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  1. Bred my CB male silver with one of my CB blacks and got a silver egg from them, to be a hopeful mate for him http://dragcave.net/lineage/QPf5, (providing the influence goes right and the hatchling genders female).
  2. My CB Silver gendered male without influence
  3. Got them all yay, my top three favorite ones are the Pong one, the Lava lamp one and the LoTR one.
  4. I got 51 eggs total, so is that it or are there more?
  5. 44/51 and yes there is an egg that looks like boba fett.
  6. @Chuint you won't be able to get that egg as it was one of the eggs from last year's hunt. Almost done for this year all I got is 11 more to find then I am done, I haven't picked out a favorite egg for this year yet, I might once I get all of the eggs. Nice reaction!
  7. For me the eggs show up about every 10 to 15 minutes and there are 48 for now.
  8. There are 48 eggs total but more could of been added could someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I CAUGHT A CB SILVER!!!! Sorry about the caps lock but this is my first CB metal EVER!
  10. One of my black dragons hatched sitting alt.
  11. One of my black eggs hatched curled alt.
  12. Must get MORE of these dragons, they are soooooo pretty. Way to go TJ and Spriter(s) for another great release.
  13. Sweet a new release, now I know what to go nab for my last two dragon egg slots!!
  14. I nabbed a CB Water, Stripe, Vine and Nebula and I missed a CB Gold, I'm happy though it's been a good Birthday so far!!
  15. Such pretty dragons, thank you TJ and spriter(s) for another great release. The flowers were fun too!!
  16. Wow I got my 2 eggs within a matter of seconds good luck hunting!! @prettyfrostdragon that snapdragon might have come from me I did send out a pink snapdragon to a random person.
  17. I snagged a CB Split and a CB Thunder.
  18. Skunked again, oh well there is always next year!! Congratulations to the new winners whoever you are!!
  19. Silver of hope equals much ! I'll be stalking my email come Tuesday for sure!!
  20. Not a winner again, oh well maybe next year. Congratulations to the winners for this year!!
  21. How the Earth was made "Hawaii"
  22. *Swipes your golds and silvers*
  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM UTAH!!!! May it be a good one and we catch lots of golds and silvers, hey I can dream right!!
  24. My Holly gendered female just like I influenced her to do so.