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  1. other new drake is indeed a hybrid! There's a 2nd gen that'll show up in the Abandoned pile in a few days. I, uh, didn't realize I'd grabbed 8 Volcanos instead of six, oops. 


    I'm not sure if it's okay to say what the pairing is?


    Edit: Since someone else just said it: can confirm that the pairing I tried was Greater Spotted and Morpho. 

  2. What if it's Stone? I tried a few, but only one egg each. All existing species

    x Ash

    x Aranoa 

    x Amalthean

    x Dorsal

    x Fell

    x Black Marrow

    x Guardian

    x Plated Colossus

    x Nocturne

    x Ridgewing

    x Spirit Ward (had no egg at all, however)

    x White (no egg produced)

  3. Have to Breed

    1 CB Val 09

    1 2 CB normal Sweetlings

    1 2 CB Rosebuds

    1 2 CB Heartseeker

    2 CB Arsani

    1 2 CB Radiant Angel

    1 2 CB Heartstealing

    2 CB Mutamore

    2 CB Soulstone


    Have (lineaged)


    3rd gen Radiant Angel x Snow Angel

    3rd gen Radiant Angel x Spirit Ward

    3rd gen Valentine 09 x Guardian



    The third gens are free! The 2nd gens are free with most mates and I have CBs of everything that can be CB except Prizes. (exception: Holly. I have 1 male, and 1 female Holly)

    PM me to discuss what breeds you want and I'll breed for you. First come first serve though. If you want something with one of my Hollies, we can also discuss the trade in return. 

  4. Have

    2nd gen Holly Lineage Image

    3rd gen spiral Holly w/ Monarch Lineage Image

    3rd gen spiral Holly w/ Horse and 09 Val. https://dragcave.net/lineage/3WAMC https://dragcave.net/lineage/UNGD3

    5th gen stair Holly w/ green Nebula lineage



    For 2nd gen: a different 2nd gen Holly (not from Gold or Silver or Prize) OR 2nd gen Prize (may also consider a Spriters' Alt offspring)

    For 3rd gen w/ Monarch: offer? Probably keeping it, but I want to see what else I could get for it before making a final decision

    For 3rd gen w/ horse+Val: for one, PM me a scroll link proving you don't have any Hollies yet and it's free. For the other, a different 3rd gen Holly w/ a pretty lineage

    For 5th gen: Offers!


    Ready To Breed

    --2 CBs of every Holiday Yulebuck-Snow with your choice of mate. 

    --2nd gen Holly w/ Green Copper https://dragcave.net/lineage/Hi53i (can do stair or even-gen)

    --3rd gen Holly spiral w/ White lineage

    --6th gen Thuwed Holly, spiral w/ Winter lineage



    --for offspring of the CBs, they're free if you don't have any yet. otherwise, PM to discuss a very small trade

    --for offspring of the 2nd gen, I'm hoping for a Spriters' Alt offspring, but will consider all offers!

    --for offspring of the 3rd gen or 6th gen, free if you don't have any Hollies yet! Otherwise, PM to discuss a small trade


    Prefer PMs to discuss things. 

  5. Have 

    At least one adult of each Halloween  (usually 6+) ready to breed 2Gs with your choice of mate. (I have CBs of almost everything, including a CB Holly)



    For the 2G from Holly: either CB Zyumorphs, CB Pumpkin(s), or a 2G prize 2G from my Holly claimed


    for any other parent: I'm not gonna be picky, just PM me if you want one and we can work out a small trade (I like CB or PB even Spitfires)

  6. I was going to stay out of it, but after seeing multiple people post variations of "if it had been traced off of art..."


    Photography is art! Full stop.


    Photographers put just as much time and consideration into the photographs they take as digital and traditional media artists do. So tracing off a photo or a video still is just as big a deal as tracing off a drawing, or a 3D render, etc, etc.


    I'm not going to put out an opinion on whether or not the accused traced, but please stop devaluing photography.

  7. Not "bad" luck so much as a funny moment, and I couldn't find a thread for that.


    Just caught one of the eggs I bred and abandoned a couple days ago haha lol


    (It's as neat as I could make it, but doesn't match because getting matching Holly mates is always a task)

  8. I do love the Coppers a lot. I will need armies of CBs to make lineages with. PBs with every combination, of course. And some checkers with Verdigris and plain, and Verdigris and Liver of Sulfer.


    I'm undecided on what other breeds to pair with Liver of Sulfers yet, but I want to do Verdigris with Tan Ridgewing, Crimson and... Hm, an orangish breed. Magi is probably too bright so I'll have to think about it.


    And I want to do plain coppers (the rainbow) with Olives, Green Nebs, Blue Nebs and maybe some others.


    And then for something special, I'm going to take a week off my Holly's breeding list sometime and do Holly x Copper. I'm just not decided whether I like plain or Verdigris better. (I will probably do both eventually, but I will also need to get a Copper mate from a Holly and that will probably be like pulling teeth, so...)


    user posted image

    user posted image


    I just think they both look very nice. Dilemma.

  9. Hunting more of these today, since I only had room for one of each color first night.


    I got ctops as a code-- so I'm hopping this breed has copper in the name, because I snagged Copper Tops for that one's name xd.png


    And really glad to hear they're not rare, though I might offer up some rares and try to snag some trades for them while they're new. Blusangs and Tsunamis aren't rares either, after all, but demand sure makes them hard to come by.

  10. Why not?


    I want all the CB Spitfires. Actually, I want all the Spitfires, period. Even the inbred messy lineaged ones.


    I want CB Ultraviolets.


    I want to be able to catch/breed things that CB Tinsel/Shimmer owners find worth trading for.


    I want to be able to tag my dragons so that I can pull up just the ones I want from the drop-down at the top of my scroll. Would make breeding quicker!


    I want another raffle in the middle of summer! Or, better yet, a contest. Everyone gets two chances each year to get lovely prizes!


    I want to be an in-cave spriter. Better yet, I want to sprite something and then have it be chosen as a holiday dragon.


    I want a BSA to make hatchlings grow quicker. And extra scroll slots--maybe not eggs, but more hatchling slots, definitely.


    ...most of those are far-off dreams, but I'm actively working towards the ones that are potentially accomplish-able.

  11. After an incident a while ago where I didn't have time for the Cave for a while I lost all the names on my scroll. So after a week of work, I've got all 1,000 plus renamed! Including 351 Spitfires for my Gaffer lineage.


    Secondary: 280 out of 2048 plus CBs for said lineage achieved.

  12. The only things I really need for scroll completion are in my wishlist, and they're almost all ridiculously rare, so yeah, I might be part of the problem. BUT on the other hand, if I never put up the trades I definitely won't get what I need. Catch-22 really. /shrug


    And I also always make sure to ask for something else too, like CB Spitfire or any BSA hatchlings, even for 2nd gen metals and my Tinsels. And I almost always get at least one offer of those so I'm happy.


    Of course, if I could teach myself not to snag every "brightly colored markings" egg I see, I might have more of a chance of getting CB metals for trade fodder--which is really all they'd be for me.

  13. I don't think Biomes has effected rarity any, but what it has done is make some breeds much more accessible.


    Before Biomes I'd almost given up on catching Spitfires from the cave and just stalked the AP for "not a Stripe" kicks. Now I can get them fairly easily from the Desert (and another new favorite and Nebula are also there so win-win)


    Sure, I miss that brief surge of hope for a CB Stripe, but I frankly have Stripe trade fodder now so I'll have no trouble eventually trading for the last CB Stripe I really need.


    ...though I think some people must reflex click brightly colored because I still see a lot of CB Spits in the AP.

  14. Category:

    Title of Record: Breeder with the most Spitfires

    Name of Submitant(forumname): Naturalcyber

    Scroll Name (link): naturalcyber

    Proof for Record: my scroll

    What has changed?:108 to 152



    Title of Record: The Spitfire Lineage (Perfect and Purebred)

    Name of Submitant(forumname): Naturalcyber

    Scroll Name (link): naturalcyber

    Proof for Record: Gaffer's Legacy vi

    What has changed?: It reached 6th gen! And also, the official name for it is "The Gaffer Lineage"