earthgirl - Dramallama? That's hilarious I just got "Smouldering Gaze" for a female ember -doesn't it suit her? It's Flaming Men Michael Finnigan (a pillow) and In Bread for an inbred stripe. Not to mention a fair few characters and books from Terry Pratchett's writing.
  10. To be honest, I think most things I don't like/ are afraid of are mild and normal, but the one that is not has to be locusts. I can't stand them, hat being near them, they make my skin crawl. I think it's the buzzing and piling up like little insect towers.
  11. Sunny (weeel actually it's like 11pm but hey, it has been). I am sick of it and I just want it to rain so I can hole up with my internet. I really should be studying for end-of-year exams...
  12. I do this fairly often... I've got (aALEX) so naturally he's Annoying Alex, and quite a few others. My favourite probably has to be a white by the name of Mirror Image because his code was (MR1Mg)
  13. It is almost spring and winter *just* decided to turn up... Here it's cold and rainy.
  14. Well, the bump worked... Potatoes are AMAZING. If I had to pick a staple to live on, it would probably be potatoes. (Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew). Points to anyone who gets the reference. Don't know if this happens to anybody else, but I have to say "potatoes" before I can say anything else in an Irish accent, or it fails miserably.
  15. One orange-flavoured biscuit. Since I've been sick for the last few days, I haven't been eating much... It was a good biscuit though.
  16. I WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST! Forum Name: Azaria Scroll Name: azaria_123 Scroll Link: Here! Hello and thanks for keeping this going...
  17. Hmm... I have one friend in particular who is a fangirl/otaku of just about everything. I've watched some series before which I do really like, and so I can understand, but sometimes the overkill gets on my nerves. 'Shipping just creeps me out entirely. On the other hand, I get it. I love Doctor Who and sometimes you do get a little caught up. I have a Tardis moneybank in my room, and sometimes my brothers will move it... I never know quite where the Tardis will be next.
  18. Personally, my favourite gems are opals. I got a small opal necklace for my birthday present, and an opal doublet from a local antique-type store (for $5!). I love to play with them, turning them around, because there are just so many beautiful colours in them. I do still quite like diamonds for much the same reason as above. When I was young I aspired to be a jeweller. I love them all but my other favourites have to be moonstone, hematite and lapis lazuli. Moonstone just has such a mysterious luminesce...
  19. I sleep-talk periodically. Apparently the most creepy incident was when I turned over, said "Dead", and then woke up.
  20. Beautiful even-gen white: lineage Seriously, it may be slightly inbred but it's a Dusk and a Dorkface and a shimmerfail. Not to mention the various holiday starter pairs!
  21. Why mist you do that? ..well, close! Type: I love xylophones.
  22. That was madness. No new eggs for me Ah, well, I'll have to catch some other time!
  23. Paper, candles, photo frames, occasionally a laptop... But definitely a lot of paper. Every few months I have to have a clear-out where I sort genuine I-need-that-for-study paper and that's-important sheets from random sheets I have no use of. My recycling bin fills up fast.
  24. azaria

    Pet Peeves

    Teachers who give extra homework during exam weeks. Especially when they say "You should spend at least an hour a night on Calculus," or whatever subject that happens to be. Considering I do six full-time subjects, it's just not realistic and it sucks when you try to do it all but can't - yet they still tell you off for "being lazy." My friends insulting my other friends. It's not okay to antagonise people who are also my friends in front of me.
  25. I'm definitely an AP hunter - the only time I'll use the biomes is on the hour just to see if there's anything good . Mostly the AP provides me with a cool mix of CB and lineaged random breeds, and I like that you can do that. Then again, back when I started on DC there were only three mystery eggs on the cave page, no biomes, so it was a lot easier to catch from the AP!