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  1. Got all of this years eggs, all of last years eggs and somehow I missed a lot of 2018's eggs got most of 2018's missed it by one, hopefully we can collect all the passed years eggs next year as well, thanks TJ and spriters for another year of egg collecting.
  2. I'm dragon food, oh well maybe I'll get lucky next year.
  3. I finally won a 3rd place prize dragon, so happy.
  4. The new sprites are adorable and for once I did not get eaten so now I have an upside down mint.
  5. Once again I get EATEN, oh well better luck next time if there is a next time.
  6. Never had it so I can't say either yuck or yum Sweet and sour pork
  7. I'm loving the snow wars thing, I'm already at level 50. Feel free to attack me my user name is the same as my forum name. Also I'm so loving the new holiday dragon, looking forward to the adults.
  8. My cheese dragons are looking a little on the moldy side, and yay for another year of eggs for my basket.
  9. Here's my little guy, https://dragcave.net/halloween17/Nuwame
  10. I just started the event and I am having fun, I've had two shadow walkers and three graves show up, hopefully others will come and visit my little shadow walker Knight.
  11. Love the new dragons, I can't makeup my mind of what ones I like best, now if only I could find more Sunsong Amphipteres and Nilias. I can't remember where to find them and the ones I have say cave for their location.
  12. Got two of the pygmy ones and one of the other ones as one of my breeding pairs showed no interest, will try again next week. Could someone tell me where to find the Sunsong and Nilia eggs as I have just two of those and I don't remember what biomes they are in and mine are really old and say cave for the location. As always thanks TJ and spriters for new dragons for us to love and horded.
  13. I totally forgot today is DC's Birthday (not to mention my 11 year wedding anniversary), I love the new eggs, hopefully I'll be able to get some, yay for bringing back the old pinks and the frills, and I love the new background on the biomes.
  14. I think I'm going to get a small army of these beauties, they look like glass, Thank you TJ and Odeen for adding these beauties to the cave, I just hope the six I got gender how I want them to, silly me forgot to influence them, facepalm.
  15. 15/60, hopefully I will be able to get them all before the event ends tomorrow night.
  16. Got two of each. looking forward to what they are.
  17. This was a fun little game, thanks TJ and all of those who were involved in it. I loved it all.
  18. Thanks Fuzzbucket, I don't think I walked that far east, I saw the flowers picked them then left.
  19. So where is this green dragon everyone is talking about located, I have not seen him/her. This has been a fun event, reminds me of Pokémon in a way, I'll be sad when it is over.
  20. Out of the six new babies we have now I like the Chrono Xenowyrms and the Pyro Xenowyrms most of all, thank you TJ and birdzgoboom for another great release.
  21. Happy belated birthday DC! My favorite one from this release has to be the Magelights, the Hooktalons are my second favorite ones, can't wait for mine to gender. Thank you TJ and spriters for another release and I hope DC has many more birthdays.
  22. Such pretty dragons, can't wait until mine grow up or at least gender, thanks TJ and Imbecamiel for another great release, looking forward to the next set of pretty dragon(s).
  23. Skunked again, oh well maybe next year and then again with my luck it will be never. Congratulations to the winners though.
  24. I can't decide what one I like the most, the male or the female. Such pretty and evil looking pretties though. Now for the waiting game of my pretties growing up. Thank you TJ and Spriter(s) for another great Halloween dragon and event, *Throws candy, cookies and brownies at TJ and spriter(s).*
  25. I'm just not loving these dragons this go round, it's not the spriters it's me. Thanks to TJ and the spriters for more dragons.