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  1. ... No. No. Just no. Please. I'm scared. I'm terrified, really..
  2. Dueling network! Said it earlier, and it's free. Good for competition, or other dueling if you have the friends :3 I'm not a fan of the OTK/FTK or locking decks either. I tried one and I didn't even enjoy being the one doing the locking :l
  3. I'm finally realizing just how screwed up in the head Keitrow is... banning the letter 'D' from usage in writing, lolwut bro? Where'd you get D from!? and even more lol at the main five not being able to have any D's in their names. So if you name your hatchie something with D in it, nah, not even a chance to become a superawesomesexyhappyfundragon. Start its name with a D, you're basically saying "THIS IS MY CHILD AND HE SHALL BECOME THE EVOLLEST OF EVULS." And on that topic, at least he didn't wipe out 'D' from writing completely... We just have to replace it with ridiculous-looking plus signs. Isn't this just the +an+iest thing you've hear+ of?! I'm shocked that his home continent isn't now called Gla+iona, considering he actually changed the 'official' name from 'drake' to simply 'lizard'... Which still has a D, but 'less prominently'. I hope Kren names his son something starting with a D, just to spite him(but that'd make for the next evil-paradox-dragon, wouldn't it. ._.)
  4. Yep, absolutely loving my Legendary Ocean deck. Been experimenting with other decks, primarily Gravekeeper's, but nothing as great as my Ocean yet.
  5. Heading to away game, I hope everything is loaded right... don't want my keyboard jumping off my stand in the middle of the show again >_< Least I has mah comfy shoes!
  6. Been dragged into it recently. duelingnetwork.com is great practice. I'm still looking for a deck that really suits me, but right now I'm in love with my Legendary Ocean deck.
  7. Still nah, but I might if I ended up in the right mood. And of course, I am a chain breaker
  8. I'll throw some in And yeah, this being in Site Discussion would get a lot more attention, I'd bet. Username: Aquenee Category: Most Original Dragon Name: Zhirana's Not-A-Swan Description Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bF8b Username: Aquenee Category: Funniest Dragon Name: Zhirana's Scarlet Cracks of Time Description Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/k5YXH (Face it, they have tiny arms. Debated so much here, between Tenebrous, this one, Dragon in the Hat, Frilly Warrior, Vex Luthor....) Username: Aquenee Category: Best Overall Dragon Name: A Sprinkle of Love Description Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/a48D (hey look I can apparently be a caring owner.)
  9. hey guys guess my favorite kingdom hearts character .. it's Vexen He's always my fave. I have on/off luffs for Xemmy, Lexy, Zexy, Saix-y, Axey, Luxy, Marly, Larxy, and Roxy, as well. Yeah, no one out of OrgXIII interests me, oh well. Except Terra. Terra's cool. As for pairs, I hate cross fandom. So.. Vexen x anyone ever existing in KH. Yeah. I'm not much of a gamer, so KH is probably the best detail I have. I also like Utsuho from Touhou, all Support classes of Team Fortess 2, Colress in Pokemon, and some more I don't have on mind right now.
  10. Demons and Hear Me are absolutely fabulous. Radioactive is cool, too, but getting old.
  11. Aquenee

    A Leetle Secret

    I Gave a Gift! Forum Name: Aquenee Scroll Name: Aquenee Your Current Total LP: 70 How many gifts did you give?: 1 Code of the Egg/Hatchling Gifted: 9xItm What did the Egg/Hatchling turn out to be? [sprite&lineage link]: Who did you Gift it to? [scroll AND Forum Name]: Woof123Albinos/Porpoise98 New Total LP: 80
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    A Leetle Secret

    /hopes she's done this right. I'm Giving a Gift! Forum Name: Aquenee Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Aquenee Your Current Total LP: 50 How many eggs/hatchies are you gifting?: One What are their individual codes?: 9xItm Do you have available teleports ready?: Yes New Total LP: 70
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    A Leetle Secret

    I'd Like to Join! Forum Name: Aquenee Scroll Name: Aquenee Link to Leetle Tree [opt.]: http://dragcave.net/lineage/cuOT How many Magis do you have? 10
  14. You should always be able to summon if you have less than two GoNs. I killed my second GoN quite a while ago, and am still completely and fully capable of attempting to summon another. The same exact thing will happen if you turn it into a vampire: It will be a vampire, not a GoN, and you will have your BSA back to be able to summon again. I don't know if this is true for Zombies, though. On another note, can you actually turn a GoN? Wiki: "Unbreedables, Drakes and dragons that can only mate within their own breeds cannot be "turned" by the Bite BSA, but all other eggs currently can." GoN is unbreedable, so I'm not sure what to think right now hehe.
  15. I did kill my second GoN. I would probably not mind biting whenever I summon the next one, but I might find something else to do with it
  16. ... I've been struggling so much just to build a mate for a 4G I have of that checker.. but that... SEVEN GENERATIONS.. HOW!?!? ... oh my god. All of those nebulas that actually colored correctly... I'll just sit here and cry of envy. Hehe.
  17. Pfft, Demy was easy! Just wait until Xaldin... Of course, my main problem was Xigbar. I spent two whole weeks fighting him, going back to grind some, fighting him again, grinding more, fighting him more, and so on before I could finally beat him >_<
  18. Ah, okay, thank you very much! For both the Sunrise idea, as well as the new map and country order. I will definitely be using that instead, it makes a lot more sense So, officially: 1. United States - Lumina 2. Japan - Sunrise 3. South Korea - Purple Dorsal 4. China - Royal Crimson 5. Pakistan - Daydream 6. Afghanistan - Black Tea 7. Iran - Turpentine 8. Syria - Black And I'm glad you like the Black Tea and Crimson! The crimson should be almost as obvious as Japan's sunrise, but I had to think about the Black Tea. Trade, and such, and it just gives off those indescribable vibes of correctness Can't wait to get started
  19. What exactly does this mean? I mean, obviously I would be able to use Reds although you took them for Spain, or Spain although you took it as Reds, but would I be able to use the same Spain - Reds? The reason I ask is because I absolutely adore Lantean_Pegasus's idea for Sunrises for Japan, and was curious as to if I could use it. The list I hope to use won't be identical to her list at all, except for that one country paired with that one breed? My hoped list: 1. United States - Lumina 2. South Korea - Purple Dorsal 3. Japan - Sunrise 4. China - Royal Crimson 5. Iran - Turpentine 6. Pakistan - Daydream 7. Afghanistan - Black Tea 8. Syria - Black In my travels I'll try to take a beeline straight around... I've only used countries that can be gotten to on a single line of latitude, around 33°N, I believe And of course, I've got many lineages going on, so I may be slow getting this, but it'll still be fun! ETA: I just realized the map I used is decades old... I may have to end up actually changing some of these, argh
  20. YES! (Vexy and Addiction kept giving me Reds, argh!!) AND YES! AND MORE YES! *Runs away to pray that the nebbie goes blue, they don't defy influences, and don't refuse*
  21. Ooh, one of mine in here! You're welcome I found this lovely pink from moonmommy earlier~
  22. What AP Why! There's no way I'll be able to get a mate for these pretties! http://dragcave.net/lineage/AgETU http://dragcave.net/lineage/q3I9D http://dragcave.net/lineage/iijsa
  23. Hmm, I haven't noticed this thread before. I made this comic on day four of the Birthday release, and added on to it each day
  24. As far as not-really-alt Nebulae... This meanie won't give me any blues for a blue neb/ice checker.. hence the names granted I own none of the children. Ditto here. Among my blacks and vines, it's a habit for the really messy-lineaged ones to alt and the pretty, clean, awesome lineages to not alt. Argh.