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  1. Kinda happy because it's finally nice weather, but also kinda sad because it's sunk in that I will be completely alone for Christmas, not to mention working all the darn time.
  2. Hi guys. I have a boyfriend who is absolutely wonderful in most ways, but he's really not accepting of people who are fat. We have talked about it a little and he keeps insisting that it's not healthy to be overweight (even slightly) and anyone who is should exercise regardless of if they want to. I disagree with his viewpoint, because it's a person's own decision to like or cultivate their body shape without being judged, but I don't know how to talk to him about it. Sometimes he'll like a photo on facebook that fatshames or whatever and it makes me feel gross. any advice on how to deal with this would be appreciated.
  3. Alright. My case is not going to go in-depth, but here's my stance: I see two sides to the argument for registration. One, it exposes organisations such as the Red Room (and other superhumans using their abilities to harm) to the public, allowing the general public to be wary and possibly lead to organisation shutdowns. However, you've got to consider that these people will continue on their merry, destructive way whether registered or not. Two, it forces people to be responsible for the consequences of their actions if they were foolish. Causing deaths of citizens while fighting someone else is still manslaughter, and in some situations should be treated as such. On the other hand, a lot of the damage superhumans do (who fight to protect, anyway) causes damage but overall is good for the population - like prevention of the Chitauri killing everyone on Earth, but crumbling parts of New York to rubble in the process. Making these heroes would make them unnecessarily vilified and visible to enemies. EDIT: Humans, as you may recall, are not known for their compassion and understanding. We must also consider superhumans who are vulnerable - children, people who do not wish to use their powers, people who live with dependents, people whose identities are secret for the protection of themselves and maybe others. Consider Hawkeye - he gets enough threats on a daily basis, and is the generous landlord of a block of apartments that houses many people who are vulnerable and would otherwise be destitute. Registering him would destroy his small safe-haven and how he is known to his "family" he has created. /end rant.
  4. At the moment, this dude (vHicH) called "Vhich Vitch is Vhich" and "Toast Marketing Board" (admittedly stolen from one of my favourite book series) as well as several awful puns for my Black Teas
  5. I just got a Leetle Tree! How did this happen!? It's the first one I've ever seen in the Cave...
  6. So many Shadow Walkers with spriter's alt or tinsel bases in the AP now... Including this I used my last eggslot for... And this one which I had to let go again
  7. Thanks TJ and spriters! Now to wait for my computer to stop lagging...
  8. I got a job and finished my finals without losing my sanity!
  9. ^ Thanks Things did start dropping for me about an hour later
  10. Have potion ingredients stopped dropping for anyone else? I haven't gotten anything in at least 30 minutes....
  11. So I went to give one of my Shadow Walkers a potion, and I didn't realise how perfectly it suits the name.... http://dragcave.net/lineage/C9SFE Remind anyone of Cinderella?
  12. Cold. First class cancelled due to snow. I can see my breath in my room (this has become standard by now). Next year I'm getting an insulated flat with a heat pump in a sensible place i.e. not in the hallway right next to the front door.
  13. Cold and rainy. I can see my breath even when I'm in my room...
  14. ^ Oh man, we've got the opposite. So far today we've had over 120mm of rain non-stop, and it's not expected to calm down for several hours. We had a small lake around our house - couldn't go to the supermarket because the footpath was calf-deep in water (only ankle-deep now, thank goodness). Parts of the city have been evacuated.... I love the weather her so, so much (/sarcasm)
  15. @ Natpur, I'm the same way! I'm a Kiwi, but people constantly ask me if I'm English. I guess once you get rid of the drawl both our accents sound a lot more like the Queen's English...
  16. I'm living in an unexpectedly vegan flat (was meant to be vegetarian, but two flatmates changed their diets roughly two weeks before we moved in), so all our dinners are vegan. It's been quite hard for me to find vegan recipes I like so I mostly just fall back on potatoes - baked, mashed, topping for vegan shepherd's pie, chipped, whatever... I love potatoes
  17. So... many... refusals..... I've just finished spreadsheeting all my dragons so recording lineages and finding mates is easier. This has lead to many new mate pairings... almost all of which have been refused
  18. 3 degrees celsius (38 fahrenheit) and hailing. I can see my breath inside my room....
  19. Most of an egg on toast. I made poached eggs for breakfast, and I'd just sat down to eat them (at 5 am) when the airport shuttle arrived... so I scarfed most of one down and flew out the door. It's now only 6 am and I'm sitting in an airport. I hate early flights.
  20. Thanks guys I'll talk to her about what she needs when she's not coping.
  21. Does anyone have experience with PTSD? My friend almost died drowning two years ago, and had a flashback in front of me the other night. How do I help her deal with this? I don't want her to feel scared or alone while she's having an attack.
  22. Things that you don't feel really uncomfortable with doing and that aren't harmful in any way are okay. But if you get hurt, if you didn't want to do it, if you're embarrassed or if you can look back and go "That was horrible," then it's not okay. I'm at university now. The standard thing is that you live in a "residential hall" for your first year, then go flatting after that. One of our res. halls has about half n half first and second years, though, and they're the worst with initiations - mostly they're forced to drink large amounts of alcohol. I've heard tell of one kid getting his stomach pumped after being locked in a closet and told to drink a bottle of vodka in five minutes. They found him passed out. Others have been forgotten, and left in the closet/locked room. Then there was the one where you had to finish whatever they gave you to drink, and if you vomited you weren't accepted unless you then ate the vomit. Boy, am I glad I didn't go there. They've got some going on.
  23. Got sent a plaid-wrapped present with the message "When you look deep into the plaid, the plaid looks back."
  24. Awesome! So excited to breed my old dragons and get the new eggs! Thanks TJ and artists
  25. Let's see... I name most of my dragons after the parents, here's a couple highlights: Autumn Waldo Unchained Melody And some I bred that others have named... Obviously a problem... Basically this whole list Made my week About four of these continued the theme...