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  1. Caught 2 CB splits, a chicken and a green dino, I will be getting rid of the chicken and the dino when I get home from work, I don't want either one of them.
  2. I did a stupid thing, I wanted to see if my CB female stripe that grew up today was compatible with my only CB male stripe. They were and gave me a nice 2nd gen blue stripe egg, too bad I was egg locked so it went to the AP, well at least I made one person happy today.
  3. I'm not sure if I want to believe this or not but if it's not a joke I'd love an invite!
  4. *Swipes gold egg, Stripe egg and the fogged egg cause I love a good mystery*.
  5. Very pretty dragons, thanks to TJ and LadyLyzar for another great release. Can't wait for my dragons to growup!
  6. No email for me either but I didn't think I'd win anyway, I never do win things anyway. Congratulations to those who did win.
  7. Thank you TJ and Earthgirl for another great release, I'm loving the colors of the sprites and I'll be trying to find good mates for them so I can breed them next Christmas. Mine still have a few days left before they grow up, I can't wait until they do. Now if I can just get lucky at the raffle I'll be one happy camper but I'm not going to hold my breath on that cause I know I won't win but if I do it'll be the icing on a great Christmas cake.
  8. Here's mine it's really lame compared to some of the other wreaths I've seen but I'm not artistic in anyway, http://dragcave.net/wreath/Nuwame
  9. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have/had a safe and Merry Christmas!!!! Got my two eggs within the first 5 minutes of them first being dropped, a first for me. Thanks TJ and spriters for another great release, I can't wait to see what these dragons are going to be this year.
  10. *Swipes gold tinsels, female silver tinsel, ND, blue stripes and the hatchling zombies.*
  11. I love these dragons, thanks TJ and spriters for another great Halloween release!
  12. Ok I take back what I typed earlier, I managed to get two eggs in the 2:00 drop (well 2:00 in my time zone) and three eggs in the 3:00 drop, add that to the two I caught last night and that makes me scroll locked. Now I'll stay away from the cave so that the rest of you can grab your eggs, good luck and I hope you all have/had a Happy Halloween!
  13. Wow I am having no luck what so ever in nabbing all of the dragons I want, these two minute drops are too fast for me and it doesn't help that I have a toddler who loves to turn off my laptop! At least I got two and I guess that will be good enough for me unless I can nab some before I go to work but I doubt it, I can't grab any after work cause by the time I get home the event will be over.
  14. Wait a second I thought Holiday x Holiday (Pumpkin x Pumpkin and Marrow x Marrow being the exception to this rule) was NOT possible, but those are some pretty lineages that I'm reading about, I think my fave is the Marrow x Snowangel or maybe Marrow X Rosebud.
  15. I just bred my two pairs of marrows and they gave me three eggs each I kept one from the first clutch and now I have three marrow eggs on my scroll that are looking for a good home. *Edit* Marrows are all gone now hope the one's that got sent to the AP have good homes.
  16. I know what I'm going to be doing when I get home from work tonight, I just hope that Marrow x Marrow will work, since I don't have that many CB black colored dragons, I guess I could try Marrow x Ember that would look cool.
  17. Oh my what pretty dragons! Thanks TJ and spriters! I think I'm going to get a few more of the Spotted Greenwings I like them better than the Gold-horned Tangars, not that I'm knocking the Tangars, I just like the Greenwings more!
  18. Ooooooo new eggs, thanks TJ and spriters. I'm going to have to snag some of these pretty eggs once I have room for three more eggs. Are these eggs in one biome or are they in all of the biomes? Never mind about the biomes I got my two of each so I'm happy and I'm loving the blue hatchling I just might get some more of those.
  19. Oh wow such pretty dragons, I really love the male moonstone and I'm hoping to get a lot more of those in the future! Well done spriters and TJ for another great release, *tosses cookies to TJ and spriters*.
  20. I just snagged two of the orange ones, now I have two blue and two orange ones, now I'm scroll locked again, .
  21. Yay new eggs, thank you TJ and spriters! I managed to get two blue ones then I got scroll locked, ! Can't wait to see what these new eggs hatch into!
  22. I love this series, I love the action, the character development, not to mention the way it's written. I'm looking forward to Ghost Story when it comes out on the 26th!!