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  1. They've been emailed. ...I'm still kind of staring at it, not sure if I'm imagining things.
  2. Congrats to the winners! I can't wait to see the prize dragons!
  3. Aww. I wish I'd had one more weekend day (I was too busy on the weekdays to vote much) because I had to have been close. I spent all of today voting and got probably close to 5000 done, in addition to nearly 2000 the first day.
  4. I'm getting that thing where stuff is getting cut off too. Also, question! Will we get a special message if we do manage to vote on all the trees to tell us we're done? I want to try to vote on them all and it would be cool to know for sure.
  5. I haven't been keep strict tallies, but I estimate I've voted on nearly a thousand by now. I take a tally every other half hour and I've been averaging 150 per 30 minutes. If I keep up this rate, I hope to get through all 8000 some entries! ...unless I end up revoting on things.
  6. I'm having a problem where my lights are ending up on top of everything, and yeah, it's not staying fixed. If this keeps up I guess I'll just have to get rid of lights alltogether.
  7. Yup, I think I'm done. Thank you spriters! ...Man, now just to wait until the 20th to see who wins. Well, with a week of voting in between.
  8. I wish I could find a position where the cardinal looked like he was perching. He'd make a good tree-topper then. Oh well! Down with my presents like the rest of the birds he goes! They make the presents look a little cluttered actually butbut birds! ...I think I'm pretty much done though. Unless we get some nice tree-toppers or maybe some red or blue ornaments.
  9. Hurrah! Got it. Good thing too, because I kept on forgetting to splash everyday.
  10. Actually, looking at my design... I could use another couple red ornaments. Or reddish-orange. I hope we get some more.
  11. YESSSSSS! *fist-pump* I am loving today's ornaments. All I really need now is a topper, and to figure out whether or not I want lights on it. My tree is already really busy but...
  12. I wish the garlands went with my idea; they're so pretty. But all the birds are hanging out with my presents beneath the tree.
  13. I must say I'm very pleased with the ornaments so far. Unless I drastically change my idea I think I've got almost all I need. Here's hoping I get a couple more in the colors and sizes I'm looking for during the last days. *crosses fingers* ...I probably shouldn't have gone for an idea that needed such specific things but, oh well. If I don't get what I need I'll have a day or two to mess around and come up with a new one.
  14. 48? Wait, ahaha! I see. Serves me right for counting off my excel spreadsheet for the lineage and not my scroll. I completely forgot that row 1 was labels so that's how I got two extra. >,>;
  15. Rare/Specific: CB Metallic 2nd Gen Stripe from Holly x Stripe CB Black Uncommon: Red Stripe Pink Common: Spitfire . Purple Magi ...I know that my rare list is all really, really hard to get stuff, so uh, if I need to switch something out I can.
  16. Oho! I now know what the names of mine will be. Now I just need to figure out a breed "surname" for them. Hrmmm... Evergreen? Emerald?
  17. My two cents about the trading of the Prize dragons: People will definitely offer them up as trades, especially at first. I know that if I got a Prize dragon I'd want to try for the other varieties of the Prizes, and a couple CB metallics with the first few I bred--simply because those are things I know I'd have trouble getting on my own. Nearly three years of trying now, and still no CB Metallics, for example. But I wouldn't ask for an ND since that's one I want the joy of getting one through my own hard work and luck (even though I know it will take me a very long time once I buckle down and start trying). However, once I got the limited number of really valuable things I still need, I would find some way to gift that wouldn't swamp me in PMs all the time. And if I offered up a trade that wasn't taken, I'd probably gift that too.
  18. I am so, so excited. Decorating the tree is fun on it's own, but a chance to win a special dragon (and the Honorable mention dragons are special too!) is awesome, no matter how slim the chance. Question! If someone asked for a Holly would it be influence-able like current Hollies are, or would it be male, like all the original CBs? Thanks for clearing up the rules though!
  19. Category: Breeders Title of Record: Breeder with the most Spitfires Name of Submitter: Naturalcyber Proof for Record: My scroll What has changed?: dragons increased to 50 22 CB males, 20 CB females, 6 second gens, 1 third gen, 1 Thuwed
  20. This is my third year hunting for a Holly, and I got closer this year than ever. I saw five and even got an "unfortunately you weren't quick enough" message from one. I was very busy on 24-25th and was thinking they would all be bred by now so I was out of luck for this year, but two people have answered that they haven't tried to breed yet and still plan to, so back to the AP for me. *rolls up sleeves*
  21. I'm thinking maybe I should take screencaps of my tree, to catalog how it evolves as more ornaments are added each day. That might be interesting! The tree is already proving fun to play with, even though I have little hope of getting into the top 50. I'll try my best though! o7 T^Td
  22. Thanks to the spriters! The eggs are very shiny... literally and figuratively Got my two and two for my mom, so it's back to Holly hunting for a couple hours for me. *rolls up sleeves* Oh and I love the code on one of mine
  23. Excellent! Thanks coders/testers/TJ. Still fiddling with dragons-per-page to get something I like, but I've renamed a few dragons already, so that's very useful. I might create a more consistent naming scheme for my older dragons, might not. But it was very useful for my "Wizard's Rainbow" project--now my newly renamed Purple Bend can mate with the Yellow Bend (who is a gold with purple x gold lineage) who gendered wrong for the original Purple Bend. Haven't really made use of/looked at Vamps or S1 freezing yet, but the first two are wonderful.
  24. Awesome! Renaming is one of the ones I was looking forward to. ...Now I have to decide if I want to make some of my naming schemes retroactive or not, in addition to fixing names. Hmm. I'll experiment with scroll pages too, and see if there's anything I like.
  25. I have a couple "messy" lineaged golds, but they're under 13 gens so I still breed them fairly regularly. If they were over 13 or inbred, I probably wouldn't, but they're clean and the lineages don't look terrible--even if I prefer even gens and PB or 2-3 breed lineages. I hope to someday get CBs so I can give out nice, short lineaged metallics, but after all this time, I figure the chances are slim.