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  1. HAVE: 3G Arsani shimmer-kin with (FUN) code! Happy to make it incuhatchable for a good offer Also have 2x CB Radiant Angels, 1x CB Heartstealer, 1x CB Mutamore and 2x CB Soulstones to breed with the mate of your choice! WANT: Any of: -Spriter's Alt-kin (doesn't need to be Valentines) -3G Rosebud x Winter Magi -2G or 3G Arsani x Royal Crimson -3G Radiant Angel x Green (Pebble) -3G Mutamore x Brute -3G Heartseeker x Brute -2G Val '09 x Sunset Make an offer on my shimmerkin Arsani with a fun code!
  2. HAVE: 2G Rosebud x Holly WANT: Offers - I like lineages with spriter's alts, also looking for CB Val '09 or CB Sweetling. OR best offer from the below: -3G Rosebud x Winter Magi -2G or 3G Arsani x Royal Crimson -3G Radiant Angel x Green (Pebble) -3G Mutamore x Brute PM me to discuss if you want, I am travelling today but will check every 2 hours. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Thank you! Knew I'd done it before but couldn't for the life of me find it
  4. Small question: I'm sure I've just overlooked the function, but how do I see my most recent posts on the forum? Trying to find trades is annoying otherwise.
  5. Yep, I also haven't been able to pick up CB Wrapping Wings or Snow Angels in the AP despite not having any CB ones previously
  6. @EternallyShadow I was wondering if you would be able to post who got gifts each day just so the thread stays on the first page? Just a suggestion of course I'll have some more hatchies to give soon too!
  7. I'm happy to give CB uncommons/rares should I catch any, and I have a few nice lineages to contribute! I'll get in touch in the next few days.
  8. HAVE: 5G even Shadow Walker from cool lineage with silver tinsels, the alt shimmer Jewel, and both rosebud and shadow walker alts - tVD27 4G even Shadow Walker from lineage with shimmers, a zombie and the alt shimmer Jewel - JEYq8 WANT: 2G pumpkin x female pygmy 2G Grave x Cassare 3G Desipis x Cassare 3G Cavern Lurker x Black Tea 3G SW x Waterhorse I also like neat lineages with alt sprites or just pretty checkers, so offer away. I will decline offers I do not want quickly to save everyone's time. Thanks! Make an offer on my 4G SW! Make an offer on my 5g SW!
  9. I am so excited! I've wanted dragon groupings for so long! And raffles! And new eggs! Thanks DC team!
  10. Thanks! I plan to name it & continue the line
  11. Thanks! I can never catch any Xenowyrms...
  12. Working at a cafe, I've had some absolute shockers. My personally most shocking was the lady who yelled at me for "using too many words." I figured she just had a bad day and was taking it out on me. Then there's the favourites: "Does the cheese roll have any cheese in it?" I'll let you figure that one out, dude. Last week we had a lady who tried her (not at all spicy) quesadilla, claim it was too spicy, and switch meals with her husband. He ate it all. After the husband had eaten the entire thing, they came up and complained, asking for a refund. It took about six tries from the manager and a lot of whining on their part to get them to understand that we can't give a refund for food you ate ALL of! We even offered them a replacement food item, but nooooo, they wanted a refund on the completely gone food. Also the lady who screamed in my face because I apparently "let her order fries" when her husband's meal came with fries. At my cafe, people order at the counter; how on earth was I meant to know how many people were at her table?!? Also, it says right there on that enormous menu board that your meal comes with fries. tl;dr: Don't work in food service if you want to keep liking people.
  13. I took your second spare change! And what pretty change it was
  14. Forum name: azaria PM link: PM me! List of Valentines I Can Breed: A list of all my Valentines can be viewed here. As according to the key, any dragons listed in light purple or blue are available for breeding. List of Valentines I Need -3G Valentine '09 x Winter Magi checker -2G Heartstealer x Black Tea -2G Arsani x RC -3G Arsani x RC -3G Arsani x Silver -3G Arsani x White -3G Heartseeker x Brute -4G Heartseeker x RC -3G Rosebud x Daydream -4G Rosebud x Shadow Walkers, alt base -3G Sweetling from SA and mistletoe (or similar: as mate for Sweet Snow Frosting) -3G Sweetling x Pink -3G Sweetling x Waterhorse -4G valentine x Black, Golden Wyvern -2G valentine '09 x Black Tea -2G valentine '09 x Sunset
  15. I donated! azaria -> Shroomlet: Avatar of Change from Solstice (accepted)
  16. Requester's Form Forum name: azaria PM link: PM me! Egg wanted and special wishes: 3rd gen Terrae from Snow Angel checker, gold wings preferred (mate for her) Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: azaria PM link: PM me! Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Pyrope Pyralspite from Ribbonwing checker (mate for her) Secret field: No holiday requests!
  17. Just a quick question here: I've got a good friend who lives in a different town to me. She has a baby girl, and has told me she doesn't have the time or money to eat properly. I'm going to send food to her because she is quite underweight, and I want to make sure she doesn't starve. She doesn't have a freezer, and has only a tiny fridge. Any suggestions for types of food I can send to her? Preferably they'd be stuff you can store in the pantry, and quick to prepare/no prep needed. Thanks EDIT: Thanks for all the advice, got a few of these things today + instant rice meals etc. and sent them along, so hopefully she can eat decently for a little while
  18. The lagmonster's time has come! Seriously, though, if a page could load in less than a full minute that'd be nice
  19. Pretty out of it. I haven't slept or over 24 hours cos I had an assignment to finish (this is why I shouldn't procrastinate), and after I edited it, it's still 300 words over the limit. Halp
  20. And we're off! Happy hunting, everyone!