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  1. What Christmas dragons do you need to catch this year? Looking for any particular lineage? New Xmas dragon What are you planning on breeding your Christmas dragons with (If you have any)? What lineages are they? Feel free to use the AoND Lineage Viewer to show us what the offspring will look like! Winter Magis: I don't know what I'm going to breed them with... Ribbon Dancers: Ribbon Dancer Lineage #1 Ribbon Dancer Lineage #2 Snowangels: Snowangel Lineage #1 Snowangel Lineage #2 Yulebucks: Yulebuck Lineage #1 Yulebuck Lineage #2 Hollies: Holly Lineage #1 Holly Lineage #2 (All lineages shown are the lineages of the children of my dragons) Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Xmas eggs in the AP? (If you are open to taking requests from your dragons or looking for a trade, feel free to post that, but please do not post actual trade or gifting links.) I'm planning on doing some sort of giveaway for my rarer Xmas dragons. What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it? I hope it will be some sort of snow dragon. Which is your favorite Xmas breed? Holly What are you favorite Christmas pairings? Winter Magi X idk Ribbon Dancer X Purple Snowangel X White Yulebucks X Balloon Holly X Seasonal How difficult do you think the holly hunt will be this year? Difficult for people without fast reflexes
  2. I love my deino and zoroark who know darkpulse. Also, I currently have 3 boxes of zorua. (Shiny hunting)
  3. Hooray! I finally beat Ghetsis after 3 attempts.
  4. Right now, I'm in Victory Road and this is my current team: Zoroark lvl 41 Archeops lvl 42 Samurott lvl 42 Krookodile lvl 41 Fraxure lvl 43 Excadrill lvl 63/Boldore lvl 40 Any thoughts or comments? Also, what would be a good level to face the elite 4 and N with?
  5. I'm going to be at GameStop the minute they open. I can't wait!
  6. DC egg or custom?: DC egg >>If DC--> what type?: Ribbon Dancer >>If custom--> please describe: n/a Text?: no >>If Yes-->: none Pokeball
  7. I WANT A BANNER!! Username: fireball225 Dimentions/Size of Banner: 2 badges and 2 medium size banners Subjects: Sunsongs, Suns, and Ridgewing dragons Colors: Same colors that you used before Text, if any: The Sunny Ridge Lineage Code word: Cheese Thanks.
  8. It fits fine now. Thanks for doing that.
  9. So anyone can use them? I think they are amazing!
  10. It looks great! Thanks so much! Could you make it a tiny bit smaller. The bottom gets cut off in my sig.
  11. I just got two more for my friend.
  12. I just got my second. That didn't seem so bad after all.
  13. I can't wait to see the adults of the prize dragons!
  14. Hooray! Finally! I hope I can get a 2nd gen somehow. *hint hint* EDIT: Just saw the bronze and gold eggs. They look amazing!
  15. I'd have to say Avatar because of the epicness of it.
  16. My most views is my Purple Dorsal with 15,188 views My most UV's is my White Stripe with 2,079 UV's My most clicks is my Holly with 156 clicks
  17. It looks amazing Earthgirl! I'm jealous of your amazing skills.
  18. Good luck with the hard drive Athy! I guess I'll request now. I WANT A DRAGON!! Username: fireball225 Kind if Dragon: Ice dragon Subjects: In terms of pose, have it pointing at me/you/everyone else. Color: Ice dragon colors Text, if any: FREEZE! (Speech bubble) Size, if any: A little smaller than the holly you made Code word: cheese
  19. Thank you so much Maple! It looks amazing!
  20. @MapleDragon I was the creator of the dragon. Here is the link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=78204 If you want me to get permission, I can.