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  1. Hahaha, that's because one of my hatchlings grew up. Another will grow up before tomorrow, maybe even two And by this time next week my four eggs should be adults too, giving me 41, I think.
  2. Category: Breeders Title of Record: Breeder with the most Spitfires Name of Submitant: naturalcyber Proof for Record: Scroll link in sig! I don't know when the existing record was last updated, but I have more than that number (31) By my count: 33 adults (15 CB female, 15 CB male, 2 2nd gen, 1 Thuwed) ...I'll have more really soon too, because I have 4 hatchlings and 4 eggs, all Spitfires.
  3. Hm, the only difference I'm noticing is that the cave is randomly doing "the cave is blocked" when there's only a few eggs in the AP. Did the numbers to trigger cave-blocking get changed? Edit: Aha, it seems to have corrected itself. Awesome.
  4. Derp. 77 pages late to the party. All of those sound like fun and/or amazing changes to the site. I think the things I'm anticipating most are new egg limits and Fertility, followed closely by renaming and teleport. The other things are cool too, but those are the ones I'd use right away. Especially Fertility--I'm hoping to breed the perfect Banded Angel by Christmas.
  5. Zombies: Broadcloak's Undead Servant Death of Aurora Pumpkins: Golden Hubbard Golden Butternut Golden Delicata Marrows: Eurynome the Bone Breaker Dzoavitz the Bone Crusher Ziz the Bone Smasher Rusalka the Bone Grinder ...I'm hoping I might get another male and he'd probably be 'the Bone Cracker'
  6. Whoot finally! All of my Halloween tasks complete! *victory dances!* Well, as complete as I can manage. No zombie hatchling, alas.
  7. I'm getting better about papers, cheeses and Dinos but those used to be bad reflex clicks for me. ...vines are still a problem though. My other reflex clicks are metallics (which I never get, alas) and "Brightly colored markings" but I need both so!
  8. My productive Gold has refused every dragon but the two Blacks I've tried on her. (I tried... Vine, Water, Green, and Red) She's produced 5 Golds since January with her Alt Black mate. My productive Silver (for certain values of productive) has produced 2 Silvers with a Skying. I've also gotten a Silver from a Water.
  9. Well, I still plan to be here in 2011, so that doesn't matter. Besides, I'm not going to hoard Spitfires with hopes to change the ratios any. I'm going to hoard them so that when I click on a "brightly colored markings" egg in the cave I know it's something I want, no matter if it's a Stripe or a Spitfire. I'll probably start an even-gen Spitfire lineage too, since I'll end up with so many. This would be great. I've kind of been hoping the sudden decrease in every kind of breeding that people have been talking about will have the effect of more CBs eventually. I don't know that it has anything to do with that (it's probably only the cause of the really low AP) but it might be a side-effect.
  10. My first thought when I saw the Spitfire's description in the cave was "Man, people are going to end up hating this breed." Like most people in this thread, I wish the descriptions were different, but since I'm not in charge of them, I have to find a way to work with the descriptions rather than let them frustrate me. Stripes are my favorites. I'm always on the hunt for them in the cave and ap. Obviously, getting Spitfire after Spitfire when I really want a Stripe would be immensely frustrating. My solution? I'm going to hoard Spitfires. Initially it'll be counterproductive to getting Stripes, as I'll be locked for a lot longer than 5 hours, but at least because I'm choosing to pick them up as Spitfires, I won't be feeling so frustrated, and if I do snag a Stripe it'll be a great surprise. In six months or so, the Spitfire ratios will (hopefully) even out, and fewer people will want to pick them up (if the strange marking eggs are any indication) so I'll probably have better chances of getting a Stripe then. Stripes will still be really rare in the cave (though if breeding continues to be so poor, maybe not) but the people who are willing to make the gamble might have an ever so slightly better chance of getting them than they did right before the Spitfire release. Of course, my assumptions could be entirely wrong and I may never see another CB Stripe again. But for now this seems to be the best solution for me personally to avoid too much frustration and resentment of the Spitfires. If it came down to a vote, though, I'd still vote for the descriptions to be made different.
  11. Last one found! Thanks to all the spriters! I hope I get to keep them on my scroll somehow.
  12. Only 10 more for me! My goal is to get them all by midnight--to make it more of a challenge for myself.
  13. Whoot! Six and counting. I am having fun looking at other people's baskets too.
  14. All of mine have gendered female so far: I have: Ardat Lili ("handmaiden of Lilith") Corrupt Dorkface Thuwed of Eld (has Dorkface and Thuwed and is a descendant of Stephen Deschain. ...and inbred. way inbred) Lilitu Thuwed (Lilitu being the ancient demons that later inspired myths of Lilith)
  15. actually... I just named a black by his code. it was kHet so I named him Lord Khet