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  1. I never freeze my dragons unless it's for zombie fodder. I love the adults of the holiday dragons even though I was tempted to freeze one of my Snow Angels cause the S1 hatchling was so cute.
  2. I haven't decided if I want to breed my past Valentine's day dragons or not but I will be hunting for past ones.
  3. Caught a stripe and two cheeses. I will be either tossing them into the AP or putting them up for grabs on the Dragon Cave Community Notice Board, Departures when I wake up.
  4. Not a winner again but congrats to the new winners.
  5. No win for me again but hey maybe I'll get lucky and snag some offspring if and when they hit the AP. Congratulations to those lucky people who got the new dragons!
  6. If I did win one of the prize dragons, I'd never breed it, due to personal reasons. If I won a HM I would ask for a CB Holly so I'd have four Hollies, two male and two female.
  7. Such beautiful girls!! Well done spriters and TJ for another great Christmas release. So do these lovely ladies have a nick name? @Purplehaze thank you.
  8. This is a really fun even, @blackdragon71 I'm sorry that I destroyed your fort, you can pelt mine all you want to. Looking forward to the new dragon and getting another two of every breed. I still need another Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi and the ever elusive Holly, I'll snag them later as I'm scroll locked for another few days.
  9. Loving the new eggs, thank you TJ and Birdzgoboom for the new dragons.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous dragons, so looking forward to mine growing up. Thank you TJ and aangs-sister for such gorgeous dragons, and thank you for those who had a hand in the carnival.
  11. Three more hours until my eggs hatch, looking forward to TJ's growing up. Thanks TJ and spriters for a fun Halloween.
  12. Got my seven eggs for this year and I failed in the Zombie department for this year, oh well there is always next year for Zombies. I can't complain too much though, I do have a few Zombies on my scroll, I just want more.
  13. Nuwame

    Swipe A Dragon!

    Swipes all of your Two-headed Lindwurms.
  14. Many thanks to the spriters and TJ for another great release, I have yet to get the opal ones, I will keep hunting though. Thanks again people of dragon cave, keep up the great work.
  15. Looking forward to what's going to hatch out of these pretty eggs, I got 4 of the blue ones and 3 of the green ones now I'm egg locked. Thank you TJ and Spriters for more eggs!
  16. Now I'm going to have to get more hellfires and horses so I can have a small army of these hellhorses, @LadyLyzar I really like the name Hellhorse, it suites them to a T. Out of the two I really like the female, too bad I'm egg locked I'd run off to try and breed two more of these beauties!!
  17. Finally caught my second one now all I need to do is get the blueish and the brownish versions of day five then I'll have them all. This has been a fun, crazy week for egg hunting and here's to another year of DC.
  18. Wow I managed to get at least two of every breed except for tonight's, I just got one of those still working on the second one. This has been a really good release, thank you TJ and spriters for all of your hard work and here's to another great year of DC!!
  19. I finally got a SP from the AP now I'm waiting for my daydreams to grow up to see if I can get a 2nd gen from the two CB ones that I have. Looking forward to seeing what dragon has the BSA.
  20. Spriter(s) you have made such beautiful dragons and I can't decide what ones I like more, the Crimsons or the Soulpeace. Thank you TJ and spriter(s) for another great release, now I just need to get some Soulpeace ones, my first two attempts ended in a refusal and a white egg so as soon as these next two daydreams grow up I can try it again. Thank you to all those involved in this release again!!
  21. Bred my 2 second gen silvers and got a no egg produced but at least they like each other so that makes me happy.
  22. My 2nd gen silver gendered female just as she was meant to, now I just hope she doesn't refuse her intended mate.
  23. Got 4 of the red eggs and my attempts at the new blue egg resulted in a refusal and a white egg and that's all that I could do since I have only two daydream dragons. Thank you TJ and spriter(s) for another great release, can't wait to see what these hatch into.
  24. Bred my CB male silver with one of my CB blacks and got a silver egg from them, to be a hopeful mate for him http://dragcave.net/lineage/QPf5, (providing the influence goes right and the hatchling genders female).
  25. My CB Silver gendered male without influence