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  1. Added, thank you! (and I lol'd at the name) Hmm I'm thinking about Masuda'ing for a shiny inkay. That or completing the Kalos dex, I can't decide.
  2. Finally got around to beating X! My FC: 0645-6208-8339 I'd love to know what kind of safari I have and what's in it if someone would tell me
  3. I knew I'd never be able to go through with this, why did I even try?
  4. Aww, poor Kryna. You're so silly, you should've known that Neophobia would come next. Then you could've hidden yourself and watched Vexen go "AGHHH WHAT THE WHO AM I WHO IS THIS WHAT WHERE AM I OH GOD WHAT!?!" oh well, makes for some hilarious situations, amnesiac father and daughter stuck in a rainforest
  5. Yeah, argh. I got a Japanese Gurrdurr that immediately evolved into Conkeldurr, English name and such. Annoying, but oh well! Just beat Clemont, and hnnngg he's so adorable and smarticles and yesh I luffs the kid, even though my Mega Charizard X easily obliterated him . Favorite gym leader so far this gen.
  6. I am having way too much fun wonder trading I'm trying to get more foreign pokemon, I've only gotten a German roggenrola so far.. ETA: JAPANESE GULPIN! <3 Gulpin being one of my favorite pokemon.. yeeessh~ Btw, if I were to evolve the Japanese gulpin(nicknameless), will Swalot stay in Japanese(the name I mean)?
  7. So lessee... Fire, fire, fire, fire, MOAR FIRE, FIYAAAH,.. argh, too much fiyah, it kinda scares me And watch it somehow be amazingly awesomesauce..
  8. AWESOME HARDCORE DANCE PARTY GO *headbangs* but srsly lol OP ocean is OP. ... And now Kren shall gently dance away into the moonlight with his psychic hair powers. yep. ETA: and now Dimar worries for my sanity
  9. YES NERDCUBED(never knew he even played pokemon until I saw that.). Heh, so I hear X&Y story actually competes or even tops B&W? If so, I absolutely cannot wait, because so far Team Flare seems like the most ridiculous team yet and I'd love a change.
  10. Man, I love bananas. I wonder what Absian bananas would taste like. Normal bananas but better?
  11. Man, this is a really long game, lots of stuff between just the first and second gyms... I just got out of the Reflection Cave or whatever it was. Current party: Amaura(too lazy to go back to name rater now) - male - Bold nature - lv. 28 Sentia(Malamar) - female - Lonely nature - lv. 30 Ixynio(Charmeleon) - male - Sassy nature - lv. 31 Chevra(Fletchinder) - female - Rash nature - lv. 32 Zivitter(Vivillon) - male - Jolly nature - lv. 33 Daedalus(Frogadier) - male - Rash nature - lv. 33
  12. Ahh, alright, and apparently you can train a Scatterbug from another region and get the form from that region? That's pretty cool, I'll probably start trading later in the game though.
  13. Woo, just got my Modern Vivillon. Are there ways to get other forms, by the way? I really want to try to get the Marine, Savannah, and Ocean forms.
  14. Downloaded X last night. I'm pretty blind about this, I'm trying to go for a team of as many new pokemon as I can. Not very far yet, but I've got Froakie, Fletchling, and Scatterbug(Which I remember becomes Vivillon, which I luuuufff~)
  15. I can seriously imagine Syzatex just coming to a screeching halt in the middle of space and just screaming "MIRROR!!! MIRRROOOOOOOOOORRR!" silly Paragamma, you screwed up Mirror. Or at least its orbit. Now it's just going to crash into everyone
  16. Using the same method that Engiype explained to get the square root of a purple dragon, I got this as the square root of a (female)neglected: Pretty dull. ETA: And because I luffs them, this is the square root of an ice:
  17. "I've never been handcuffed before! This is going to be fun!" --Dimar in the Current Thought Thread Wat.
  18. Eli Vance. 'Nuff said. Hmm, I'm now realizing that most games haven't been that sad to me. Huh.
  19. Okay. Obstacle one, easy, just nerve-wracking. Obstacle two. oh, god, why. I'll make it, but... arrrgh. Obstacle three, though? Yeah, time to headdesk repeatedly.
  20. Oh, great. So, why didn't anyone convince me of this earlier, before it was too late and had screwed me over?! Now I have to wait in this torture even longer. A week at least, at most... Never. I doubt it will be never, but... grr.. And see, because of it he's not even going to notice or care what I'm doing, yet again, so this whole thing might end up useless. Unless I can actually strike up that vow-deal again, but I still have to wait a week before I know if that I CAN do that. And even if I can, he's shrugged it off like six times already, how can I know he'd follow through this time?! Gaah.
  21. We're having that exact same day for homecoming week.