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  1. When I'm in house edit mode, scrolling through my items the game freezes on occasion. Is that happening to anyone else? It didn't start happening until today. I finished the main quest if that makes any difference.
  2. Bord was on the northernmost part of the beach for me, if that helps.
  3. This works. Came to post that clearing it works and saw this. Cool.
  4. I've entered the temple, and reached the room with the patterns on the floor. What happens is this: Dragon drops us off, I enter the temple with Avery following.In the ice floor room, I try to talk to Avery and he says nothing. I cross the ice floor room, and Avery doesn't follow. I cross into the room with patterns on the floor, and he's already there but won't talk to me. Then nothing happens in the room with patterns on the floor. It is at that point that I reset.
  5. I've done three F5's and two or three click resets, and nothing's working. Avery doesn't speak to me at all after the dragon ride.
  6. Online driving courses; had the thought "Hey, I wonder what's going on at DC?" pop into my head for the first time in months, so here I am, collecting eggs I've missed.
  7. Someone took it upon themselves to hatch my Thalassa eggs before I could Influence them. They were bred for lineage trades and since I couldn't provide proof of influence, I froze them to use as nameholders. IRRITATION!
  8. Pulled this from the AP a few mins ago: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Wi7in Thanks Exzessiva!
  9. Yup, it's been pretty cool. Thanks everyone!
  10. My eyes aren't used to it yet. Might benefit from a thin border separating the sections, maybe?
  11. Even gen Silver x Thalassa lineage. Plus thinking about combining any epic lineages I happen to come across.
  12. About two weeks ago, I was buying a lottery ticket and I got ID'd. I'm in my mid thirties. It was probably just because the cashier was around 19 and doing her job, but it made me feel good.
  13. Might be Plated Colossus... I rather like the way the corporeal forms look with them.
  14. A burger from Carl's Jr and some steamed veggies (can't stand their fries or I would have sent for them). Nom nom nom.
  15. I was reading through this thread and came across this. I feel really bad saying this, but there isn't a tribe around, current or extinct that has or had Princesses. Sorry. This is an interesting link- According to this, the term may have started as a term of endearment or a way of combating prejudice: http://genealogy.about.com/od/family_legends/p/cherokee.htm Edit: I've just realised the above quoted post was from 2013. I'll leave the above for educational purposes. (squeaking another edit in here) Ooh, also, this is an interesting resource for those in the US wanting to co
  16. Dad: Plains Cree everything Mom: Dakota Sioux/ about 1/4 Scottish It's kind of funny to see people listing percentages of Native American heritage. I do the same with the Scottish.
  17. Why not? This is my daughter's hair just after I brushed it. Her dad is a redhead and I'm a brunette, she ended up being mildly "kissed by fire", haha. Light does wondrous things to her hair. https://i.imgur.com/kt9LVb7.jpg
  18. Well, they're Influenceable and can be Incubated...
  19. Yeahhhh managed about 53 eggs this year! That's quite a feat for me, I didn't realise I'd been online that often. Super event, thanks!
  20. If you consider the fact that people are probably sitting at their computers, stalking the cave for 1, 2+ hours to get these eggs, what is being asked doesn't seem too unreasonable. A trade "price" is never unreasonable if there are people willing to "pay" it. Hatchlings are always more sought after than eggs (at least in my experience), so if they're fair trades I'd hold onto them. The "price" of the eggs could drop by the time they're hatched.
  21. Not a huge Teimarr fan, but the code made me chuckle. She hasn't even hatched yet and she's already someone's ExGal Here is the aforementioned Moagi. (Both may be fogged at any time)
  22. Caught a Blacktip with the exact code "Moagi" the other day. I don't know if it's an actual word, but it looks like it could be.
  23. It's not sad, it's just basic supply/demand. It will even itself out eventually, but in the meantime people will "pay"/ask for what they think something is worth. Nothing wrong with that.
  24. Similar- made a couple of bad grabs, then happily locked myself with a Thalassa. Rarely ever make it online for releases nowadays, so it was nice that I just happened to be online to catch this one and get some of the new eggs.