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  1. I accidentally caught everything else in the cave except one of the new eggs this morning, and now I'm locked..
  2. Got a DD x White first try, and 3 crimson eggs so far. Things are going my way for once.
  3. First person to guess it gets a brownie
  4. The very first egg I got was one of my favorites, wheee.
  5. http://dragcave.net/valentines13/bernouli I have them all, except that alt blue gardenia people have been talking about. x3
  6. Woop, got my two while everyone was distracted from the downtime. Usually takes me an hour to fight off the crowd. Goodnight DC. =P
  7. I'm so happy the blue one is finally out ;___; Like words cannot express my joy right now.
  8. I'm not understanding why it's such a problem for some users to click a link to see the rest of their dragons. ._. It takes like two seconds, and then you can open it in another tab so you can see still seem all at once, you just need to switch your tab.
  9. Got me some blue dino eggs, ho yea. O 3O *clings to them* This is cool.
  10. Actually it's from someone's dragon description we read a really long time ago. "He eats a carrot and sometimes a potato" We all thought it was so hilarious it's become kind of a thing now.. >_> It doesn't have anything to do with portal as I believe this was all before portal 2 ever came out.
  11. Congratumalations to da winners~
  12. Pure bred Pumpkins and Marrows coming your way. ( o_o)-b
  13. EQ'd all mine and they hatched, lolololol.
  14. Y U do dat? A chicken smoothie event AND a DC event. I need to go change my pants now.
  15. I got the four I liked best. *floats out*
  16. What duck are you people talking about..? o_O
  17. I'll take that into consideration, lolol. 8DD Woo got my last one. 8D
  18. Success kid is in the house, catching dem easter eggs.