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  1. Got an Avatar of Destruction from my GoN/Falconiform Wyvern pair, don't really want it though. I'm either going to toss the egg into the AP or post it on the departure board later tonight.
  2. I summoned my third GoN, shocked me when they summoned it since I was expecting the normal fail message.
  3. I picked up 6 vampires and a silver with a short lineage in the AP.
  4. I have no words for how much love these dragons!! These are really beautiful dragons, thanks TJ and Spriters!
  5. I'm loving this idea, I tried to summon my third GoN and I failed, bred my female GoN with a Falconiform Wyvern and got a smoldering egg from them, tried to breed my male GoN with a Frostbite and they REFUSED to go near each other, *headdesk* so I'll try again next week with another Frostbite and hopefully they won't refuse. Thank you TJ and spriters for another great release.
  6. I'm liking it, I sometimes forget where the eggs come from so this will help me out a lot.
  7. Nuwame

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    I can't decide what one I like more, they are both pretty, thank you TJ and spriters for another epic release and I'm looking forward to DC's birthday in a few weeks.
  8. Got all of them last night my two favorite eggs are the "nope" dragon and Odeen's Air Force egg because the air force egg will forever have a special place in my heart.
  9. I have 30/55 for now, I'll see how many I can get later today before I have to go to work, goodnight everyone and happy egg hunting.
  10. Thank you and this is true, maybe someone could do an egg for other branches of the Military for the next Festival of Eggs.
  11. My next favorite egg is the Air Force one, the Air Force is the branch of the Military that my Grandpa was part of, he passed away December 23rd 2013 at the ripe old age of 92, I still miss him.
  12. Out of the 19 eggs I have my favorite one so far is the little dragon hatching and looking around and then going back in to it's egg. I hope I can get them all before the event ends.
  13. I can't decide what one I like more, thank you TJ and spriters for all you do for us.
  14. Chirping hatchlings, looking forward to see what those grow up to be, and the blue ones of course.
  15. So was this a joke or not? Part of me says joke the other part of me says make it so.
  16. Yay another wyvern and I love the Brute dragons, I think I just might have a mini army of Brute dragons. I do like the Fever dragons, I just like the Brute one more, thank you TJ and Spriters for another release. *Throws cookies at TJ and Spriters*.
  17. I got four of the heavy ones and three of the flare ones, I'm loving the looks of them both.
  18. *Facepalm* I forgot there was a new release tonight and I scroll locked myself and my most of my eggs won't be hatching for at least another day, and I don't like to incubate my dragons. Hopefully these eggs won't be really hard to find.
  19. I just sent everything that was in my garden to random people. This was a fun event, I will be looking forward to next years event.
  20. Now that's a dragon! So pretty and lovely can't wait for next year's breeding season. I just might grab a bunch of these guys. Many thanks to T.J. and the spriters for yet another great release.
  21. @Imposibibble, you could be right, oh well at least I was able to replace her before the breeding season was over. Hopefully I won't have this happen again, I don't want to be forced to hid my scroll.
  22. I'm a little mad right at the moment, I had a rosebud egg and I'm not sure if it got view bombed or if I'm just really that unlucky. This is the first time I've had an egg die on me. She was laid on the 9th and died on the 11th, she was also 5d and a few hours when I put her in the three hatcheries that I always use here are her views, Overall Views: 1394 Unique Views: 1200 so was she view bombed or was I just really unlucky with this egg? None of my other egg/hatchlings are sick or dead. So bad luck or view bombed?
  23. I finally got the two rosebuds I wanted and caught my second Arsani, now I am done with hunting and waiting for Friday.
  24. I use three hatcheries, AoND, Silvi's Lair and Pets Galore Spa, I wait until my eggs are about 5d 23h before I put them into them.