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  1. It took a little finagling, because my first try nabbed me four oranges, but I finally have two of both. Whoo!
  2. Category: Title of Record: Breeder with the most Spitfires Name of Submitant(forumname): Naturalcyber Scroll Name (link): naturalcyber Proof for Record: my scroll What has changed?:108 to 152 Category: Title of Record: The Spitfire Lineage (Perfect and Purebred) Name of Submitant(forumname): Naturalcyber Scroll Name (link): naturalcyber Proof for Record: Gaffer's Legacy vi What has changed?: It reached 6th gen! And also, the official name for it is "The Gaffer Lineage"
  3. I am a collector-hoarder---oooh a butterfly! Which is to say, I have scroll-goals that involve collecting, and I definitely hoard some things (Spitfires and Stripes especially), but I'm also easily distracted by random things.
  4. I have a Bronze. ...and a Silver who has refused .... 4 dragons so far, I think? *headdesk* I'm running out of potential mates to try on her. I'm all but to the point where I'd IOU her first offspring to a person who could get me a suitable even gen mate for her. As far as trading goes, I have my hopes set on getting the last CB Gold I need someday, but I also accept "best offer" with a list of dragons that aren't so impossible to get (Spitfires is the main one. Stripes is another). I don't do IOUs except in special circumstances so it does require watching the trade posts, but I can't be the only one who checks those everyday, even when I don't have anything I'd give up in trade, am I? Eventually, I'll randomly gift or FFA because it's fun and keeping up with my Holly's breeding list is enough work for me.
  5. Category: Lineages Title of Record: Longest PB Perfect Spitfire Lineage Name of Submitant(forumname): naturalcyber Scroll Name (link): naturalcyber Proof for Record: Gaffer's Artistic Expression v Reason for submitting new Record: There wasn't one for Spitfires yet? ...I was going to wait a couple gens but breeding scarcity has set me back, so why not now? 5th is decent for a Perfect lineage. Category: Breeders Title of Record: Breeder with the most Spitfires Name of Submitant(forumname): naturalcyber Scroll Name (link): naturalcyber Proof for Record: 107 Spitfires! my scroll should do it
  6. I will say I panicked a little when I logged on and found two of my eggs gone, so thanks for the heads up. *holds a funeral for the disappeared eggs* ...one had the code JOsS too. I had a perfect name picked out >,>; Alas. Maybe I'll get the code again. *crosses fingers*
  7. Success! thanks to all the spriters; the eggs are wonderful.
  8. I've never gotten a rude request, but I get polite ones every other week or so since I got my Holly. If the request is polite and they're aware of the length of her waiting list and how long it'll take, I'm happy to add them to it. I'm kind of dreading the holiday season after hearing horror stories from other Holly owners, but nothing to report yet. I'm terribly nervous about asking for things though, and tend not to, but I will eventually because my trade offers haven't ever been taken up. But I'll probably only ask for a that Stripe x Holly offspring I'm looking for once I have something equivalent to trade.
  9. 48559 is mine! My oldest dragons were caught on May 18th and May 25th 08. (My very first egg was the 15th, I think, but it died.)
  10. ...I turn off Java, and sometimes do no-style (because the white really bothers my eyes after a while.) but I can't seem to make turning off images work. I use firefox, but when I turn them off, there is nothing to click on at all. Not a placeholder thing or even the text that comes up sometimes when the cave fails and images don't load. I have no idea why I have this problem. Anybody know how to fix it? I assume I must be doing something wrong because one of the first things people say is "I turn off images"
  11. ...woe. And I'm locked for the next several days with my Spitfire lineage babies. Looks like I'll have to hope they stay fairly common in drops for a while. Not dropping these Spitfires for anything.
  12. When I'd only just started, I wanted to freeze things to have one of every sprite, but by the time my first Christmas rolled around I'd decided I liked adults better. I still freeze common hatchlings, occasionally, but I feel no strong urge to collect the hatchling sprites. Breeding is more fun! So I keep two adults of every Holiday (more if I can get them for Halloweens) but I don't mind if others freeze.
  13. Got mine and some for my mom, and a nice 2nd gen Spitfire to lock me up. Best Valentine's EVER. WHOO Thanks to TJ and the Spriters.
  14. Even though I know they can't die, I still flail a little every time I check on mine. Ahaha, though, waiting now seems harder than waiting for them to be handed out. I can't wait for it to hatch so I can name it the name I picked out and things.
  15. I thought about it really, really hard, because a CB colored stripe would be cool but on the other hand, not taking a Holly would mean another Christmas full of stress as I tried in vain to hunt for one. But now? Next year's Christmas will be virtually stress free! I might hunt a little, to get a non-related Holly, but if I don't get one, I can just keep one of my bred eggs. So I took less stress over cool but more rare.
  16. I got on my scroll to check to see if my black had grown up and saw it. I made the most embarrassing squeaking noise. What a lovely Valentine's surprise. Now I have to think up a good Valentine's-y name for her (also? Influencable YESSSSS *fistpump!*). ...Now I need to go and finish my scroll-link image Tonight is going to be awesome. Best lock ever!
  17. Here's mine: I was really pleased with it, but so surprised that I got an HM after seeing trees during voting! It looks a little better with the lights blinking.
  18. I do try, when I get a nice lineage dragon. As soon as I can breed an even 3rd female for this PB Stripe's mate, (influence has failed twice now :/ ) I'll be able to breed a 4th gen even to mate with this PB even Stripe. Then I'll be able to make 5th gen even PB Stripes! I do want to continue the line of the Dorkface I have (This guy) but I'd need a CB Female Gold to do it. I would totally give someone the first Gold (or the first White. or both) from the pair, if I could get a CB Gold. I'd really love to continue that specific stairstep another few generations. If only CB Golds weren't so hard to come by.
  19. I suppose that since everyone else is, I can describe my tree too. I went very simple, with baubles, two candles and the pickle in a rainbow spread, with the one large strand of lights in behind the baubles. (I wanted a tinsel/garland too but it overwhelmed the baubles.) There were six rows of baubles extending in rising, curved lines from left to right and gradated by color. Bottom-most was red to orange-red, then yellow-orange through gold and yellow-green, then greens through teal, then blues, then purples then white/silver. The topper was the silver eastern and I hung the snowflake from its tail. Among the presents I arranged the cardinal and six of the birds according to tail color. Dark blue on the ground, silver-blue perched on foreground presents, and pink perched on background presents. I never expected to win anything with it, so I was so surprised when I got the email!
  20. Congrats Aamaranthine! Amazing. I can't wait until trees are viewable.
  21. Laser guided karma. I like that phrase, lol! ...though I admit to refreshing my scroll regularly, just in case the prizes are distributed by surprise. >,>;;
  22. Good karma though! ...I just don't want to drop one of my precious Spitfires and find out later that I didn't actually have to. Dilemma!
  23. ...Do winners need to be unlocked? I kind of locked myself yesterday, not expecting to win anything, a-and, hahaha I guess it was good luck?
  24. I know, right? It's so hard to choose! But I had no hope and then the email showed up and omg I got an HM! I am so excited.