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  1. Ooh, ooh, jyst watched the Doctor Who episode of "Don't Mind The Buzzcocks" and here is a golden oldie: "Doctor, doctor, I think I'm a pair of curtains." "Pull yourself together, girl!"
  2. I'm off to study Molecular Biology next year! Chemistry was previously my favourite science, especially Organic, but one really bad teacher ruined that for me.
  3. Ahaha that's an awful type of genius. Why did the cookie cry? Because his mother had been a wafer so long. What's Forrest Gump's computer password? 1forrest1 and a Terry Pratchett one: "Sam Vimes felt like a class traitor every time he wore it. He hated being thought of as one of those people that wore stupid ornamental armor. It was gilt by association.” ah, puns Also, I'm proud of you all for these terrible jokes. Keep them rolling in
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    hah... where I live is extremely small compared to the U.S. If you hurried, you could probably trip across the country in less than a week by car. I think it would be kind of nice to have suge a wide space to explore. I love camping, though. Semi-tropical climates make for excellent camping conditions (although one time we got a thunderstorm so close, the thunder sounded like cannons going off. We couldn't hear each other even when we shouted). Camping just reminds me of summer, and the bush. It's peaceful and nice, so long as you've waterproofed your tent and brought mosquito repellent. However, I sneer at those who "glamp." Camping is meant to be about the basics! Our family friends go camping with an oversized tent, thick double-sized air mattresses and everything you could think of, including a kitchen sink. If you're going to do that, you might as well stay home. After all, the best part of camping is often things like melting marshmallows over the campfire/gas stove. Definitely hiker. I have never been camping taking my bike... Have to try it sometime.
  5. Ah. Well, in the first, the little girl says "I don't like grandpa." Usually, we'd take this to mean she did not feel fond of him - but when grandma says "Then eat the potatoes" it's funny because it implies that Grandpa is dinner (so the little girl is complaining about the taste of grandpa, not his personality). Second joke - surrealists were a group of painters who painted really odd pictures - like Dali's famous melting clocks painting. Often the titles were completely unrelated to what the painting represented. So the joke is that the answer is completely irrevelant to the question - it doesn't make any sense. See the link below for more on surrealism. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surrealism Hope that helps.
  6. Oh gosh Another Hunger Games one: (SPOILERS). If you want to read it, it's in white text below, just highlight it. It's seriously awful. Where was Prim when the bombs went off? ..... Everywhere. My favourite thing to do is try and fit myself into small suitcases. I can barely contain myself! I was going to tell a science joke, but all the good ones argon. A lab assistant spots a mysterious figure sneaking out of the lab with a container of Element 83 under his arm. "Hey," he says "where do you think you're going?" The man replies "None of your Bismuth."
  7. Let's face it, bad jokes can be pretty funny. Or awful. Even if they make you die a little inside, sometimes it's totally worth it. What are your favourite bad jokes? Keep to the board rules, guys, and keep it PG! At the moment, mine have to be... Q: What do you get if you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic? A: About halfway. It's really hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally. Pirate One: "Why can't we play cards?" Pirate Two: "Because Captain Patchy is standing on the deck." A drumkit fell off a cliff. Ba-doom-tss!
  8. Sorry if this is a little late to help... I have the same problem with pills (the first time I had to take antibiotic pills, when I was eight, my parents had to literally hold me down and force them down my throat while I was kicking and screaming). Still can't swallow any tablets bigger than teeny-tiny antihistamines. What helped me then was to hide them in yoghurt, and eat them with that - that way I could just swallow the entire spoonful of yoghurt and the pill without it touching the sides of my throat. Most of the time I couldn't even tell which spoonful of yoghurt it was in. Hope that does help!
  9. From a project in intermediate (middle school). We had to invent a country and do all sorts of stuff around it. I called mine Azaria, even made up a different alphabet for it (which I still use when I want to write anything I don't want others to see).
  10. Many things, but what is stuck in my head right now and makes me happy is the Llama Song....
  11. I used to volunteer at the local aquarium which was, incidentally, the National Aquarium. It was really great - mostly I did birthday parties and supervised the holiday programs, but I did tours and talks occasionally too. My favourite part was probably helping with the animals, especially taking Bluey, an ancient blue-tongued skink, around the place. He would just sit on your hands or across your shoulder and try to eat your hair! Silly skink. Getting to see behind the scenes was pretty cool too - especially when at the end of the year as a reward for volunteering, we got to swim with the sharks!
  12. Sweet potatoes? With marshmallow? I didn't know that was a thing! This thread makes me smile every time I see it. I do like potatoes
  13. Mine is the Eleventh Doctor laughing at lights in the sky. Why did he have to leeeeave?
  14. Yep, definitely counts. I forgot to influence my second shimmer and regrettably gendered wrong - hence the name. But the most stupid things I have possibly done was when I was a beginner a few years ago and bred a couple stripes with just about everything. Meaning I have a whole bunch of inbred, related stripes on my scroll....
  15. I named an entire family of Magis in the cookie-jar rhyme (Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? etc.) and one of my Graves is now proudly called "Life Ghouls."
  16. I just named two CB skywings "Airspeed Velocity Of" and "An Unladen Swallow." Monty Python lineage here I come...
  17. Yuck, unless eaten with carrots. Poached eggs?
  18. I love languages. Right now, I'm taking French and learning a bit of Italian on my own. Seriously, if I could just learn languages at uni (college for the Americans out there), it would be brilliant. Unfortunately, language jobs are few and far between, and since I'm taking on huge debt for my science degree anyway, it's not an option.
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    Blue-gray with a really dark ring around the outside. My pupils are usually weirdly dilated but when they're not you can see a hazel ring around the middle. To be honest, I'd prefer darker eyes, or a brighter blue. Since I'm stupidly pale they just get lost.
  20. More egg slots for sure... And for rares to always magically turn out the gender you need them to, because I've forgotten before or run out of Influences and ended up with about ten dragons who have great lineages and would be a travesty to breed jerusha, your idea sounds amazing.
  21. Stromboli, that.. that is just PERFECT. *wipes away tear* Mine are probably Cheekbones here - kind of Sherlock lineaged, I still can't believe I got "Cheekbones"... Drac'O Lantern because dragon and Halloween puns for a Pumpkin, what better! In Bread for a very inbred red stripe, Veloci Raptor, and Oh The 1RONy - whose code was (1RON). But my possible favourite is Paleoweltshmerz, my only dino - whose name means "the theory that dinosaurs died out of sheer boredom."
  22. I'd love to make bread. Maybe when I have time (I should be studying, goodbye DC for a while :'( Baking is amazing and I love it. The only problem is I'm really slow, so it takes me forever! I bake from scratch, don't think I've ever used a pre-made mix. Most recently I tried baking French macarons, but since I screwed up the recipe they were more like maca-wrongs - no feet, didn't rise properly... at least they tasted great!
  23. I bred this adorable egg, which I am still irrationaly proud of because it's from the only Gold I have on my scroll. It never fails to surprise me...
  24. Going with the trend, my absolute favourite teacher was my Chemistry teacher last year. He was lovely, and funny, and never left anyone behind. I got top grades that year barely trying just because he taught really well. During tests, he'd go around handing out lollies, bought the class pizza when we did well on an assessment and did semi-illegal experiments for us (exploding a helium balloon etc.) This year... well, let's not talk about my new teacher, he irritates me majorly. Then there's my English teacher, who always calms us down when we're freaking out from stress, and has the most amazing collection of idioms which she whips out in conversation. Finally, until this year, we had an amazing French teacher. Our class has been through three years with her, it's small now so it's like a family. She was always really nice and went the extra mile. We had French breakfasts with croissants and hot chocolate and French magazines. Sadly, she had to leave halfway through this year due to health and family problems. We gifted her stuff and wrote her cards; she did the same for us. I still have mine. Our whole class misses her and we're meeting up for one last time after our French exam in a few weeks.