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  1. The others might not back up Twilight with their skills, but through the Elements of Harmony and their being together. The fact that they have such a great friendship isn't gonna let Twilight blast the baddies if the other five aren't there. I agree that their support is what makes her strong, but for instance, there was absolutely no way Twilight could even begin to rival Discord until all of her friends were present to wield the Elements with her. Cadance held up the barrier against Sombra with Shining Armor off playing in the snow.. sure, he later came to support her and encourage her so that she could keep the spell going as long as possible, but she didn't need him there to actually hold up the spell or anything. Twilight is definitely powered up just by the support of friendship, and Cadance by simple love, but Twilight has needed her friends to join her and wield the Elements where Cadance has been able to hold her own very well whether Shining Armor was present or not Of course, it all depends from enemy to enemy and specialty to specialty~
  2. Hmmm, true, but the difference with Cadance and Twilight is that Cadance is powered by her love for Shining Armor, which doesn't necessarily have to include Shining Armor's participation, whereas Twilight does need her friends to harness the other Elements. I see what you're getting at, though, and yeah, I definitely do agree that some are better with certain enemies than others Keeping Cadance on her own does debunk what I said about her vs. Chrysalis, but otherwise it's where you view the addition of Shining Armor... He was there to comfort her with the barrier she placed against Sombra, but he wasn't actually contributing his own magical power, for instance..
  3. Hmm my idea of the alicorn power is a little bit different, mostly due to headcanon though.. Cadance strikes me as the most powerful. She clearly has strong love-based magic, capable of taking down Chrysalis where Celestia failed. She also held up the barrier at the Crystal Empire against King Sombra for a ridiculous amount of time, to the point of her near collapsing from exhaustion which is a great show of her willpower. The main strength I see, though, is in the fact that she has the magic of love. By extent that could also be seen as emotion, considering love brings about the highest happiness and the deepest sadness. It's also probably the best mixture of order and chaos. While she might not have as powerful Order as Twilight or Chaos as Discord, the fact that she has strong ties to both makes her very adaptable and therefore very powerful in my opinion Celestia comes second. We know that she has been raising the sun, moon, and stars for the time that Luna was banished. Although she was defeated by Chrysalis, you have to admit she put up a decent challenge to the changeling who was being powered up by Shining Armor's love. Also note that she has been shown using dark magic or whatever Sombra's magic was. Finally you have to note the banishment of Luna itself... granted, she doesn't have them now, but Celestia was capable of using the power of not one, not two, but ALL of the Elements of Harmony at once. Even Twilight needs five other ponies to do that! Luna third. Raising the moon is cool, and we know that she was able to use three Elements of Harmony at once against Discord. She can also manipulate the weather to at least the level of lightning, which is pretty dangerous I might say. And of course, she can enter dreams silently and if she wishes to make the dream lucid, she may, as well as use those dreams to provide visions of the past from various points of view, and of the future as well. While that is an amazing ability, it is more of a supporting magic and would not be that useful in an actual battle, which is probably the main reason I have her below Celestia. Finally is Twilight. Note that I am taking Twilight as a single pony, not her and her friends. While she does have powerful magic and really, a MASSIVE amount of potential, she just doesn't match up to the others without her friends. Celestia and Luna both were capable of using multiple Elements of Harmony, yet Twilight can only harness the power of one. She has a variety of spells that does make adaptability a powerful feature of hers, but sadly no where near as great as Cadance's. Hell, without her friends, the Alicorn Amulet would have been the end of her. With her friends she instantly shoots up into first place with god power, but on her own she really isn't that strong. Of course, Twilight's weakness as an individual is what makes the series. It's called Friendship is Magic for a reason! Not to mention she most definitely has TONS and TONS of room to improve and grow stronger, because a god-powered OP main character for a series just sucks. End of my thoughts
  4. And it was great to see MyLoyaltiesAreBendy!Discord. I've always thought that in the back of his mind he truly doubted the friendship shown by Fluttershy and imagined it to just be an act for the sake of his reformation. Just enough for him to be persuaded into treason... I think it's safe to say that while earlier he was "reformed, but not that reformed" he is now that reformed. I did find him quite annoying with the blatant taking advantage of their 'friendship', but now I think it will be great to see him actually properly try to learn how to be a good friend <3 So yay, probably more Discord times to come in Season Five! I wasn't too impressed with the Rainbow Power thing, I just think it made the Mane Six ultra-powerful and ridiculous-looking. I'm really glad it's not a thing that's staying, and I hope there's ways around it in the future. It's not too bad, I suppose, but meh. I was hoping for a little more out of Tirek. I suppose he had an interesting enough backstory, but he still felt like a generic villain. Just take all of the power and rule Equestria and be strong and nyaaagh, not like Discord's intricate little mind games and chessmaster personality or Chrysalis's careful place-swap, and how she was probably trying to rule Equestria in order to feed her and her subjects, not just for the sake of it. And I was actually looking away from the screen when the other princesses joined in Twilight's song... When Luna started to sing I thought "Wait, wtf is Rarity doing here?" and was plenty surprised to see Moonbutt when I looked back
  5. Oh my god. I totally didn't cry for Discord near the end there, nope. And that Tirek/Twilight battle just blows the Celestia/Luna one from the premiere away, that was simply amazing. Favorite finale.
  6. oh my god. Tirek. FLIPPING TIREK. JUST YES. And that preview holy carp, that was dark and creepy and I LOVE when things go that way! Ooh and if Discord is going to be a part of it... Discord and Tirek interaction ohyeshyeshyesh.
  7. What is this I don't even.. i'm a teenage female, HOW DO I EVEN TEENAGE FEMALE WHAT IS THIS MY MIND CANNOT COMPREHEND!? is this a trick or some test or what the hell HOW DO I EVEN RELATIONSHIP HUH?
  8. oh my god sexy bishie dragons yespls Moar! MOAAAR! But seriously that is amazing. I've loved the idea but I've also been way too lazy to do it lol and I'd never do them so well, anyway! Like Dimar said, I'd love to see a Sweetling(or even better, alt sweet ), or my personal favorite, an Ice. Can't wait to see more!
  9. Some of those dream sequences were TERRIFYING. Also going a bit "wait, huh?" because I swear Luna's voice changed at the end, but all in all, yet another great episode
  10. LOL don't worry about it! This is a place to discuss the books and such anyway, it's ridiculous to come in and not expect spoilers (Besides, I do that kind of stuff all the time anyway ). But seriously, my entire school is hyped to the point where one of our teachers had us test for our faction and draw ourselves in that faction's clothing and sturf... I make an adorable Erudite at least.
  11. That awkward moment when I've been seriously wanting to read this series since all of my friends have gotten hyped about it and I've liked the general concept as explained to me, and I read that post. ..eh, still hoping to get to read it, soon. Not much of a fan of ever reading anything but hey, I liked THG alright and this seems to attract the same crowd?
  12. Definitely in the boat of loving Maud, this was a pretty good episode! On another note, had a chemistry poster to do this week... Can you have too much pony?
  13. A brilliant game still in Alpha I believe. Free to play, and it is based completely on the Mafia party game(sometimes Werewolf or Devil if you so prefer.). It's a browser game, so no finicky installation weird sturf, either It has well over twenty-something roles that are really fun to play with, too The game: http://www.blankmediagames.com/TownOfSalem/ Roles: http://www.blankmediagames.com/roles/ Lots of info, and Kickstarter!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200271...le-browser-game Still plenty of bugs to be found and patching being made. Currently joining a game is random, so it can be difficult to play with friends, but I'm sure that option will arise soon!
  14. So I decided to go and start trying to complete my national Kalos dex. I have literally no idea how I'll do it. At my disposal I have Emerald, SoulSilver, Diamond, White, Black, Black 2, and X. From past events, I have the harder Palkia, Giratina, and Celebi down, but I have no idea how I'll get the rest D: Last I checked, I was about 400/719 >_<
  15. Discord song. An incredibly weird song for an incredibly weird creature. I'm happy.
  16. I've very much loved this season so far. Of course, there are definitely some that I dislike more than others in this season, but overall, each episode as compared to episodes from earlier seasons and such are great in my opinion Princess Twilight Sparkle pt 1 and 2 were GREAT. Due to being a premiere, I actually compare it to other premieres/finales than just any episode. It had its 'meh's(Twilight srsly y u leave your friends.) but I did love it. Up there with A Canterlot Wedding for me Castle Mane-ia was also a fairly good one. Whole thing had me reminded of Scooby-Doo, hehe. Unfortunately it wasn't really that memorable for me. Daring Don't... <3. Fabulous RD and Daring Do episode, and I am definitely not a fan of RD. I especially love the idea of the author actually being the character, and that RD could hold a considerable argument against Twilight on the concept of a book. Also full of very nice action :3 Flight to the Finish was another good one, and quite adorable. Like RD, I'm not a fan of the CMC either, and I usually groan upon being faced with a CMC ep. But I did enjoy the lesson of obsessing over your own flaws can bring flaws to your friendships, and seeing Scoots trying to fly so much d'awww. Power Ponies was pretty meh for me. I didn't really find much of it funny, but it was a bit interesting trying to identify the references despite hardly knowing much of any superheroes Mane-iac was a pretty nice villain, and the enchanted comic was definitely an interesting idea, but the ep just didn't really stand out to me, I guess. Loved Bats! At first the song was really cool and even a little scary, but the second time I realized it really wasn't the greatest. Regardless of the song, the episode concept in itself was very cool and wootsuperawesome. I mean, Flutterbat. FLUTTERBAT. DAT WAS COOL. Rarity Takes Manehattan was also surprisingly good. I do quite love Rarity, but I've tended to dislike or groan over most of her specific episodes. I like how she was more generous in this episode than she has been in all seasons before it combined Song was well done and sounded beautiful, but it wasn't very memorable. Pinkie Apple Pie was pretty cool, especially with the Applelicious nod and more Big Mac and Granny Smith singing Not a fan of the concept, especially considering we still have no idea if AJ and Pinkie are related afterward, but it was a fairly fun episode. I did love the song, too Rainbow Falls was also great. Another RD episode that I somehow liked! An absolute fan of the appearance of Bulk Biceps, and especially the adorableness of his and Fluttershy's attempted teamwork <3 Strangely emotional episode, too, I genuinely felt scared when Twilight approached RD about catching her with both teams... and lol at choosing not to choose. Also Derpy :3 But yesh, nice ep. Anyway, Three's a Crowd is in four minutes... I absolutely amazingly completely wholly love the ever loving love-y adore-y worship-y love Discord. So I cannot wait for this. Also more Cadence again, woot!
  17. Nope. Checked as soon as I got my PS4, no reverse compatibility. Unfortunate, but at least I'll be able to get III :3 I did seriously want 2.5 because HD Re:CoM omigod but... it's just HD of a game I already own, so...
  18. I like to collect whatever pretty lineages and be fairly casual. However, I do keep track of a current goal to have two male and two female CB's of every breed(2nd gens for hybrids, 2nd gen PBs for alts.). Once I complete that, I'm going to go back and include frozen hatchlings. A male and female frozen S2 and one frozen S1 each.
  19. Named mine Aranisa and Borealis Zhirana. Simple names, but I like them
  20. I really wish you could go to your own Friend Safari. I am in dire need of ANY safari with pokemon in the Water 1 or 2 egg groups, if anyone knows they have one, please let me know! It's funny because I have a water FS with gyarados, bibarel, and poliwhirl
  21. added, Crocodile, my FC is 0645-6208-8339. I don't have the Camerupt or Numel on hand but I can look for one
  22. This Vexy is a happy Vexy! Look what I hatched a few moments ago: And yes, that's a pretty shiny you see! Except I'm going to keep breeding for another, because that one has Suction Cups..
  23. If anyone here has an Inkay friend safari, please let me know so that I can add you Day 20 of hatching Adamant Contrary Inkays with Masuda method... nothing yet, but I'll be throwing a lot of them out to wonder trade sometime soon.
  24. Yes. Steins;Gate is absolutely amazing. Best anime I've ever watched Currently watching Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. Legend of the Redundant Legendary Heroes.
  25. Ooh, gyarados Thank you! yeah I think I'll be off to dex